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Thursday, September 24, 2009

september 24 2009

Hi there!
I know it's been a while.. things are busy.
I think last time I wrote I was in school in class...
Today I'm at home just hanging out with miss Tisha. I dragged out the electric piano from the basement for her to play with and she's very excited about that.
So what's happenned since summer started.....
Well.. the kids have Y memberships now. Tisha has learned how to swim around like a little fishy with a lifejacket on. Joey is starting to be able to get to the top without one.. and Drew has started leaving me altogether and going off to the deep end to play with his friends. It's amazing how uninteresting parents are to kids that age :)
I'm back at work full time.. which sucks.. I would much rather they had taken me back on my old schedule.. but beggars can't be choosers and I'm glad to be employed at all in this stupid economy. I'm taking calls in New England now which is depressing as all get out.. Seems they have a terrible unemployment rate there (second highest in the states) and everyone just lost their job or is waiting for EI to come in.. and it's my job to give them extensions or tell them they can't have one. After spending part of the summer laid off and all the trouble's we've had with that it sure hits close to home to have to deal with other people going through that all day. Sometimes I just come home and cry. I wish I could do more to help these people.
I've got most of my canning done for the year. Tomato sauce is done.. salsa seems just about done... jam is done.. pickles are done.. We even did a pile of interesting, just for fun, jellies this year... Like carrot cake jam, apple mint jelly, apple cinnamon jelly, you know.. fun stuff :)
Drew has developed allergies.. which sucks.. and makes two of us now allergic to the house. I found this podcast while watching TED casts a few months ago..

I suggest you watch it... This made a HUGE difference in the air in my house!
I can breathe at night and don't have sore throats in the house anymore. Doesn't help me with the sore throats from work.. but it sure does help around here!
I've got so many plants in my house now.. and I gotta say.. they sure do make it nicer looking too :)
I've been obsessing over the pacific gyre lately too.. It really bugs me that people just don't know how they're affecting the environment with their choices.. All these people with their plastic disposable water bottles.. killing baby albatrosses....

Anyhoo.. I strongly suggest you watch the "strange days on planet earth" podcasts.. they're available on youtube and on itunes for free.. I wonder if anyone buying plastic water bottles is thinking about the toxins (BPA for example) from the plastic not only leaching into their own drinking water. . but also the fact that the bottles, even if the bottle is recycled, the lids kill wild creatures because the LIDS can't be recycled! There are places in the ocean now that the plastic beats plankton in a ratio of 40:1 Do you think that's healthy for ANY of us?? That there is 40 times more plastic than plankton in the ocean? Think of that.. there is no fish in the world that can be called organic wild caught fish because they ALL have plastic in their tummies! Do you want to eat that?? Never mind the effects on global warming! How can that plankton grow and take the carbon out of the air if the plastic is shading the water and taking away the sunlight that helps the plankton grow? What are the fish we like to eat going to eat if the plankton can't grow for the little fishies to eat? Is your plastic water bottle worth that?
What else is on my mind lately... hmmm...
Fall is coming.. I'm getting the urge to knit and sew again.. I'm not there yet.. but I'm sure I will be. First I wanna declutter the house.. I keep finding things like broken keyboards, obsolete cd roms, etc in the basement.. oh ya.. and now the guilt for buying diposable plastic crap.. wonderful. But seriously.. what am I supposed to do with a cd rom backup of the computer I had 8 years ago? Currently I'm glad for flash drives. lol
My liver's bugging the heck out of me.. I've been spending the last couple weeks taking some herbal stuff trying to flush out the stones that I am pretty sure are there... I just wanna say.. take care of your fricking liver! You get gallstones and you'll regret it! and even if they take out your gallbladder you STILL get attacks! Just not as bad! So what do I recommend? Eat your beets! Tabbouleh! Curry! Borscht!
Check out this website for what is good for your liver.. and what isn't..
and if you keep eating like a typical north american... bookmark it. You'll want it when you're waiting for your surgery.
I'm spending a lot of time thinking about hybrid cars, solar panels, and good stuff like that.. wishing I had enough cash to get some..
I'm watching a TED podcast right now.. and just discovered that the library of congress offers a braille version of "playboy".. at least the blind can say they're just reading it for the articles! ROFLMAO!
Other than that.. not much going on in my brain.