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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this week.. baby is practicing smiling??

ok... so.. let me throw a thought out there.... babies smile.. in utero..the ticker says baby is working on it now.. and I've been seeing those 3d ultrasound pictures a lot.. and some of those babies ARE smiling.. no doubt about it..

which means... at least to me.. that they don't smile for the first two months after their birth.. cuz they're traumatized. Think about it.. you come out of a nice warm place where EVERYTHING is comfy... and everything is done for you.. and you come out and you're shocked with cold air, pain, drugged, taken from your mother, shocked into breathing, blinded with lights, and people are all loudly talking.. hurting your poor little ears.. (for an idea of this.. walk outside a dark house on a bright day... how do your eyes feel?) and if you're a boy and really lucky.. they cut off a peice of your most painful bit.. just cuz it's traditional.. ya.. no wonder they don't smile.. must seem like being introduced to hell.. they probably have post traumatic stress..

I have seen pics of babies born with gentle birth techniques grinning their little faces off.. minutes after birth.. pictures of water birth babies looking absolutely blissful.. seconds after birth.. I've seen video's where the babies DON'T cry when they're born... they just calmly look around.. content..

so.. you ask me.. what is my point?

well.. we're planning a midwife assisted, home water birth.. my goal here is to shock the little muffin as little as possible.. let him/her come into the world and not think it's hell right off.. I've been doing my research.. and found out that suprisingly.. this is a safer choice for BOTH baby AND me.. than being in the hospital.. example.. average infant mortality rate for babies born in a hospital in USA.. (I'm in canada.. I don't have the #'s for here) is about 6.6 in 1000.. the rate for midwife assisted home births.. .5 in 1000.. the rate of c section births in some area's is up around 57%.. and most hospitals have around 30%... (seems a bit strange to me considering women gave birth without them for thousands of years just fine.. and that's MY ancestors... and yours...) the rate for women in care of a midwife instead of a dr. is about 2%..

so far the birth plan involves having baby at home.. in a rented birthing tub.. in a candlelit room.. with gentle music.. (I'm thinking Enya) muted voices, extra heat on, leaving the cord uncut until it's done pulsing so that baby has extra time to start breathing on it's own.. with matty, my kids, and hopefully my dad here with me. (and really really hopefully my big sister as she's the best birth coach ever and I NEED her) I would like matty to cut the cord.. but haven't talked to him about this yet.. end goal.. a birth without any baby tears.. now that I've seen that it's possible.. that's what I want. we were so close with joey.. if I had just been prepared with a little blanket for him sooner I think we could have done it too.. (poor baby got cold and I didn't think until he cried)

now to convince myself that the pain of labor will NOT kill me..