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Thursday, October 30, 2008

so my little drew is my new personal chef.. what a great kid.. I was so tired one day so he offered to cook for me.. apparently one of the wonderful skillz they teach at scouts...
what a little cook!
yummy grilled cheese
my little chef

and I figured out a recipe for making peanut brittle in the microwave..! totally cool! and easy!! and mmmmmmmm
peanut brittle!

Tisha has been to her first halloween party this year.. dressed up as tinkerbell.

tinkerbell and the princesses at playgroup
the costume lasted about maybe half an hour.. then it was " OFF!!! OFF!!!" and that was the end of that.. we'll see how trick or treating goes tomorrow.

anyone who knows my girlie knows that her favorite animals are ponies and crocodiles... We were lucky enough to find crocodile slippers at value village the other day! how cool is that?
crocodile slippers!

Joey decided he was joining gymnastics today too so after that the boys and I carved our pumpkins tonight.. we decided to do one classic kid designed white one.. one skull.. one with a stem for a nose.. and one puking.. (puke will be added later when he is outside)

our pumpkins all lit up
the boys with the pumpkins


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