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Monday, May 26, 2008

sorry it's been so long..

my stupid computer died.. so I have been using Joey's for the past two months... it's been HORRID.

Anyhoo.. will start you off with Easter.. the week before Easter my nephew Justin came to live with us.. so if you were wondering where the teenager in the pics came from.. that's him.
easter eggs!
Tisha's first chocolate
first chocolates!
Looking for easter eggs
easter egg hunt

The kids all cuddled up watching the simpsons on the mp4 player

Almost typical dinner time at my house.. my kids, the neighbour kids.. and a few others..
us adults get smart and eat in the dining room with the door shut.
here's the kids having breakfast
I LOVE our new table!

Tisha has a special love for these two cpks.. it goes back and forth which is her favorite depending on how many kids with pacifier's she's been hanging around with.. you know.. all the "cool" kids have them!
and always remember to never judge another man until you've walked a mile in his boots
Drew's boots!

I also got some really good shots of niagara falls when I went to hang out there with Mike and Julia.. these are taken from behind the fallsview casino
niagara falls
niagara falls
niagara falls
niagara falls

Joey had a birthday! he's 7 now!
joey's birthday
unwrapping presents
party time

Got some really cute pics of Tisha eating lunch one day..
pretty baby
kitty cat!
and I just wanted to show you all where she gets her blue eyes
tisha and papa
and here's some pics of me and my friend Rachel..
Justin was feeling camera happy.
me and rachel
getting ready to go out!
here's a pile of sleeping puppies.. lol
sleeping bunnies
and a few Justin took of himself..
justin again
and a few more of Tisha
baby in a basket
cutie pie
a rather interesting shot of Drew's bum
and a kid on a stick..
kid on a stick
they've taken up "parkour" which as far as I can tell means they jump off of and over things. it's kinda funny. Real parkour is like buildings and stuff but they're doing playground equipment and the little picnic table out back.. it's hilarious.