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Friday, April 28, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

so.. today.. 243 days left to go... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO TAKE SOOOOO LONG????? (only 242 days left til christmas)
I don't think I've EVER been this excited about a baby.. maybe it has to do with not being totally nauseous this time around.. I can never take prenatal vitamins.. they make me puke.. so I went hunting for a vitamin that has folic acid, iron and the B vitamins. (they help get rid of morning sickness) and WOW I got one that fits the bill.. and let me tell you.. they work better than the prescription meds for getting rid of morning sickness.. I feel GREAT! except that I am totally tired.. I slept most of today.. woke up to pick up Drew from school.. went to the mall to get cat food. and now all I want to do is go back to bed.. and I have to go to work in 2 hours.. :S
So we were at Matt's uncle's for easter dinner.. and his cousin asked how many kids we're planning on having altogether.. and Matty says.. FOUR?!?!?! I was like.. uh.. hunny.. do ya think maybe you coulda mentioned this to me before telling everyone else?? So I guess I'd better get good quality stuff for this one.. seeing as it will have to last through two kids. We've decided to have the next one when this one is two. hopefully in february or march.
Joey's birthday party is this weekend.. we're doing a teddy bear picnic.. I think there's about 25 kids coming.. not sure how many adults.. on the upside.. at least 8 of them will leave after 2 hours.. so it should only minorly trash my house.. hopefully this time we don't lose any screen doors.. I took Joey out yesterday and spoiled him a bit.. we spent 3 hours at mcdonalds.. playing in the kid habitrail.. I read half a novel.. and then we went to get joey his first bank account.. he's big now!! So from now on when he gets money for christmas or birthday or whatever.. he can put it in his bank towards college or his wedding or his house when he's older. Though.. knowing 19 year olds.. he'll probably piss it away just like the rest of us did. I will be opening one for Andrew on his birthday this year too.
Our little kittens got majorly sick the other day.. they were vomiting and diarrhea all over the place for about 24 hours.. I think the momma got into something bad.. I changed her food and they all cleared up by the next day.. let me tell you this though.. kitten do NOT like pepto bismol. the one looked so upset.. like I had scarred her emotionally by giving it to her. I think she's over it now though.
Anyways.. I have some sewing I need to get done.. if you could pray for wonderful weather for joey on sunday.. I think we could use it.. that and for my house to magically clean itself...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

This is TRUE!

Weird news

Thursday, April 20, 2006

guess I had better add one more!!!!

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

These are fun..

Lilypie 6th to 18th Ticker

Lilypie 6th to 18th Ticker

Lilypie Next Birthday Ticker

Lilypie Next Birthday Ticker

Thursday, April 13, 2006

ways to stretch a dollar..

someone asked this in one of my clubs.. if i knew any ways to save $$ here was my response.

Shop for kids on boxing day.. buy big sizes... this saves me a bundle on my kids winter clothes.. I get everything 75% off on boxing week.. (at zellers.. in canada)

Never be scared to check the clearance rack/section.. you never know what you're going to find..I got GAP shirts for my kids brand new for 2.99 each because they had found them in the back room.. old navy sometimes has good clearance too..

Stock up on the weekly meat special.. I get pork tenderloin for 1.99CA a pound.. and pork chops.. and steak.. and chicken breasts.. and just buy up a pile of what's on sale.. that way my freezer is always full of yummy meat.

call up your credit card company and ask them for a lower rate.. odds are.. they have one.

Always ask for a discount on big purchases like appliances.. you will probably get one.

use layaway instead of credit whenever possible.

check online for recipes for fast food.. then when you get the craving.. you can just make up a big mac at home.. (hubby does this a lot..he used to work at mcdonalds..) My kids love daddy's mcdonalds cheeseburgers! If you MUST have a teen burger. get just that.. and get your drink.. like a big gulp at 7-11 trust me.. you can share a big gulp with 4 people.. and it costs less than a small drink at A&W difference.. two kids meals two teen burgers.. 17$ two kids burgers.. two teens.. 8$ spend 1.50$ on a pop at the store.. total.. 9.50 that's worth my 8$ to stop by the store for the drink.

QUIT SMOKING! Those things are expensive.. wow..

If you're a person who likes to go out to the bar.. or the mall.. take your budgeted money with you in cash.. leave your bank card and credit card home.. trust me.. you'll be glad you did in the morning.

when gas prices go above what you like to pay for gas.. ride a bike. I do.. but then again.. I"m cheap and refuse to pay over a buck a liter for gas. Just on principal.. plus.. I've never put much stock in those gas out days where no one buys gas.. letcha know.. if you're driving that day.. you're gonna buy the gas.. but.. if you stop driving altogether.. THEN you send them the message.. plus you get exercise.. win win

don't get a rabbit.. those little suckers are EXPENSIVE to feed.. grrr.. spoiled Freddy bunny..stick with cats.. they pretty much feed themselves in least ours does.. then again.. he has about 4 neighbours conned into feeding him..

don't be scared to use second hand stuff.. you'll probably get bored of it before you use it all up anyways.. the people who had it before you did.. especially baby stuff.. seriously.. they use it for such a short period of time.. My kids used their exersaucer for about 3 months.. 100$ plus.. for 3 months.. just not worth it. I'll use a second hand.. it's probably been barely used too..

have a garden.. home grown veggies taste way better.. and save a LOT of money in the warm months.. plus.. you can make your own salsa if you get too many tomatoes.. and homemade salsa is YUMMY

buy your food local.. why pay for food that's driven across the country.? Plus .. local food tastes better and has higher vitamin content.

don't surf ebay.. ever.. it's dangerous.. and addictive.. and WAY too easy to spend money at...

remove your credit card from your paypal fact.. call the credit card company and disable that stupid card altogether.. only buy stuff if you have cash.. VISA hangover is a b*tch

If you have extra cash.. throw it towards a loan or a credit card.. you will save $$ on interest.. you will appreciate it down the road.

Feel free to pay your bills a month in advance.. you will save late fees.. and that way if you have a tight month.. you can use that as a backup..

put plastic on your windows.. and use draft stop in winter..not only will it save you money.. but your house will feel cozier too.. check to see if your landlord will reimburse you for this.. mine will...

CHANGE your furnace filter.. saves on the cost or furnace repairs.. and also lowers your heating cost by making your furnace not have to work so hard..

replace the weather stripping around your doors.

turn your thermostat down when you're out for the day. and down a bit at night too.. you'll be under blankets.. you won't notice..

only turn on the AC on REALLY hot days.. get used to the heat.. the more time you spend hot.. the less you notice it.

do surveys.. they usually get you really good coupons and samples..

Use no name detergent for your clothes unless they're really really dirty.. then use tide to get em really clean.. I would say I use name brand detergent 1/4 of the time.. just to get out the worst stains.. and no name the rest...

dont be scared to tell your kids they can't have something.. honest.. they WILL live without that barbie.. or hotwheel.In fact.. leave them AND hubby home when you shop..

make your own softies.. or toys.. or clothes..

rent movies instead of seeing them in theater.. or better yet.. borrow them from friends. Just make sure you return em.. (added bonus here.. you get to watch the special features)

NEVER buy games/ technology when it's new.. wait a few months.. I guarantee it will come down in price.. sometimes by half of the price.. same with books.. wait for it to come out in paperback..

if you rent.. check into co-op housing.. I save probably 400$ a month in rent.. just because I live in a non profit house.. rather than a regular one.. and that's not subsidized even..My house rented by a regular landlord would be priced at minimum 350$ more..

when you buy new appliances.. always check how energy efficient they are.. a little extra up front will probably pay for itself before long..

if you get a late fee on a bill.. call up and ask for a credit for it.. they probably will..

If you're strapped.. threaten to disconnect because it's too expensive.. ask for their disconnect department.. the company I work for gives 25% off for 3 months if you do that..

if you have babies.. cloth diapers.. :) breastfeed.. saves thousands$$$$ plus better for the environment..

Try eating a meat free meal at least one dinner a week. Try something vegetarian. Meat is expensive and there's so many yummy things out there you've probably never tried..

feel free to charge for your talents... My hubby now charges by the hour for fixing peoples' computers.. which he used to do free... like.. as a favor.. "sure.. I"ll give you my friends and family rate" I made 10$ hemming my neighbours pants...and bartered for fabric for doing some sewing for someone..and sell the dolls I like making.. (where was I gonna keep them all anyways?)

see if your ISP will give you a discount for signing a year contract.. I get 10$ a month off that way..

you know those people that sell star choice satellite for 34.99$ a month.. but only at the flea market...go up to them and GET IT.. there's no strings attached.. they rock.. and after working for a cable company.. I think they are the best thing since sliced bread. same as if someone offers you a deal at your door for cable.. usually wandering sales reps have much better offers than you can get calling a place..

there's my tips for the day.. enjoy :) hope you can use em.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

omg. cool. this is the most awsome playhouse ever!

Check this out! The kids and I went to toys r us today (looking at baby stuff) and decided to check out the play houses.. this thing is freaking cool.. I want it.. a lot.. but.. how do you justify 350$ for something like this??? anyhoo.. check it out.. there's a gas pump, bank machine, market, sports, garage, school house.. inside there's a chalkboard and a SAFE! you put the money in the safe.. it comes out the bank machine! this is so cool!!! and inside is.. one wall school.. one wall mechanics shop.. one wall store and safe.. it's like.. wow.. the first playhouse I've ever seen designed just for boys... Where was this 5 years ago when my kids were small enough for it??? Seriously.. the roof is the same height as Drew's head.. lol.would still fit Joey though..

I was checking out different idea's for the kids room.. I wanna redecorate the bedrooms.. paint.. decorate.. etc..saw these shelves/bins.. thought.. now THOSE would be cool! Don't ya think?? One bin for trains.. one for track.. one for duplos.. one for cars.. crayons.. etc.. that may just end up on my list of things to get...

I asked Joey what he wants for his birthday.. this kid is not much help.. I'd like to get him a nice big gift.. what he asked for.. "Trevors dad.. only in wood."Which means.. Fergus.. only.. in wood.. like.. how do I justify this?? the kid already has the cast one.. grrr.. Why couldn't he ask for the fire engines??

So a while back I posted to freecycle to see what baby stuff I could get.. a penny saved is a penny earned and all.. and the only person to reply in all of st.catharines.. just happenned to be my friend from work's girlfried.. she didn't realize it was my until days later when her boyfriend pointed out "HEY that's SHERI!" so I went to pick up some stuff from them.. and WOW.. what a lot of nice stuff.. I no longer need bottles, girl clothes under size 6 months.. or an infant car seat.. got my first pair of baby socks too.. I forgot just how cute those are.. lol.

So I went to TRU today to look at baby stuff.. and realize that there probably isn't all that much that I'm going to have to buy.. Matty has agreed that I can splurge on a stroller.. so I'm getting a used perego.. one of the ones with a basinette and all.. I found one for 180$ at the second hand store in minty condition.. so that's what I want.. hopefully they'll have one when I have cash.. this month is tight with joey's birthday and easter.. and My new hours at work won't show up on my pay until the end of the month.. I could probably get my buggy then or with baby bonus though.. hmm I wonder if they take layaway??.. hmm.. I should check.. He's also given me free reign with the playpen.. though i might go with a crib instead.. and just use the playpen that I've been offered..

I've got all these idea's for the baby's room.. I was looking around chapters yesterday and saw these.. I was thinking of getting these cards.. and painting the walls green like the grass on the bottom half.. and yellow like the ground on the top half.. sponged.. for texture.. and then putting the animal cards all over the room for pictures.. and then making bedding in the green..with a bedskirt in the yellow.. and yellow curtains too.. That's this weeks idea.. we'll see where it goes.. I get lots of ideas.. it's the time and energy to carry through with them that gets to me..

Oh.. thought I'd tell you about Joey's littlest pet... Worman.. we were out digging in the garden the other day.. and he found a worm.. he played with it for about an hour... until I made him let it go.. named it Worman.. it's his favorite pet.. so the next day.. in the garden.. we found another worm.. that looks exactly the same.. so I said.. OH LOOK I found Worman!! and he played with him "again" lol.. so this afternoon we're inside watching cartoons because of the rain.. and he's telling me how he thinks he saw one of Worman's brothers outside today.. lol.. anyways.. will keep you posted on Worman.

Got a sad letter when I picked up Drew.. apparently one of the little girls who was in his class last year died in a car accident.. very sad.. not sure anything other than that.. but still makes me remember how lucky I am to have these two healthy happy little boys.. so.. remember to hug your kids.. you never know if they'll still be there tomorrow.. heck.. never mind just your kids.. hug your family and friends too.. and let the last thing you said be I LOVE YOU.. I think we, as a society, put too much faith in people being there tomorrow, next year, forever...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

First day back hiking!

Well.. it's officially spring again :) I've been hiking...
It's been a good day despite all the stress... I made a point of taking my mind off of things and just taking it easy today..
Started the day out with going to the baby pageant with Tina and watching Rebekka strut her baby stuff.. I was pretty happy with how she did.. She won the trophy in the beachwear division and got runner up awards for most of the other categories. She wore the outfits I made for her and looked adorable.

Here's a pic of a tree I thought was pretty interesting.. If you look you can see that it's held up by about 2 and a half inches of bark on each side.. and you can see clear through the middle.. the only reason it's still standing at all is that it started to fall.. and got caught almost straight up in the fork of another tree.. I was actually a little scared to walk under it.. but there was no wind so I figured it would be ok. I expect it will probably just collapse in on itself soon... There was a bench we sat to rest at across from this tree.. and we noticed a few trees with initials cut into them... RS+MH IT+MH .. JM+MH.. apparently MH gets around.. and has very few date ideas.. We also saw.. a woodpecker.. a Bee... (it's almost nice to see a bug at this time of year).. Deer tracks.. little fishies.. tadpoles.. ducks.. we THOUGHT we saw a bear.. but it was a really big black dog.. and we saw a strange black animal.. that we know wasn't a skunk.. it was a bit bigger and ran like a squirrel.. AND we saw a squirrel.. yup.. good thing I went out into nature.. lol.. never woulda seen any of that in the city. lol..
I think honestly.. that a hike that starts with a very large downhill trail.. is not necessarily a good thing.. because at the END of that hike.. you HAVE to go back UP the hill.. and at the end of the hike.. you are not feeling nearly so energetic as you did at the beginning... but you can't go home until you've gotten back to the car.. which is at the top of that hill... which you'd rather die than climb.. I was quite jealous of the dog that was climbing up the hill.. he may have been foaming at the mouth from the effort.. but he was still moving.. unlike me.. I had to rest 4 times on the way up.. definitely need to hike more.. we made an agreement to go at least once a month during the good months for it.. (until summer when the bugs get too bad, then it's beach time)
When I got home Matt's buddy Nick was here... haven't seen him in ages... he brought us a printer!! YAY!! a really nice one too.. needs ink... 45$ a cartridge.. and yes we have to replace all 4 to get it to work again.. so.. yet another thing to put on the list of things to get... but on the upside.. once we get the ink the cost per page is like 2 cents.. and THAT I can live with.. that and the ink colors are all separate cartridges.. so I don't have to replace all the colors if I run out of red.
Matt's Aunt came over for dinner today.. She brought pie! blueberry pie!! Probably the best blueberry pie I've ever had.. mmmm.. Matty made a really good pork tenderloin with spinach stuffing.. mmmmm.. it was really good with my rosemary apple cider jelly..
Last night when I got home from work Matt had Frank, Alun, and Jeff all here.. Jeff lives here.. so that's no big suprise.. Alun almost lives here.. (lol) so that's not a suprise either.. I wasn't expecting Frank though.. which was cool.. It's always nice to see Frankie.. Well.. I was feeling a bit silly.. Looked at my dogs.. and had this thought that my girl dog should really be pink.. and my boy dog blue.. so I can tell them apart... so I grabbed the food coloring.. and proceeded to color my dogs.. (they needed a bath anyways).. it was good for a laugh.. then I bathed the dogs... unfortunately.. the purple dye did not wash out.. lol.. so poor chelsea is walking around with a pink face... and my hands look like I slammed them in a door..
I am working on figuring out how to get my photo's to actually go into my posts.. they're not exactly going WHERE I want them.. but they seem to be showing up.. ok I spoke too soon.. I've tried about 7 times now to upload more pics from today.. it's not working.. I give up.

here's some links to the pics..

here's bekka with her little purse
here's bekka in her princess dress
here's Tina's little guy Isaiah
here's my doll in an outfit I made for the as of yet unconceived one
and here's a pic of one of my little kittens

Friday, April 07, 2006

omg check this out!!! freaking hilarious!

who was trying to hack into my blogger?? was it you??

So I get home and check my email.. and there's all these emails from bloggersupport.. about the password info I requested... grrrr.. someone has been trying to hack into my blog... WTF? like is my blog THAT important? Weird too because the people who have peeved me off most lately.. I haven't mentioned here.. at all... not because I think I'm in the wrong.. I just don't want to say things I might regret later. BCZ.. man there are things I WISH I could say... you know who you are.. and your opinion of me is shit.. and you'd think family would be more supportive.. but I guess you don't consider me as much family as I consider you... whatever.. no biggie.. no huge loss to me..

I got my hours increased at work.. starting next week.. doubling my shifts.. so I'll be working a lot more.. and making a lot more money.. here's a little thing for all of you questioning if I can afford another kid... Matt just got 1.50$ raise.. I just got 25c raise and doubled my hours.. I afforded two kids fine on what I was making before.. I won't need a bigger house.. true I could use a new car.. but I'm focusing on getting out of debt before I do that.. it's all a matter of priorities.. if I WANTED to get a car.. I coulda.. but.. I WANT to get out of debt.. that's right.. PAY OFF THE CREDIT CARD... I don't want to be a slave to debt anymore.. I want financial freedom.. and I'm getting there.. we've paid off 1500$ to the debts in the last month.. the osap loan will be GONE by the time the baby gets here if I concieve this month.. plus.. I am 2000$ less in debt than I was when I had Drew.. and I make a hell of a lot more money now. Besides... I'm not asking you to pay for my kids.. I pay for them myself.. so I really don't get how it's your business WHAT I do with my paycheck. ( I know I whine about being broke.. but that's only because i dont' have money left the 2 days before payday... which I am informed is perfectly normal... I'm working on it... I have a week to go before payday and still 100$ in the bank..) (Darcy..I want to thank you for letting me know what it's like for people who actually don't piss away their whole pay on payday... that helped me more than you know.. and is probably one of the bigger things I learned from you.. I get it now)

For the people out there.. complaining that my kids are hyper and perhaps not the best behaved... DREW HAS ADHD.. like his DAD.. they're medicated now.. it's helping.. all kids are different and have different personalities.. parenting has very little to do with how a child turns out.. amazingly enough.. if you want proof.. look at me and angela.. look at kiera and john.. look at mom and barb.. your inner personality has a lot more to do with how you act and what interests you than anything parents do.. I LIKE my kids.. I think they are great! I love spending time with them.. they are some of the most beautiful people I know... plus... I know that the one person who I KNOW is questioning my parenting ability.. has kids younger than mine... give them time.. they will grow into being little boys.. just like me kids have. or do you forget how nice and well behaved Drew was when he was 3?? BTW.. Drew's teachers think he's a wonderful kid.. he won citizen of the month in december.. and he raised more money than any other kid in his school doing the stairclimb for cancer..and he's one of the nicest people I know. Granted Joey is a little wild... you can blaim that on me.. I love the joy in his spirit.. and I don't want to crush that.. I think he is an amazing person.. but I don't want to break him.. emotionally.. at all... so I go pretty easy on him. We're working on the discipline now that I realize he's not a baby anymore.. he's getting better... and he's one of the funniest people I know..

To those of you suspecting that I'm only doing this to get another girl... granted.. that would be nice.. but.. there is no way I would take a decision like this... and have another kid... to get a girl.. when I know I have about 15% odds of getting a girl after having 2 boys with matt.. I know this baby will probably be a boy.. and I'm ok with that. The desire to have another baby actually started with watching a little tiny boy pushing a car around at one of the christmas parties... if I end up with a girl I'll be thrilled... if I end up with another boy.. I'll be thrilled too..

The only real concern I have is that this feels like something that is SUPPOSED to happen.. and the worry there is that it MAY be another test.. another thing to get through... but.. the feelings I feel are of joy.. so maybe .. just maybe.. this is a present or reward of some type.. I don't know.. I am scared of being sick while pregnant.. I am scared of having another painful 15 hours of labor.. I am NOT worried about caring for another child.. I am not worried about finances.. I am scared of choking to death on my stomache contents if my reflux gets worse.. I am scared of my blood pressure going too high and having to be induced.. but we all know how well I get along with pregnancy anyways (NOT) so that shouldn't be any big suprise. I've started watching my diet and walking, or exercising some other way, every day to help prevent those problems...

I just want to say.. this post to my blog is directed solely at two people.. the ONLY two people out of the people I've told that have been negative about it.. funny how everyone else has either been supportive.. or nice enough to fake being supportive because they realize we are adults and able to make our own decisions and live with the consequences..

Anyhow.. my youngest son is begging me to take him to tim hortons... and I can't think of any good reason not to... so.. off I go.. forgive the rant if it wasn't directed at you.. I just have a hard time saying all of this stuff when I'm face to face with people.. and hey.. it's my blog.. I can say what I want to. To those of you being supportive.. or faking it.. I love you all.. (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

bad kitty.. bad bad kitty.. grrr.. stupid dog.

Well.. another wonderful day has begun.. yet again... way too early.. I don't know if it's the time shift or the animals that are killing me..

Work has been fun.. for some reason the people in arizona are rabid this week.. not sure if the heat is getting to them or what.. but they're grouchy... and for some reason.. they seem to hate me.. I'm not sure WHY they're so pissy.. I'm pretty sure it's not MY fault.. they're pretty sure it IS....

At least last night we had a little relief... because of the time change.. and the people in phoenix not being so smart.. they shut down our queue at 11pm.. instead of 12 when they were supposed to.. (they forgot that we changed time zones I guess) so we had a nice 40 minute break from calls before they figured out how to turn it back on again.. the other upside to work yesterday was the security guy telling us to raid the managers kitchen on the way out... mmm CAKE!!!

I've decided to start sewing baby things instead of doll outfits for now.. seems more practical.. if I'm going to sew little clothes anyways.. may as well make them multiuse.. so for now my softies can wear them.. and later on.. the baby that we're still working on...

The trying for a baby is kinda weird.. like.. so much pressure.. for the first time in my life I have performance anxiety.. I've never had such a hard time just relaxing and enjoying it.. hopefully we'll get a positive test at the end of the month and it can go back to being just for fun..

My pets are trying to make sure that I never get enough sleep again... I got to bed late last night.. of course.. because I worked late.. and came home.. checked my email.. went to bed.. 1am.. ish.. just start dozing off.. prrrrr.. mew.. mew? oh no ya don't... PUSS bad kitty! you may NOT keep your babies in my PRAM! NO NO NO.. here.. how about this nice blanket on the floor?...snuggle back into my bed... prrrr.. mew.. rustle rustle.. PUSS bad kitty! NO BABIES IN THE PRAM! here.. how about this closet?? it's nice and enclosed.. close door.. lock kitty out.. snuggle back into my bed.. scratch scratch.. meow.. mew? no puss.. go away.. grrr.. stupid cat.. snuggle back into my bed... snore.... crunch crunch.... crunch? NO JACK JACK! BAD DOG! that is NOT a chew toy! .. snuggle back into my bed.. crunch.. crunch... grr.. STUPID DOG! GIMME THAT! @#%*$#^%$ snuggle back into my bed.. click click click... jeez I really gotta cut that dogs nails or get carpet in here.. click.. and in this mornings news.. AARRGGGHHHH STUPID ALARM CLOCK!! DIE DIE!!

Anyways.. that's how my nights have been lately.. except most nights the dog is coughing too... all night.. and yes I mean ALL NIGHT.. and let me tell you.. he HATES cough syrup.. and he can clench his teeth pretty tight on your fingers when you try to hold his mouth open to put some in there... owie.. my poor finger..

So back to the topic of the baby clothes.. cause I'm having way too much fun with this.. now.. if I knew for certain WHAT I was having.. (boy or girl) I would go with normal baby clothes.. but I don't.. soooo.. of course.. I'm going weird. I made a really really really bright yellow.. (pumpkin?) bunting bag.. hat.. booties.. and bib.. really bright... I have a really cool striped fabric too.. that will make a cool sleeper... also going to make eggplant.. and really really almost fluorescent green.. and then.. I got all this white.. like.. 3 yards.. (white is boring) .. so I'm at work last night.. and I look at my shirt.. (it's kinda a blotchy pink) and I come to an epiphany.. TIE DYE!!! that's right.. I'm gonna make TIE DYE baby sleepers.. WHY? because I can.. lol... and you ask.. doesn't this crazy lady have anything better to do with her time... no not really.. my life is boring.. lol

I think I need more coffee..