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Friday, January 02, 2009

Tisha reading???

Ok.. so just throwing this out there cuz the kid is freaking me out just a bit...
Every once in a while she comes up with a word.. that is written somewhere... that no one told her what it says.
example.. Walking through the penn center (haven't been there in about a year) and she points at the baby gap sign and says "Baybee GAP" which is odd cuz she doesn't exactly wear a ton of baby gap being baby # 3 in this house...
another example.. going through the grocery store and going to the deli for the first time in her life she points up at the deli sign and says "Dehlee"
and yesterday she says she wants to watch TREES so we turn on the tv guide on the tv... and notice that treehouse is labelled treehs... and as we are noticing that she yells out THOMAS!! and sure enough what is listed on TREEHS is Thomas and friends.. and we haven't changed the channel yet so there's not really any way for her to have known that without reading it.
I am in so much trouble with this kid.. she's way too smart.