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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally getting our princess!

So we went for the ultrasound.. turns out baby is a GIRL!!
we are frickin thrilled! I think she's already got daddy wrapped around her little finger.. she kicks.. and he jumps to feel it :) lol definitely daddy's little princess already. I got to go out and get some new maternity clothes finally.. picked out two shirts I really really like. Wear them to work.. and wow.. people can actually tell I'm pregnant now! like.. I don't look just fat.. lol.

i had a lot of fun with the day of my ultrasound.. just before we went out the door.. Puss had babies! so after my ultrasound.. I changed my msn name to 4 itty bitty babies! lol.. got a few people asking if I was having quads.. lol

been doing a lot of floor support at work.. taking supervisor calls and helping out the new training class that just hit the floor.. they're doing pretty good.. but I gotta say.. taking sup calls is very rewarding.. and therapeutic.. especially when other parts of my life are driving me batty... like.. I have a few people I'd LIKE to yell at.. but..telling off this really bitchy customer will

someone tried to dognap my jackjack the other day.. biked up our street.. grabbed the dog.. and biked off with him.. luckily my neighbours chased the guy down in their truck and got jack back for us.. matt would have never caught him cuz I had the car at work.. too bad the guy got away.. I think the only good part of this is jack bit the guy...(which is why he ended up dropping him) good thing he didn't grab chelsea.. she never woulda bit him.. and he probably woulda got away with her.

so.. the thought occurs to me... less than 4 months left til we meet our little princess... hopefully not sooner.. the stress lately is getting to me.. I spent two days unable to sleep or eat.. over the stuff that's piling up around me.. getting lots of braxton hicks contractions.. really worried that all this stress will throw me into premature labor.. I can't wait to finally see her.. but.. I really don't think doing it now would be wise..

I've been reading up a lot on midwives.. homebirth.. the legality and statistics of it all.. and I gotta say.. i wish I had done more of this research last time.. all i knew when I was pregnant with joey was that I wanted a gentle birth for him.. and the only way to get that.. was to go with a midwife.. because the obstetricians around here suck. This time I do the research.. the statistics.. the real facts about the safety of homebirth.. and I get to find out.. that not only is it not dangerous.. it is SAFER x7 to have the baby naturally.. at home.. without any obstetrician interfering or restricting me in any way.. the baby actually has about a 7 times HIGHER risk of death being born at a hospital with an obstetrician.. and a 2 times higher risk of death being born at a hospital with a midwife.. so I am reassured that I am definitely making the best decision here..

I've been wandering around the house planning out where I want to do all this.. do I want to have Trisha upstairs? do I want to get a birthing tub and have her in the basement so I can watch tv and listen to the radio while laboring? do I want to do this on the main floor.. (not really) would I like to have my bed there to hold on to so I can squat to deliver.. do I want the bed there for temptation.. cuz I don't want to be laying down flat on my back.. should I buy up stocks in lavender candles and essential oils.. to make the environment more relaxing... what kind of snacks do I want to have handy in labor.. how much gatorade is enough? Who do I want to have here with me.. will they be able to be here.. do I want to have people come visit right away.. or throw a baby meeting party/baby shower a week after she's born.. how do I justify buying fabric to make all the pretty dresses and stuff I wanna make.. when I've got all the clothes from my softies and hand me downs from my friends that will keep her in clothes til she's nearly one.. how am I going to handle having another girl? what if something happens to her? just how overprotective am I going to be? cuz i know it's gonna be a lot.. heck.. she's already spoiled.
we picked her up the NICEST stroller that toys r us sells..
we're picking up the nicest swing on the market....
I want to get her some really cool bedding too.. make her room kinda retro.. the animals on this set kinda remind me of my favorite blanket when I was little..
I've been taking on some extra hours so I can get this stuff.. and we also made the MOST important purchase for a spoiled baby.. a bigger bed in QUEEN size! yay! as of right now.. if matty rolls over.. or gesticulates wildly while talking.. poor Trisha wakes up and startles.. poor baby. hopefull having a pocket coil mattress will make all of our sleeps a little better afterwards.

what else what else what else?

prolly gonna need new sheets for that mattress when it get here..
kinda looking forward to getting new bedding.. it's been a while..

we're gonna put our old bed in Trisha's room.. the CPK's can sit on it.. and I can use it if she's fussy.. so that matty isn't kept up all night when he's gotta work the next morning.. or heck.. HE can go sleep on it.. and leave the NICE mattress to us girls. lol

well. it's pretty late at night.. I have a lot going on tomorrow.. that's about it for now I guess. i'm going to bed.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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