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Friday, July 21, 2006

157 Days to GO!!!

ok.. so it's been a few days.. a couple weeks. . whatever..

the nephew has been down to visit for a week... it's been crazy around here.. nothing says fun like a pile of adhd people all in one house.. getting eachother more and more hyper as the seconds tick by.. yup.. joy and bliss.. been thinking of setting myself up a ritalin IV drip.. we could all take turns.. it could be fun.

The baby is really moving around a lot now.. seems it doesn't like my work.. it does like being at home.. and gets super relaxed in my bed... it seems to sleep a lot at home.. but squirms like crazy at work.. like it's trying to leave without me.

We're less than two weeks away from the first ultrasound.. hopefully we'll be able to find out the gender.. but I'm not worried either way.. it would make shopping easier.. but I don't really have my heart set on either. I'm torn between wanting a girl.. and really wanting a boy.. and being scared of having another girl.. and being really excited that I'm just having a baby and who cares WHAT it is... it does feel like a girl though... and everyone is telling me they think it's a girl... watch.. it'll be a boy.

I've been putting of sewing anything.. just tired I guess.. it's hard to find time to do that with working the extra hours and all.. I can't wait til I'm on leave and have time to get all the stuff I've been putting off.. finished.

Went out and checked the garden today.. gotta get some sticks and prop everything up.. the tomatoes have gone insane.. the pickles are not doing so great on the ground.. plus they keep hiding all the pickles on me until they're SO big.. and quite honestly.. I'd rather have Gherkins than dill spears.. I found a half a bucket full of jalapenos ... so I'm gonna pick up some cheese and get Matty to make me some poppers.. cuz he makes em really really good.. also got my first big green pepper today too.. it looks just perfect and big and yummy.. I'm thinking we're gonna have a nice salad.. cuz I got a nice english cucumber out of there too.. and the mesclun mix needs mowing again.. that stuff is amazing.. you cut it down to an inch high.. and it grows you a whole new salad a couple of weeks later. I wish I'd known that last year. The raspberries seem to be done.. so I'm going to trim them down to about a foot high.. and then remove about half to 3/4 of them. they're taking over the garden.. and I need space for my herbs and grapes. Joey's pumpkin plants have gotten huge and are taking over the back corner of the yard. I'm hoping we'll actually see a pumpkin on them soon.. so maybe it will be nice and big by halloween..

ummm.. what else... I made pickles today... two whole jars.. if this keeps up.. i'm going to have enough pickles to get me til christmas or so.. I'm a little terrified of how many tomatoes are on the plants.. but not ripe yet.. cuz if those all decide to get ripe at the same time.. I'm going to be stuck in a hot hot hot kitchen.. for days solid.. making salsa and spaghetti sauce. I'm up to 6 jars of strawberry jam.. 4 jars of wild raspberry jam.. and 7 jars of pickles.. not bad considering how few things have actually gotten ripe in the garden so far. I've got tomato plants and potato plants that I never planted.. all over the place.. kinda curious what type they are.. guess we'll see..

The kids and I finally got to hear the baby's heartbeat.. nice to have something concrete to prove this isn't just gas bubbles moving around in there.. :) I will be happy to see the ultrasound and know it's growing right and all.. I'm still scared that there will be something wrong.. though how anything could be wrong with a baby that's growing so well and kicking so much.. my uterus was measuring at 19 weeks.. they said they think I'm 17 weeks.. and I guess I'm 16 weeks.. at least those were the figures as of my last appointment.. as of today I would say i'm 17 and a half weeks.. they would say 18 and a half.. and heck.. maybe baby is measuring half done. Wouldn't it be cool if it was born 3 weeks earlier than I thought? like.. what if that first month we were trying I actually got pregnant.. and it just didn't show up on the test? it's possible.. right?

Well.. it's time to go check on the kids.. make sure no one has drowned or anything..


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