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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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Friday, July 21, 2006

157 Days to GO!!!

ok.. so it's been a few days.. a couple weeks. . whatever..

the nephew has been down to visit for a week... it's been crazy around here.. nothing says fun like a pile of adhd people all in one house.. getting eachother more and more hyper as the seconds tick by.. yup.. joy and bliss.. been thinking of setting myself up a ritalin IV drip.. we could all take turns.. it could be fun.

The baby is really moving around a lot now.. seems it doesn't like my work.. it does like being at home.. and gets super relaxed in my bed... it seems to sleep a lot at home.. but squirms like crazy at work.. like it's trying to leave without me.

We're less than two weeks away from the first ultrasound.. hopefully we'll be able to find out the gender.. but I'm not worried either way.. it would make shopping easier.. but I don't really have my heart set on either. I'm torn between wanting a girl.. and really wanting a boy.. and being scared of having another girl.. and being really excited that I'm just having a baby and who cares WHAT it is... it does feel like a girl though... and everyone is telling me they think it's a girl... watch.. it'll be a boy.

I've been putting of sewing anything.. just tired I guess.. it's hard to find time to do that with working the extra hours and all.. I can't wait til I'm on leave and have time to get all the stuff I've been putting off.. finished.

Went out and checked the garden today.. gotta get some sticks and prop everything up.. the tomatoes have gone insane.. the pickles are not doing so great on the ground.. plus they keep hiding all the pickles on me until they're SO big.. and quite honestly.. I'd rather have Gherkins than dill spears.. I found a half a bucket full of jalapenos ... so I'm gonna pick up some cheese and get Matty to make me some poppers.. cuz he makes em really really good.. also got my first big green pepper today too.. it looks just perfect and big and yummy.. I'm thinking we're gonna have a nice salad.. cuz I got a nice english cucumber out of there too.. and the mesclun mix needs mowing again.. that stuff is amazing.. you cut it down to an inch high.. and it grows you a whole new salad a couple of weeks later. I wish I'd known that last year. The raspberries seem to be done.. so I'm going to trim them down to about a foot high.. and then remove about half to 3/4 of them. they're taking over the garden.. and I need space for my herbs and grapes. Joey's pumpkin plants have gotten huge and are taking over the back corner of the yard. I'm hoping we'll actually see a pumpkin on them soon.. so maybe it will be nice and big by halloween..

ummm.. what else... I made pickles today... two whole jars.. if this keeps up.. i'm going to have enough pickles to get me til christmas or so.. I'm a little terrified of how many tomatoes are on the plants.. but not ripe yet.. cuz if those all decide to get ripe at the same time.. I'm going to be stuck in a hot hot hot kitchen.. for days solid.. making salsa and spaghetti sauce. I'm up to 6 jars of strawberry jam.. 4 jars of wild raspberry jam.. and 7 jars of pickles.. not bad considering how few things have actually gotten ripe in the garden so far. I've got tomato plants and potato plants that I never planted.. all over the place.. kinda curious what type they are.. guess we'll see..

The kids and I finally got to hear the baby's heartbeat.. nice to have something concrete to prove this isn't just gas bubbles moving around in there.. :) I will be happy to see the ultrasound and know it's growing right and all.. I'm still scared that there will be something wrong.. though how anything could be wrong with a baby that's growing so well and kicking so much.. my uterus was measuring at 19 weeks.. they said they think I'm 17 weeks.. and I guess I'm 16 weeks.. at least those were the figures as of my last appointment.. as of today I would say i'm 17 and a half weeks.. they would say 18 and a half.. and heck.. maybe baby is measuring half done. Wouldn't it be cool if it was born 3 weeks earlier than I thought? like.. what if that first month we were trying I actually got pregnant.. and it just didn't show up on the test? it's possible.. right?

Well.. it's time to go check on the kids.. make sure no one has drowned or anything..

Sunday, July 09, 2006

170 days to go...

ok.. so it's saturday.. and do ya know what saturday means? pay per view...

Why is it that half of the state of arizona waits until they want to order a big fight.. to realize that they haven't paid their bill in 2 months.. like.. they get phone calls.. letters.. past due notices.. disconnected.. and they don't notice their cable isn't working until they want to order the fight?? Here's a little thing I just wanna say... if the bill says.. printed. on this date.. due by this date.. PAY IT BEFORE that date....that way.. it doesn't go PAST DUE.. and then you don't have to call me to have me explain to you that you actually have to pay this stupid thing EVERY MONTH.. yup.. that's right.. EVERY MONTH.. and preferably the whole balance.. so that you don't have to call me back again next month.. to have me explain to you again.. that you really have to make a payment.. EVERY MONTH.. BEFORE the due date.. so that you dont' go past due again..

another little tip.. if you have a 150$ cable bill.. and you can only afford like.. 50$ a month.. for gods sake.. DOWNGRADE!! you can't afford that stuff.. why stress yourself out? oh.. here's a better idea.. you know those guys for the satellite company that offer you satellite for 35$ a month.. hook up with them.. it really is the best deal.. and hey.. if you're signing up with star choice.. tell em I sent you.. I want my free month for referring you.

Onward.. me and the kids decided to do a science experiment last week.. tried making sugar crystals.. now.. they SAY that you can make a sucker.. but every single time I try this experiment.. I end up with a stick.. in a jar that has a bunch of sugar crystals stuck to the bottom of it... so yesterday we took the kids down to port dalhousie to the candy shop.. and bought them each a sugar crystal replace the ones we made... that didn't work.

Matty said that he wanted to walk the beach.. not sit in the sand.. and since that was what I originally wanted to do.. we should do it.. so we did.. and man.. the water felt so nice on my feet.. I wanted to jump right in the lake.. but i'm scared to swim in there while I'm pregnant.. oh well..

Baby is getting stronger this week.. it really doesn't seem to like when I squish it by leaning forward.. I keep getting kicked in the leg.. but it doesn't want to kick when I'm laying there wanting to feel it.. oh well.. it's tiny yet.. give it time.

I started a new group online for people who are in my neopets guild.. put a lot of work into it.. hopefully it will be a talkative place soon.. not so much in the way of members yet.. if you are not playing neopets yet.. sign up.. and try it out.. its' addictive though.. I warn ya.. join.. and look up my guild..
it's supposed to be for people who collect cpk's.. and also play neopets. kinda a way of bringing together all my online friends.. so far.. also a pretty quiet place.. but I"m trying to keep it up to date with any new info I come across.. so you won't miss out on any cool new features or avatars or free stuff there.

I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow.. I've been having these awful headaches lately.. they don't make work much fun at all.. so bad cuz my eyes are all wacky with being pregnant.. so I'm getting a lot of eye strain.. I've been wearing my glasses for like 5 days solid now.. and I never wear my glasses..

on the upside.. I've been eating healthy and exercising a lot.. (walking and swimming.. like I'm supposed to) so i've lost about 15 lbs since I got preg.. as far as I can tell most of my friends have gained about that much with their pregnancies.. at least the ones that are as far along as me.. so I'm losing sheri weight.. but the baby is definitely growing nicely. my pants are still tight. but my face looks weird.. I look in the mirror... and between my haircut and my face getting thinner.. it kinda freaks me out cuz I don't recognize me.. it's like looking at a stranger in the mirror.. very unnerving.. doesn't look like me at all.. I've also been having awful dizzy spells.. either my iron is low.. or my blood pressure is.. or I'm dehydrated. either way it's driving me nuts.. i'm going to hit the drug store tomorrow and check my blood pressure.. and if it's not that I'm going to get the midwives to prescribe me some iron pills.

I'm trying to figure out a christmas present for my sis.. our birthdays are in a few weeks.. it's gonna be neat.. turning 29 on the 29th.. lol

I've been feeling a bit lonely lately.. missing my sister.. and my dad.. and my mom.. haven't seen dad in over a week.. so that's driving me nuts.. don't like mom and angela living so far away... don't like that my sis isn't online talking to me right now..

Matty convinced me to let him buy a bunch of things he's been bugging for for ages.. got a nice gazebo thing for the yard.
and let him get a little air conditioner for the bedroom.. so once again the funds are low.. but the man is happy.. so all is good in my world.

I got home from work tonight.. he told me that him and Drew fixed the one kiddie pool that was cracked.. with a glue gun... and a baggie.. gotta give the man credit for original thought.. I woulda tossed the pool and bought a new one.. or just found the plugs for the inflatable one in the basement.. and he went and bought one of those umbrella stands for the patio table umbrella.. so that he could put it up over the kids pool to keep them out of the sun.. now that we don't really need it over the patio table cuz of the gazebo and all..

I told him though.. next month I'm getting the swing I want for the baby. In september I'm going to get the stroller... august.. the swing.. then in october look at getting clothes and stuff. When I know what the gender is.. then again... if it's a girl.. there's really not much i need to get.. What I do need to do is get sewing and finish up all the cloth diapers I have cut out.. should only take about a million hours (there's like.. 30) and I have to get the bedding for the crib made.. but that's really about it.. then I can use november's pay for christmas shopping.. and call it well enough. I'm just happy we got the consolidation loan to pay off the credit card and loan before the baby comes.. that will make things a lot easier.. financially.. while I'm on maternity leave. Honestly though.. as much as I hate the hours I work right now.. I really do enjoy the cash. lol.. it's kinda hard to try not to get used to it. I could picture being happy making 100K a year.. lol.. Maybe then I could get a new car that's not leaking oil.. :) stupid car... if it's not one thing it's another.. luckily so far there's been no major expenses.. most of the problems we've been able to fix pretty cheap.... hopefully that keeps up.. or I'll be riding a bike dragging a really neato baby stroller behind me.. lol

anyhoo.. it's like 1230 am.. I should get some sleep..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


ok.. I've managed to lose all of my email addresses.. all of my mailing addresses.. all of my appointments.. all of my info that I had on my desktop.. all of my bookmarks..all the links I had saved for link of the day in my clubs.. all the phone #'s and email addresses.. ya.. basically everything that I use on a daily basis..

soooo... if you have any links that you think I might want.. or a phone# (I lost all of those too.. dad please email me..I lost your cel # and your email addy) anyhoo.. I need any and all info you can send me.. birthdays.. addressess... etc... to my gasgirl2000@sympatico dot ca address.


Saturday, July 01, 2006


Well.. it's been a good day..

First off.. I felt baby move for the first time.. now I am afraid.. really afraid.. the kid seemed to be throwing a dance party in there.. I don't recall ANY of my kids being this active.. lol,, I'm looking forward to having a hell of a time getting to sleep when this baby gets a bit stronger.... :) at least now I know for sure it's there..

secondly.. doing the countdown... 178 days left... which means.. roughly 12 paychecks left til baby.. omg... anyhoo.. if anyone wants to help out with getting us ready.... we registered under mine and matt's name at sears. I'm thinking buying there is a smart plan.. seeing as they have the waiting game club.. where if you guess the baby's birthday.. you get all the purchases made off of your registry back in gift certificates.. and since I've had ALL of my kids on the 26th of their months.. I'm placing bets on dec 26 for the peach to be born.. (it's the size of a peach this week, So if my hunch is right.. I will get back all the money I've dished out so far.. lol

and thirdly.. people in arizona really can be stupid..
I had a customer call in today.. complaining about her cable bill.. it was too high.. so she mentioned she was thinking of disconnecting it.. but then she is like.. oh.. wait.. last time when I didn't have that wire hooked up.. I didn't get in any channels.. if I disconnect the cable.. will I get any channels? and I was like.. no.... "not even the networks?" no.. that's pretty much what you're paying for when you get cable.. the channels.. you MIGHT get 4 channels with an antenna .. if you're lucky.. "oh.. I didn't realize that.. guess I won't turn it off then"
Like WTF did she THINK cable is????? just paying for the priviledge of having a wire hanging out of her tv?? did she think it was just some device that keeps aliens from seeing what you're watching?? omg.. these people just get dumber and dumber.. on the upside.. I got another 100% in quality again today! So yes.. I do kick ass.. and I am good at my job.. and that asshole who told me the other day that I must be stupid cuz I can't delete the c* website from my desk... grrr..
this guy called in.. and wanted me to go into his account on the website.. and delete his checking account info.. so I told him that all support for the website is on the webchat.. on the website.. he replied.. "it doesn't work. Xfer me to someone who can talk to me about this" to which I replied.. all the support for the website.. is in the webchat.. on the website.. basically.. this guy yelled at me for 20 minutes.. because I don't support the website.. and since I don't support it.. I should delete it.. and I must not work for c*x cuz I can't delete the website.. and that the website must be run and programmed by computers... and I should connect him to the webmaster.. to which I reply again.. "all the support for the website is in the webchat on the website.. those are live people we do NOT have anyone on the phones trained to support the website" also I mentioned to him that since he was only doing one time payments.. possibly he should consider just not selecting the erroneous bank account info on future payments and just enter the correct info.. well.. after about twenty minutes of yelling at me that I should delete the website ( dunno how he thinks I can do that when I've already told him I can't even access it from my desk) he tells me I'm stupid and he wants to talk to my manager.. at which point.. I connect him to the spanish queue.. bastard... get a clue.
or the guy who called in about the calls he made to china.. at the extraordinarily high international rates.. bcz he had never added an international calling plan to his phone.. who kept bitching and bitching.. if he had left me alone after 3 minutes.. I probably woulda bent over backwards to make sure he had a chance of getting credit.. as it was.. he kept bitching for 45 minutes.. the whole time giving me more reason.. and more things he said.. for him not to get the credit.. and me getting pissed enough to make sure I noted all the things he said that would ensure he wouldn't get the calls rerated..

anyhoo.. just a message to anyone in az.. if you call in about your bill.. go easy on me.. cuz I'm pregnant and bitchy.. and I'm not putting up with a whole lot lately.. and you might just find yourself talking to some spanish guy. but if you're nice to me.. I'll do everything I can do to help you.. call in.. state your problem.. let me help you.. and once I've said I've made an effort to help you.. get off of my F*CKING phone.. then.. if you call back later.. and the poor sob who picks up says the credit was denied.. THEN bitch.. but not until you've asked for a manager.. and don't bitch at me.. I'm powerless... all I can do is make the odds of you getting anything go down...