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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Just showing off some of my crafts.

Well, I've been pretty busy lately since school finished (I graduated with honors by the way).  I finally finished up the pink hoodie.  It needed buttons and blocking.  Also, I made up this cute little multicolor one.  This is just a fun little pattern that I can put together in a couple of days and I love it because it is so modern and looks like something Tisha would wear herself.

I also want to show off some of the outfits I made for her dolls.

and Matt and I made this adorable doll bunk bed set for Tisha for Christmas.  There are pretty much always at least two dollies sleeping on it these days.  It was made to fit her 18" dolls, but the smaller ones find it comfy as well.  Matt made the bed, I made the bedding.

This little sweetie is my latest OMG find at the second hand stores.  As far as I can tell she is a Betsy Wetsy from circa 1958.  She has the markings that say she is made by Ideal.  Apparently she is hard to find because of the brown hair.  She is HUGE and is wearing one of Tisha's dresses from when she was a baby.  My other Betsy Wetsy type doll fits in cabbage patch kids rather nicely, this girl wears real baby clothes!

I've been crocheting hats for something to do while I'm at work.  For fun I made Tisha and her dolly matching hats.  I think they look pretty cute.

Matt and I made the boys each a creeper face quilt for Christmas.  They were pretty thrilled with them, but Tisha was a bit jealous.. she wanted one too.

Soooo..  being the sucker that I am...  I made her one.. only she wanted her creeper to be pink.. and happy...