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Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's Isadora Greta's birthday!!

Well it's been another interesting week.. of course I've spent more time at the JK.. this week we made our jack o lantern. All I have to say is WOW.. one of the kids dad's came in and helped the kids make a blue's clue's Jack o lantern... with a cool pic of Blue and a bat on the front.. and then all the paw print "clues" in the back.. then he put in a flashing light.. and wow.. Clue's all over the wall behind a really cool looking pumpkin!! One of the kids will get to take it home tomorrow... Man I hope it's Joey... maybe I should volunteer monday...
I was checking my emails this morning.. and It's Isadora Greta's Birthday!!! Dora is the CPK the my sister got me for my birthday.. she's an adorable hispanic girlie with beautiful long cornsilk hair.. I just loves her.. Maybe I'll make her a new dress today.. I have to make one for Celina's doll anyways.. she's been hinting that her CPK might like a new halloween dress... Man I hope she doesn't mind it being pink... lol.. that's mostly what I have fabric wise..
Speaking of sewing.. I've struck up a deal with a friend where she brings me fabric and I sew.. I get to keep half of what is made.. so I don't have to worry about buying fabric and I still get to make new dolly clothes.. The other day I finally gave T shirts a try.. I can't beleive I put off making them for so long.. They're so easy and fast.. I had no idea.. I cut out about 4 dresses and 2 overalls and 2 more shirts too.. so I should be able to get lots done next time I can lock myself in that room...
Speaking of which.. I have had an ungodly addiction to realarcade lately.... I've been staying up til 2 am playing wonderful games like Zuma and Ancient Sudoku... sleep? me? NEVER!!
So I was at work yesterday doing my sudoku puzzles and the girl beside me comments that I have quite a sudoku addiction.. so I told her.. my friend gets them for me.. and unless I work on them in most of my spare time.. I'm NEVER gonna get through all these sudoku books.. and I showed her the crazy ones.. extreme sudoku.. I am actually a little scared.. I'm gonna work through the regular books first.. these two books take sudoku to a whole new level.. one doesn't give you the numbers.. just the sums of what they should be.. so two boxes will have a box around them and a 4 so you know that the numbers inside have to be 1 and 3.. and the other has to have 1-9 in diagonal X across the puzzle.. I'm still having trouble with some of the regular puzzles marked EASY... I ran out of eraser at work yesterday.. will have to see about picking some up today.. I had considered using my CPK erasers.. but no.. we won't be doing that... lol.. So she offered to buy some of my sudoku books.. and I was like .. NO WAY... MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE ALL MINE...
I get the feeling with people on the phone at work that I am speaking french.. I had a lady yesterday that called in asking if her deposit had been fixed.. we had charged her double deposit because she had not provided a social security number for a credit check.. but after she provided it we gave back half the deposit.. well.. applied it to her bill actually.. this woman could not get why she was still past due.. well.. her bill is 40$ a month.. and she had paid 50$ towards the bill and 90$ towards the deposit... and had 4 months of billing.. and her bill was about 60$ after I changed the account to make it cheaper... I dunno why sales didn't bundle her phone services.. but I managed to make it $8 cheaper each month for her.. so the way the bill works is that when you change the services and make them cheaper it credits the difference for the remaining of the bill cycle back to the account.. and the credit applies to the furthest past due balance.. so even though her new monthly rate was 30$ instead of 40$ her past due was now 22$ and her this months billwas 40$ (2 months $60 makes sense to me...) and so she's asking me and asking me.. why is this months more than last months.. and I tell her.. because I changed your phone rate and it credits back to the past due not the current amount on the account.. so she says.. well I understand that.. but why is this months more than last months.. so I tell her because I changed your phone rate and it credits back to the past due not the current amount on the account.. so she says.. well I understand that.. but why is this months more than last months.. and we went on like that for about 10 minutes.. I had gone over everything on the bill.. what her monthly rate had been.. all the $$ for *69 she had used.. and so on.. and she finally says.. well I'm just going to call back and talk to someone else who knows how to explain a bill.. and hangs up on me... like F*CK I've been working there for almost 2 years now.. I get high 90%'s for quality.. you ARE NOT going to get someone who can explain it better than me.. YOU ARE THICK IN THE HEAD I hate people.. :( (at least the ones who call in to bitch about their bills when they don't pay the bloody things anyways)
I have officially lost my CPK Rocky to the kids.. I tried .. honest I did... but .. how can you tell kids they're not allowed to play with a doll??? of course.. the first thing they did was lose his socks.. grrrrrr....
I'm going to the flea market today!!! I haven't been in so long.. I am so excited that I woke up at 7 am... (I usually sleep til noon if I can) and I don't have to be up and ready til 10... I still have 2 hours.. ack.. better drink more coffee.. I am so excited!!! I hope the awsome flea market toy lady is there and I hope she's stocked up on CPK's for me... and I hope I find a jesmar (fat chance of that) and I hope I find some cool toys... and I'll be happy to come home with one new doll... but my odds of finding something I don't already have are getting slim... the last few times I went they only had ones I already had.. guess that's what I get for collecting all the common kids.. lol..I've been wiggling all morning..
Last night at work I was dancing around singing I'm going to the flea market tomorrow.. and that same chick was laughing at me.. I swear I'm her favorite joke.. I'm so silly.. she laughs at the whole CPK thing.. but that's ok.. at least she asks questions and has a bit of an interest.. she says she's not a collector so can't think in the mindset of paying 100$ for a jesmar.. well.. I AM a collector.. and I can't see paying that much either.. though I can see why some people do.. I just don't like paying more than $5 for a doll.. one day I'm going to get bored.. I'd like to have a hope in heck of getting some of my $$ back..
I'm supposed to go swimming later on with dad too.. and after that.. HALLOWEEN PARTY at caleb and sandras!!! this is shaping up to be a fun but exhausting day.. man I hope I will be able to grab a nap in here somewhere...
The theme of the month in my sewing club is warm winter clothes.. not sure what I'm going to make.. maybe a nice sweatsuit or jackets for my CPK's.. I dunno.. I've got 2 weeks.. I'll think of something.. maybe some warm jammies..
Drew and Joey had picture day at school on friday.. they looked SO cute!! new haircuts with their bangs all spiked up.. and Drew missing his two front teeth.. man I hope that shows in the pic.. I've been thinking of just giving everyone frames with pics of the kids for christmas.. and leaving it at that.. I really am worried about christmas this year.. for the past two years i've done jam for people.. this year.. I don't really have much put aside at all.. and there's only one paycheck that I can use for christmas.. and that's the next one.. decembers has to go to getting the plates on the car renewed.. and I have to buy parts to fix the car... which is also a worry.. financially things are not good right now.. I'm most worried about how the heck I'm gonna get my kids anything for christmas.. I saw a couple of lego sets I'd like to get them.. a pirate ship for Drew and a Toby from thomas the tank engine set for Joey.. in Duplo.. those alone would be 50$.. and then I'd have to get stocking stuffers and a few other small gifts.. which I could probably do at the dollar store.. craft stuff and such.. I have no idea what to get Matt... like.. I have lots of things I WANT to get him.. but I guess since I got him that guitar a few months ago and told him that was his christmas present he'll have to live with something small for christmas.. all I told him to get me is a sewing kit from walmart.. I think they're like 20$.. and have all the neat toys.. like a rotary cutter and a cutting board and good scissors.. I think what I want most for christmas is for my VISA bill to go away... I've really screwed up with the amount of credit we've gotten into.. we can afford the payments... just can't afford anything else.. and I'm so miffed cause they won't give us a loan to pay off the credit card.. so it just seems like it's never going to go away... I'll just keep plugging away at the loan we do have.. and when that's gone.. then I'll be able to get another to pay off the visa... but god only knows how long THAT's gonna be... I've been taking a look at how other people I work with live.. they seem to have nicer cars and nicer clothes.. and I know it's my own damned fault that we're broke.. I'm the one who ok'd all of the purchases that went on the visa.. hell .. I'm the one that made most of them.. and granted.. a good percentage of what's on there was food.. but geez.. if I had just eaten more kraft dinner.. and less chicken.. I coulda been doing a lot better now.. I've been getting smarter with it.. we could be flat broke.. but if I don't have cash I'm not buying anything..
Matt's schedule got screwed up at work.. the bastards changed his hours to 12-8 pm so now I need a babysitter.. which means.. 150$ a month goes to her instead of to my bills.. man that drives me nuts.. sometimes I wish we had stayed at the gas station and didn't have to worry about this stuff.. like occasionally a gun to your face is worth the stress reduction in the rest of your life.. I miss being able to walk around when I was at work.. and I hate the way the headset feels on my head.. I miss being allowed to shoot the sh*t with the customers and actually having a personality.. and customers that remember me.. I miss the way the air feels.. and the sky when the sun is coming up... I don't really miss smelling like gas though.. oh well.. or freezing my bum off in winter.. guess you can't have everything..
anyhoo.. I've spent almost an hour playing in my blog today.. I should really go find something to wear and have a shower.. it's gonna be a fun day.. and I'm gonna go out and get my mind off of all my stress.. and come back refreshed and better prepared to deal with it all.. and life will be good again.. and I'm going to the flea market!!!! YAY!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well.. it's been another week in paradise...

I fully appreciate how much I love the chaos that is my life... Matt and the kids went up to the cottage for the weekend last weekend... and the silence around here was deafening.. I really am way too used to the constant roar of life happenning around me.. I think the entire weekend I just felt like crying I was so lonely for them.. On the other hand.. it's amazing how clean the house stays when it's just me here.. and how much sewing I can get done.
I finally made my first quilt.. it was tiny.. but looks quite nice in my doll bed. I won some quilt squares off of ebay and thought they would make a much bigger quilt.. but for some reason 40 4" squares make a tiny little doll quilt.. oh well.. now I know..
What I want to do eventually is make new quilts for my bed and the kids beds.. it's probably better if I practice on doll quilts for a bit yet though... because quite frankly.. I suck..
It's been a good week... Matt's been in training in the evenings.. so he's gotten up with the kids and gotten them ready to go and let me sleep in.. Kinda bad though cause I haven't gotten to see much of Matt for almost 2 weeks now.. and I'm missing the guy.. Friday came around and Dave and his girlfriend came by and reminded me that their baby shower was sunday.. and I was all excited that Matt and I could hang out for a bit that night.. I waited up for him to get off work.. he came home late.. and then went out again til 4am... of course I waited up... and we stayed up til 6 am talking.. so that was cool.. but I slept way late saturday and didn't get to do much other than get ready for work..
So I got home from work saturday.. realize that I've got no cash and no gift for the shower Sunday.. ACK.. so guess what I made.. I stayed up til 4 am and made a little quilt for the baby for in the buggy and car seat. I definitely need more practice.. but at least it was cute..
I only went into the school for 1 day this week.. there was a substitute teacher in.. I definitely did not like this one.. and she scared the heck out of the kids.. Made them put their hands up before talking and stuff.. (which they have never heard of.. much less ever been made to do) She nearly had half of the class in tears.. I think I may mention to the school that I don't really think she's an appropriate replacement for JK teacher... Maybe they'll get someone different next time..
I'm anxiously awaiting the next PTA meeting.. it occurs to me that they've put all this thought into putting a sidewalk across the front of the school... but there's no playground equipment for the JK kids.. and that just seems wrong to me.. I think I'll be bringing that up..
I've finally sent off my first Sheri's Baby to a new mommy.. (the dolls I make) God I hope she's happy with her... I hate to disappoint.. I'm a little worried about how good I'm getting with them.. cause the last one is a LITTLE too close to XR originals..

you can see here the progress I've made..
This is Baby Becky.. my most recent Baby.. the girl at the top is Kayla.. one of my earlier Babies..

and this is Abby.. who was in between... now all I have to do is get more fabric.. and modify my pattern a bit to make a slightly different body.. and I'm in business. I've seen a few dolls that online friends of mine have put together.. and I'm getting excited.. cause I know I can do this.. my dolls are getting really really good.. and I'm for once totally proud of something I've done..

anyways.. I'm still keeping the day job.. or night job as it were... which has been interesting.. last night pay per view crashed and every person in arizona who was trying to order pay per view was calling in to tell us it wasn't working.. to which I had the joy of responding.. it's not working.. and they're working on it.. which was all the answers I had... so after 2 hours of constant calls.. I ended up with one guy who was a blast to talk about.. and he caught on to my canadian accent... and we got talking about differences between ontario and arizona.. apparently in AZ you can go golfing in a t shirt and shorts and drive 3 hours and go skiing.. I gotta admit.. that's cool.. In ON we have the topless law.. which means that if you go to the right night club.. you just might see girls dancing without their shirts... or if you hike in the right spot... same thing... so he asks.. why would you wanna take off your shirt if you're hiking... to which I replied.. well if you're wearing two layers..(bra and shirt) you could be hot... and on the conversation went.... well about 4 minutes later my one manager walks over.. tells me to wrap it up.. and says "I don't even WANNA KNOW what the heck THAT was about.. " he had been listening in to my conversation... EEK and had heard the bra remark.. that's where he had started listening.. and he had totally missed the rest of the conversation that made it relevant... I bet you can imagine the pretty shade of red my face turned..

Anyhoo.. I'm off for now.. Me and Matty are ordering a pay per view tonight... gonna watch SAHARA... which we both saw in theater already.. but it's worth watching again..

Thursday, October 06, 2005

the turkey says COCK A DOODLE DOO!!!!!

Well.. I've had another interesting morning at JK.... today was our thanksgiving party.. which translated means.. I got to stuff paperbags full of popcorn and staple turkey heads on em.. and then I got to share the food.. which rocked!!
So almost at the end of the meal it was time to take photo's of the kids for their memory books.. and the thought occurs to me.. maybe we shoulda done pictures BEFORE the grape juice... and we're doing the pictures with their little turkeys that they (read "me") made.. and Isabella starts crowing like a rooster.. COCKADOODLEDOO.. while making her turkey move like he's making the noise.. so I try to explain that turkeys say GOBBLEGOBBLEGOBBLE... but seriously.. none of them would beleive me.. and the next thing you know.. the whole room is a chorus of COCKADOODLEDOO's and LOUD.. and I've totally lost control.. Teacher saves the day... shut off the light.. silence.. why the heck didn't I think of that???
We had been sent in some very nice fruit and veggie trays.. but looking at it I could see a few things that might be a problem.. Radishes... Kiwi's...pineapple.. and some strange fruit that I don't recognize the look or taste of.. the first round with the kiwi's .. maybe 3 kids took some... and the rest wouldn't even try it... ( I took some because they're SO healthy I'd feel guilty NOT eating some) and so I figure rather than throw out the perfectly good kiwi... I'd make a game for myself of getting these kids to eat it.. "So who here is BRAVE enough to try this green stuff??" That netted me 2 kids who had to prove themselves... who also decided they LIKE kiwi.. and so the next step is "HEY EVERYONE.... BREANNA TRIED KIWI AND SHE LIKES IT!!!!, who else would like some kiwi..?" which resulted in the rest of the kiwi disappearing.. and lots of kids showing me their green goo while they were chewing it... just so I could tell them how awsome they were for trying it.. for some reason it didn't work with pineapple. .maybe they were just too full??
Drew also had his trip to the pumpkin farm today.. (celina too) and from what I hear it was a really awsome trip. There was a big robot dinosaur made out of pumpkins and it had dinosaur kids made of wood.. and there was a 3000 lb pumpkin.. and bee hives.. and hay rides.. and they got to bring home ghost pumpkins.. which if you have never seen them .. they are white.. excellent for jack o lanterns.. so I go to pick the kids up and Drew shows me his pumpkin and informs me that he got a ghost pumpkin because "those are the best kind for pumpkin pies" (ack.. does the child want me to cook??? what the heck is wrong with a nice jackolantern and canned pie filling?)
Now the first 3 years Drew has gone on this trip he has come back with a tiny itty bitty pumpkin.. so I was thinking today.. walking would not be a problem.. so I didn't bring anything to carry the pumpkins home in... I was expecting.. I dunno.. 6 inch pumpkins.. like last time.. only to show up and find 2 kids with pumpkins they can barely lift... and me with no way other than their backpacks to get them home... (it was actually funny watching Drew with his backpack on his front and him walking like a 9 months pregnant Gotta give the kids credit though... Celina didn't cry at all.. and Drew only cried half way home.. .....
I ended up sleeping for the afternoon in the basement.. not sure what's going on with me lately.. been totally exhausted... Like, sure, I had that sinus infection last week.. but shouldnt I feel a little perkier now?? Other things worrying me right now... got a weird pain in my boob... not anything I've ever experienced before.. feels like a cross between being kicked.. and a blister... doctor says it's nothing... (at least not to worry about it if it goes away on it's own within 2 weeks...) (great.. 2 weeks to panic about that) and .... yup... the ever elusive period... and don't go thinking I'm pregnant either.. cause I did a test and it said not... but it gets me wondering if my hormones are out to get me.... maybe I'm not technically bipolar.. maybe I just have wacky hormones.. (but why???) and the doctor suggested maybe going on the pill would help with that... (it's been a few months in a row now) and I'm thinking in my head.. ya right.. like I want 2 periods a month... (cause that's what happens when I go on the pill and my cycle does this... ) I dunno... I guess it' s a game of wait and see...
This is really cool.. my dad called me up and invited me over for thanksgiving on monday.. YAY and even better is that matt and the kids will be home again by then :) so it's gonna be a good time!! Kelly says she found another CPK for me.. sounds like another Sammie.. which is cool.. since Sammie and Michael J are brothers.. and Michael J has a twin.. now Sammie will have a twin.. and I can make them all matching outfits.. it'll be fun.. lol Kelly reminded me to bring over the pattern for the crocheted CPK clothes.. I really gotta remember to bring it this time... I bought it off of ebay especially for this purpose.. but every time I go over there.. I forget to bring it.. kinda I guess like forgetting the bathing suits the other day.. Dunno where my brain goes sometimes..
So this afternoon I just had Joey... and it occurs to me that if I just have my own kids.. the world seems so quiet and I don't know what to do with myself... It makes me wonder sometimes if my life would be easier if I didn't babysit... not that that's ever gonna happen... I've babysat since I was 13.. and have never had a reason to want to stop.. it keeps me in pocket money.. and keeps me out of my bank account. It's nice right now cause I have one that pays me the day I babysit.. so I've almost always got $10 on me.. and the other pays me weekly.. so I've got grocery money between pays.. (which now that I'm not buying gas is enough to get food with lol)
I went out to see the exorcism of emily rose yesterday.. weird movie.. not sure who I'm kidding when I think I can handle movies like that... (as long as I put my hands over my ears in the scary bits I'm ok) Still it was a kinda freaky movie.. more because I could relate to the sensing bad spirits around... and them scaring the heck out of me..
We finally got satellite installed for the tv.. got a really awsome package.. only 33.98$ a month.. for like 150 channels.. and 10 free pay per view credits.. so the first night what is on but SIN CITY.. (I love that movie.. it's so comic book) so I talked matt into watching it with me.. he didn't like it.. oh well.. hence why I went to the exorcism of emily rose without him... just not his type of film at all...
The main thing I'm missing about my car... going to the pool...I coulda really gone for a swim today..... but I didn't wanna bug my dad for a ride... so I stayed home and slept instead... wasn't worth it.. I'm still tired anyways.. Maybe I should start making coffee in the mornings again..
So anyways... it looks like it's gonna be a good thanksgiving after all.. and if anyone asks you what turkeys say... tell them you have it on the good authority of 16 JK kids.. that they say COCKADOODLEDOO

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Matt says I need to update my blog....

Well.. sorry it's been so long.. I've been sick.. and busy :)
It's been a fun bit of time.. have had a week off of work now because of a sinus infection.. and when I say off of work.. I mean.. I couldn't even babysit.. I was THAT sick....ick.. I HATE getting sick..
Things at the school have quieted down.. most of the trouble makers have been moved to the afternoon class.. something to do with them being in daycare anyways.. and because of that being more flexible.. though I find it kinda funny that for the most part.. only the REALLY bad kids got put in the afternoon.. with Heba thrown in to make up for it... (she's a complete little sweetheart)... I'm not sure why Muslims would put their kid into a catholic school.. but hey.. it's their decision..
We spent the last couple days putting together turkey bums with the JK class... see.. they're going to be making turkeys out of paper bags.. filled with popcorn.. and we were making the turkeys butts for the last 2 days.. WHAT FUN!!! not.. there's nothing quite like getting 10 kids a day to do a craft that they totally don't want to do... hit the paper with the crayon twice.. "ok I'm done!!" "no you're not" hit the paper with the crayon 2 more times "ok I'm done!!" "no you're not" and so on and so on.. you get the picture.. and btw.. the turkey must have more than 4 feathers too... so you're not done THAT either...
Drew's homework is going along a lot better than usual.. now that he's on ritalin it's like I've got a totally different kid... and I really really like this one.. a lot.. But it gets really frustrating still.. when I tell him something.. and think he's got it.. and then 5 minutes later he's totally forgotten the whole idea.. and I have to explain it again.... I really am starting to worry that he has a serious learning disability.. and also contemplating private school.. which I have no idea how I would pay for.. so that he can work at his own pace and have a hope in hell of catching up... I don't understand why the school won't just hold him back... I think if he did grade one over this year.. he might actually get it.. but he has no hope in hell of figuring out the grade 2 stuff. and I just feel like I'm setting him up for failure.. I know he's not stupid.. but he's gonna get feeling that way if I leave him where he is... the kid can remember everyone's hubcaps for crying out loud.. why can't he remember what S looks like..?? and shouldn't he be able to count to 20 by 7 years old?? maybe I should be spelling this all out in hubcaps...
Matt and the kids are going to the cottage this weekend... without me... :( I feel like I could cry.. I have absolutely no plans for thanksgiving.. and no one right now who I feel like I could invite myself over to join.. it's normally one of my favorite holidays.. and this year it looks like I'll be working over time to make up the hours I missed.. and eating swiss chalet in the cafeteria at work..
I'm scheduled for the next 40 hours solid.. with about 7 hours put aside for sleep.. nothing like not giving yourself time to think.. I have to make the kids lunch.. do some housework.. babysit Riley all afternoon.. go to the school for 2:54 (gotta love THAT dismissal time) get Riley on the bus and pick up Drew and Celina walk back home.. (Celina WILL NOT ride a bike.. so we are walking.. blah.. at least they have a ride in the morning now :) ) do homework with the kids until 5:30 and then maybe I have to make dinner.. maybe Matt will be home soon enough to do it.. then I gotta shower and get ready for work.. and go to work til 12 then come home pass out and wake up at 7:30 am and do it all over again tomorrow.. maybe thursday I can get a nap in... I'm planning on doing some extra hours each night this week.. going in to work 7-11 wed-fri which should make up for the time I took off last week... almost.. not that I want to go in.. at all.. the place is so understaffed right now.. the red light never goes away.. there is no break between calls.. and the stupid way they have us dispositioning our calls has made my handle time go so high that I'm losing out on $1 an hour that I was getting before..
Sunday we had planned on having Matt's aunt over for dinner.. but she called up and was feeling sick.. and we already had the roast in the oven.. so we invited over our friends instead.. which went well enough.. how could it not.. there's nothing quite like roast beef and horseradish.. mmmmm.. . I figured out now something I love about the colder weather... sunday roasts!! mmmm... I wonder where the leftovers ended up??? probably frozen.. I should dig em out for lunch..mmmm...
Yesterday I was so worn out.. I slept all afternoon.. and then when dinner time came around.. I really was too tired to cook yet.. and I finally got paid for watching Riley.. so I ordered chinese food.. and let me say.. that is the best chinese food I have EVER had!!! we got it from the COZY over on lake street... and if you're in town here.. you really should try their cantonese chow mein... and egg rolls.. and wonton soup.. OMG they are fabulous.. I just finished having the rest of the chow mein for lunch.. I think Matt made off with the rice... silly man.. doesn't he know how much I love cold chinese food rice???? oh well...
I am quite stressed about the lack of job stability where we are now... our jobs are always subject to "corrective action up to and including termination" which means if you keep screwing up on the same stupid little thing.. you get fired.. even if you are a model employee otherwise.. So I'm playing out in my head what the heck we'd do if either one of us lost a job... and quite frankly.. I don't know how good Matt would be at babysitting... if I had to go to work full time.. and I'm not so sure I'd wanna go back to the gas station.. if I lost my job...
The ebay sales are going ok.. I've had 2 non paying bidders so far.. which is kinda sad really.. I had already put the postage on the box.. and 3 weeks later.. no payment.. relist.. relist.. relist again.. blah.. The one dress I relisted ended up going for 3$ more than it did the first time.. so that worked out well.. the doll I just relisted.. not sure how that's gonna do.. since I forgot the main rule.. have it end on friday night... oh well.. as long as I get my money back for the postage that's already on the box.. I don't care.. I've decided not to use my credit card anymore for my cabbies.. if I want something I have to have a balance in my paypal account... which means I gotta sell stuff if I want stuff.. seems to be a safer way to go about collecting..
I'm not sure if I mentioned that I finally got my first softie.. (soft sculpture cabbage patch kid by Xavier Roberts.. with his REAL signiture on her butt) and I"m quite happy with her.. but it's also kinda sobering.. and also.. gives me lots of ideas of where I've got to improve the dolls I make.. shorter arms.. shorter legs.. smaller heads.. and I REALLY gotta work on my sculpting.. ALOT...
I've got a friend wanting to buy one of my dolls I made.. but the catch is I have to mail her from the states.. and since my car busted.. I have no way any time soon to get over there.. which is totally frustrating.. I may just ask her what price she thinks is fair with shipping included.. and go with that.. What I think is really weird.. is the ones I make.. really seem to fit kids clothes a lot BETTER than the originals... my Rachel.. she's so fat.. that she has to wear a bigger size than actually fits... so her shorts are way long.. I'm thinking I need to make her a dress... but give me time.. I need sleep first...
I'm also supposed to get in gear and make my CPK's a halloween costume for the sewing club.. and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do for that... I may try out the lion costume... that might be fun.. though I have no idea how I'm going to get fabric and whatnot when I've had a week off of work.. blah.. I gotta go make the kids lunch now..
So as you can see... I"m busy.. busy busy busy.... but Matty wants me to update my blog so he can know what's going on in my life... so honey.. this one's for you :) love ya.