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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This year's garden... my seeds.. :)


Sweet Genovese - pretty normal sweet basil.. need it for spaghetti sauce

Bean - Bush

Blue Lake - supposed to be pretty durned tasty.. gonna have these growing with my corn and squash! Three sisters unite!

Bean - Pole

kentucky wonder - these are also gonna hang out with my other plot of corn and squash.. I'm going to need two "three sisters" plots to keep my squashes and beans separate so that I can save seeds next year!

Beet - a few neat varieties, and a few normal ones :)

albino - pickled beets for the bitty girl.. without the mess!

Beet Yellow

Chiogga - you should click this.. they're cool


Detroit Dark Red

Carrot - you should look at all of these.. they're all pretty neat.. I love cool carrots!

Creme Delight


Little Fingers Carrot

Purple Haze

Rainbow Hybrid

Scarlet Nantes - I really thought these should be red.. but they aren't

Corn - ya that's right.. I grow my own popcorn.. it's tasty

Strawberry Popcorn - seriously filling, extra tasty, cute, yummy popcorn!

Cucumber - salads and pickles oh my!

Burpless Hybrid

double yield

Green Dragon



Dill - need it for pickles ya know!


Green Salad Bowl

Mesclun Salad Fresh Cutting Mix

royal red


cantaloupe - minnesota midget - maybe these tiny melons will actually grow here.. if not I am giving up on melons.

Onion - most of this will end up in salsa and spaghetti sauce.. mmmmm

leek - American Flag

White bunching

white southport globe


hollowcrown improved

Peas - cuz who doesn't like peas?

Asparagus Pea - these are apparently really versatile and taste much like asparagus. yum!


Oregan Sugar Pod II

Sugar Snap

Pepper - Sweet -nope.. no normal peppers this year..

Purple Beauty

White cloud

Radish - we always go through a ton of these!

Cherry Belle

gourmet mix - this one is cool, you should click it..

saxa II

White Icicle - these look cool too


Basic Rosemary - can't make rosemary apple cider jelly without it!

Spinach - I end up canning a lot of this.. I love my pressure canner!

Bloomsdale - normal.. just had seeds.. may as well plant them...

Swiss Chard - five color silverbeet - you want to click this

swiss chard - neon lights
- also darned cool

swiss chard - ford hook giant - it's seriously big

Squash - Winter - I have ruined myself for grocery store squash.. I have been longing for a decent squash since thanksgiving.. I can't wait for next fall!

Delicata - Sweet Potato Variety - if you ever see these.. buy them.. they are the BEST squash

honey bear - seriously tasty, conveniently single serving sized!

Tomato - lots of them... salsa and spaghetti sauce and ketchup!!! woot!

Brandywine sudduth strain - this one gets great reviews.. this will be my first year growing it.

rainbow blend - just cuz I like the colours.. I'm sure they'll taste awesome.. I've had a few of those varieties before.

cherokee purple - we grew these last year, and they were seriously tasty!

Ground Cherries - this is a new one this year, they're tasty but I have no idea what I'm doing with them.

Strawberries - these end up as jam mostly

There are also a few random herbs I want to get..
oregano, pineapple sage, chives, thyme, etc..