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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I can see clearly now the rain is gone!!!!

Ok.. I'm full of shit.. it's still raining! But things are GOOD!!!

After all my disappointment with valentines.. Matty really pulled through!.. Last night he came home from work and set us up with an in home date!.. he set the kids up in the basement with Herbie the love bug.. and Kraft Dinner.. and Set us up with a candlelit steak dinner and 3 romantic movies!!! What a great night! I really had a good time and I have to say it's the best valentines since we got together! period! hands down!


Today my T4's came in to do my taxes.. and this is cool.. I spent the first 2 hours going through trying to figure out what the hell I was doing.. the government in it's major intelligence sent out our tax packages.. and then a week later send out a new revised version of half of the forms.. So I was going back and forth trying to figure out which ones to fill out.. THOUGHT I was done.. but couldn't figure out why it hadn't given me anywhere to claim that I have kids or pay rent.. and why my tax returns were sucking so bad..So Angela sent me a link to use to try and file them on a program on the web.. which was great except that I couldn't find the right form in it either.. so just when I was feeling really bummed out I called in and asked what happenned to the form with that stuff.. and turned out I had totally missed the ontario tax credits form... (which totally explained the low returns) and my tax return went up by about 800$ which will be a nice chunk to put towards the loan.. or the visa.. YAY so we'll be about 1100$ closer to freedom in the next 2 months.. !!! (that's like. 22 loan payments WITHOUT the interest taken into account.. so free over 2 years sooner!!)
and then! I did the yearly circling of paydays on the calendar.. helps me budget 3 paycheck months and such.. only to realize that we have 3 of them this year! one is next month.. which will go towards fixing my car.. (finally) and some to the debt.. and then.. 1 in september (YAY for back to school) and one in december (it's gonna be a GOOD christmas).
I've run out of dolls I'm willing to sell.. and I've decided NOT to buy a new softie.. I still wanna get a brown haired brown eyed one.. but I think I'll stick with an early 90's kid instead.. in time.
I've got Thomas over visiting today.. Figured out that the little guy likes salad.. lol.. who woulda guessed? He liked the grated apple too.. but liked the salad better.. and didn't like my peach sauce AT ALL.. lol.. s'ok.. I know it's better on ice cream anyways.. (god I miss ice cream)
I'm still playing plushie tycoon on neopets.. haven't gone broke yet.. which I guess is not bad for my first week playing.. what a bloody complicated and time consuming game though.. and I'm up to 5 pieces of the secret laboratory map.. only 4 more to go.. this could take a LONG time though..
anyways.. it's time to get off of this silly computer for a little bit.. gonna go hang out with my kids for a bit.. I hope your day is going as well as mine it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm just burnin doing the neutron dance!

Well.. I guess it's about time I updated here.. It's been a few weeks.. but honestly.. not much has happenned.. I've been selling off a lot of my dolls and the clothes I make for them to try and save up for a new softie.. ended up deciding against a new softie as I don't want to make the ones I have less special.. I think I will just work on my soft sculpting a bit more and see what I can come up with.. I've been really improving with it.. figured out a few more things.. like really pulling the stitches a lot tighter than I was before.. and putting a stitch between the eyes to form the bridge of the nose before making the eyes and mouth.. my noses have gotten a lot better too.. so I'm pretty excited about that..
I managed to adopt out a couple softies this month... so that's nice that I'll have a bit of grocery money.. I don't understand what's been happenning lately but we are freaking broke. I don't know if all the bills just went up without me noticing or what.. but we seem to have a lot less cash than we did this time last year.. Matt is supposed to get a raise with his new position.. but so far they haven't gotten around to giving him the paperwork that makes the raise happen.. so he's doing a shittier job.. and getting no extra pay for it.. they had better backdate the raise.. or I'll be really upset. On the upside.. if they ARE going to backdate it.. the longer they wait the better.. it really would be nice to have a solid 500$ or so to throw onto the loan.. or my visa.. one or the other..
So I had a few bucks saved up for my softie.. I got up to 90$ .. and decided against it.. so I've been shopping for deals.. and stocked up on softie fabric.. I think with the amount of fabric I've bought I should be able to make a few dream kids.. without spending what I'd have spent to get them new.. and hey.. maybe someone will want to adopt them and then it's grocery money. So it's not bad at all.. Baby Becky was adopted this week.. and I have to say.. I will miss that one.. she was so cute.. but I really do need the cash rather badly.. so I couldn't turn down the interest.. will have to try that one again.. but I doubt I'll come up with another that looks quite like her as I am doing my sculpting quite differently now.. the kids have cheeks now..
I went to the flea market last weekend.. briefly.. wasn't much point in it really since I only had a dollar.. just went to see what they have really.. on the upside.. there wasn't much there.. a couple cpk's.. both with their hair cut out in chunks.. and the lady was "giving them away for $5" because "they don't make the soft bodied ones anymore"... uh huh.. .ya.. ummm... yes.. they do... and you can keep your ratty dolls.. eww... even if it was the hm4 redhead I have been looking for.. cause I don't want it bad enough to buy it with faded ratty hair and peices of the hair cut off at the roots... (even if it would be a fun reroot project..but we all know I suck at THAT)..
My mom called and said the puppy is getting fixed on the 8th.. and she'll bring him back the weekend after that.. hopefully this will fix the problem of him peeing on everything.. I really don't wanna deal with that..
It's valentines day.. yay.. that means I get to go to work. as usual.. just once I'd like to have a romatic suprise.. (I guess having the money for Matt to plan that would help) But it woulda been really nice to have been suprised with a nice dinner out somewhere that needed reservations and a new dress for me.. oh.. and chocolate.. chocolate is always good.. on the upside I did get a little box of smarties from Jeffrey.. so that makes things a bit better.. mmmm..smarties.. drool... actually.. I'm pretty touched that someone thought of me at all. So Jeff.. if you're reading this.. Thank you.. ((hugs)) you're a great friend and I love you.
On the upside.. I've finally got all my laundry caught up (Thanks Jeff) and the sheets are even done!! My kitchen is clean.. my bedroom is tidy.. the rec room is tidy.. I still have to do the floors and bathrooms.. and clean the office and kids room.. but things are no longer at the point that I'd be embarrassed if someone stopped by.. So I'm feeling pretty good about that.. I've been dancing around cleaning all morning.. I found the 80's channel on the satellite. :) WOOHOO I'm just burning doing the neutron dance!!
I'm working on figuring out Plushie Tycoon on neopets... so far so good.. but give it time.. we'll see how badly it goes.. that game is so bloody complicated. and I found a webpage with links to about 75 hidden games.. so I can get more NP.. and hopefully get all the peices to the secret lab map.. so I can start blasting my pet's.. and petpet's.. I've got the 4 cheap peices now.. so that leave the 5 expensive ones.. should only take me.. about 65000 np each.. average.. blah.. this is gonna take a while.. maybeI could win the neopian lottery or something.. I think in the process though I'll work on my gamer avatar.. That one is SO ME..
anyways.. it's time for me to go get joey from school.. Valentines party today.. Maybe if I show up early there'll be food..