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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Just wanted to post a newer pic of Tisha.. she's so adorable! I'm totally smitten.. lol

Friday, December 22, 2006

Baby Tisha was born today!

Just to let you all know... our little princess was born this morning.. sorry to take so long to update you but I've been sleeping most of the day... only got about 2 hours of sleep last night.. :) labor started at about 11pm and she wasn't born until 8:55am.

We did manage to have the birth we dreamed of.. at home in our bed. I went to sleep at 2 am thinking it was probably false labor again.. woke up at 4.. decided I was probably wrong.. cuz those things were starting to really hurt.. called the midwives.. our midwife Jenn got there at 5 am.. checked me.. I was at 5cm.. so that was a sure sign we were having our baby today :) 2 hours later I was only to 6-7 cm.. so we broke my water.. another hour passed.. (in the tub with me matt and my friend amy watching pirates of the carribean on the mini tv and laughing at the situation) and I was still at 6-7... so the midwife did one of her little tricks.. and suggested that walking around might speed things up.. Amy had to leave for work at this point... it was about 8 am.. right around then things really sped up... and I was getting SOOOOOOOOOO tired.. that I just wanted to lie in my bed. So off to bed with me.. I thought I'd just have her lying on my left like I did with Joey.. but was in incredible pain at this point and screamed through two contractions.. nearly bit matt's neck open.. (only gave him one nip in the neck... poor guy) and then I got to thinking that this position was really not working for me.. got up on all fours.. midwives were like.. "ok.. that'll work too" and I started really pushing then.. someone mentioned that her head was right there.. I reached down.. felt her there.. remembered that I was having a BABY! and got to serious work.. and she was totally out 2 contractions later :) She started crying before she even had her body out.. and was all ready to nurse within 5 minutes.. and she's absolutely brilliant at it.. totally knows what she's doing..
I didn't end up with so much as a tiny tear.. I feel great.. so much better than I did yesterday.. other than tired.. and she's doing wonderfully.. all pink and bright!

AND.. the BEST part is..

Today is Matt's birthday! so they have the same birthday! Isn't that awsome!

so here's a pic of our little princess... Patricia Genevieve Fogel.. affectionately called Baby Tisha :)