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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Well.. it's been a good day..

First off.. I felt baby move for the first time.. now I am afraid.. really afraid.. the kid seemed to be throwing a dance party in there.. I don't recall ANY of my kids being this active.. lol,, I'm looking forward to having a hell of a time getting to sleep when this baby gets a bit stronger.... :) at least now I know for sure it's there..

secondly.. doing the countdown... 178 days left... which means.. roughly 12 paychecks left til baby.. omg... anyhoo.. if anyone wants to help out with getting us ready.... we registered under mine and matt's name at sears. I'm thinking buying there is a smart plan.. seeing as they have the waiting game club.. where if you guess the baby's birthday.. you get all the purchases made off of your registry back in gift certificates.. and since I've had ALL of my kids on the 26th of their months.. I'm placing bets on dec 26 for the peach to be born.. (it's the size of a peach this week, So if my hunch is right.. I will get back all the money I've dished out so far.. lol

and thirdly.. people in arizona really can be stupid..
I had a customer call in today.. complaining about her cable bill.. it was too high.. so she mentioned she was thinking of disconnecting it.. but then she is like.. oh.. wait.. last time when I didn't have that wire hooked up.. I didn't get in any channels.. if I disconnect the cable.. will I get any channels? and I was like.. no.... "not even the networks?" no.. that's pretty much what you're paying for when you get cable.. the channels.. you MIGHT get 4 channels with an antenna .. if you're lucky.. "oh.. I didn't realize that.. guess I won't turn it off then"
Like WTF did she THINK cable is????? just paying for the priviledge of having a wire hanging out of her tv?? did she think it was just some device that keeps aliens from seeing what you're watching?? omg.. these people just get dumber and dumber.. on the upside.. I got another 100% in quality again today! So yes.. I do kick ass.. and I am good at my job.. and that asshole who told me the other day that I must be stupid cuz I can't delete the c* website from my desk... grrr..
this guy called in.. and wanted me to go into his account on the website.. and delete his checking account info.. so I told him that all support for the website is on the webchat.. on the website.. he replied.. "it doesn't work. Xfer me to someone who can talk to me about this" to which I replied.. all the support for the website.. is in the webchat.. on the website.. basically.. this guy yelled at me for 20 minutes.. because I don't support the website.. and since I don't support it.. I should delete it.. and I must not work for c*x cuz I can't delete the website.. and that the website must be run and programmed by computers... and I should connect him to the webmaster.. to which I reply again.. "all the support for the website is in the webchat on the website.. those are live people we do NOT have anyone on the phones trained to support the website" also I mentioned to him that since he was only doing one time payments.. possibly he should consider just not selecting the erroneous bank account info on future payments and just enter the correct info.. well.. after about twenty minutes of yelling at me that I should delete the website ( dunno how he thinks I can do that when I've already told him I can't even access it from my desk) he tells me I'm stupid and he wants to talk to my manager.. at which point.. I connect him to the spanish queue.. bastard... get a clue.
or the guy who called in about the calls he made to china.. at the extraordinarily high international rates.. bcz he had never added an international calling plan to his phone.. who kept bitching and bitching.. if he had left me alone after 3 minutes.. I probably woulda bent over backwards to make sure he had a chance of getting credit.. as it was.. he kept bitching for 45 minutes.. the whole time giving me more reason.. and more things he said.. for him not to get the credit.. and me getting pissed enough to make sure I noted all the things he said that would ensure he wouldn't get the calls rerated..

anyhoo.. just a message to anyone in az.. if you call in about your bill.. go easy on me.. cuz I'm pregnant and bitchy.. and I'm not putting up with a whole lot lately.. and you might just find yourself talking to some spanish guy. but if you're nice to me.. I'll do everything I can do to help you.. call in.. state your problem.. let me help you.. and once I've said I've made an effort to help you.. get off of my F*CKING phone.. then.. if you call back later.. and the poor sob who picks up says the credit was denied.. THEN bitch.. but not until you've asked for a manager.. and don't bitch at me.. I'm powerless... all I can do is make the odds of you getting anything go down...


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