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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well.. it's been another week in paradise...

I fully appreciate how much I love the chaos that is my life... Matt and the kids went up to the cottage for the weekend last weekend... and the silence around here was deafening.. I really am way too used to the constant roar of life happenning around me.. I think the entire weekend I just felt like crying I was so lonely for them.. On the other hand.. it's amazing how clean the house stays when it's just me here.. and how much sewing I can get done.
I finally made my first quilt.. it was tiny.. but looks quite nice in my doll bed. I won some quilt squares off of ebay and thought they would make a much bigger quilt.. but for some reason 40 4" squares make a tiny little doll quilt.. oh well.. now I know..
What I want to do eventually is make new quilts for my bed and the kids beds.. it's probably better if I practice on doll quilts for a bit yet though... because quite frankly.. I suck..
It's been a good week... Matt's been in training in the evenings.. so he's gotten up with the kids and gotten them ready to go and let me sleep in.. Kinda bad though cause I haven't gotten to see much of Matt for almost 2 weeks now.. and I'm missing the guy.. Friday came around and Dave and his girlfriend came by and reminded me that their baby shower was sunday.. and I was all excited that Matt and I could hang out for a bit that night.. I waited up for him to get off work.. he came home late.. and then went out again til 4am... of course I waited up... and we stayed up til 6 am talking.. so that was cool.. but I slept way late saturday and didn't get to do much other than get ready for work..
So I got home from work saturday.. realize that I've got no cash and no gift for the shower Sunday.. ACK.. so guess what I made.. I stayed up til 4 am and made a little quilt for the baby for in the buggy and car seat. I definitely need more practice.. but at least it was cute..
I only went into the school for 1 day this week.. there was a substitute teacher in.. I definitely did not like this one.. and she scared the heck out of the kids.. Made them put their hands up before talking and stuff.. (which they have never heard of.. much less ever been made to do) She nearly had half of the class in tears.. I think I may mention to the school that I don't really think she's an appropriate replacement for JK teacher... Maybe they'll get someone different next time..
I'm anxiously awaiting the next PTA meeting.. it occurs to me that they've put all this thought into putting a sidewalk across the front of the school... but there's no playground equipment for the JK kids.. and that just seems wrong to me.. I think I'll be bringing that up..
I've finally sent off my first Sheri's Baby to a new mommy.. (the dolls I make) God I hope she's happy with her... I hate to disappoint.. I'm a little worried about how good I'm getting with them.. cause the last one is a LITTLE too close to XR originals..

you can see here the progress I've made..
This is Baby Becky.. my most recent Baby.. the girl at the top is Kayla.. one of my earlier Babies..

and this is Abby.. who was in between... now all I have to do is get more fabric.. and modify my pattern a bit to make a slightly different body.. and I'm in business. I've seen a few dolls that online friends of mine have put together.. and I'm getting excited.. cause I know I can do this.. my dolls are getting really really good.. and I'm for once totally proud of something I've done..

anyways.. I'm still keeping the day job.. or night job as it were... which has been interesting.. last night pay per view crashed and every person in arizona who was trying to order pay per view was calling in to tell us it wasn't working.. to which I had the joy of responding.. it's not working.. and they're working on it.. which was all the answers I had... so after 2 hours of constant calls.. I ended up with one guy who was a blast to talk about.. and he caught on to my canadian accent... and we got talking about differences between ontario and arizona.. apparently in AZ you can go golfing in a t shirt and shorts and drive 3 hours and go skiing.. I gotta admit.. that's cool.. In ON we have the topless law.. which means that if you go to the right night club.. you just might see girls dancing without their shirts... or if you hike in the right spot... same thing... so he asks.. why would you wanna take off your shirt if you're hiking... to which I replied.. well if you're wearing two layers..(bra and shirt) you could be hot... and on the conversation went.... well about 4 minutes later my one manager walks over.. tells me to wrap it up.. and says "I don't even WANNA KNOW what the heck THAT was about.. " he had been listening in to my conversation... EEK and had heard the bra remark.. that's where he had started listening.. and he had totally missed the rest of the conversation that made it relevant... I bet you can imagine the pretty shade of red my face turned..

Anyhoo.. I'm off for now.. Me and Matty are ordering a pay per view tonight... gonna watch SAHARA... which we both saw in theater already.. but it's worth watching again..


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