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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

bad kitty.. bad bad kitty.. grrr.. stupid dog.

Well.. another wonderful day has begun.. yet again... way too early.. I don't know if it's the time shift or the animals that are killing me..

Work has been fun.. for some reason the people in arizona are rabid this week.. not sure if the heat is getting to them or what.. but they're grouchy... and for some reason.. they seem to hate me.. I'm not sure WHY they're so pissy.. I'm pretty sure it's not MY fault.. they're pretty sure it IS....

At least last night we had a little relief... because of the time change.. and the people in phoenix not being so smart.. they shut down our queue at 11pm.. instead of 12 when they were supposed to.. (they forgot that we changed time zones I guess) so we had a nice 40 minute break from calls before they figured out how to turn it back on again.. the other upside to work yesterday was the security guy telling us to raid the managers kitchen on the way out... mmm CAKE!!!

I've decided to start sewing baby things instead of doll outfits for now.. seems more practical.. if I'm going to sew little clothes anyways.. may as well make them multiuse.. so for now my softies can wear them.. and later on.. the baby that we're still working on...

The trying for a baby is kinda weird.. like.. so much pressure.. for the first time in my life I have performance anxiety.. I've never had such a hard time just relaxing and enjoying it.. hopefully we'll get a positive test at the end of the month and it can go back to being just for fun..

My pets are trying to make sure that I never get enough sleep again... I got to bed late last night.. of course.. because I worked late.. and came home.. checked my email.. went to bed.. 1am.. ish.. just start dozing off.. prrrrr.. mew.. mew? oh no ya don't... PUSS bad kitty! you may NOT keep your babies in my PRAM! NO NO NO.. here.. how about this nice blanket on the floor?...snuggle back into my bed... prrrr.. mew.. rustle rustle.. PUSS bad kitty! NO BABIES IN THE PRAM! here.. how about this closet?? it's nice and enclosed.. close door.. lock kitty out.. snuggle back into my bed.. scratch scratch.. meow.. mew? no puss.. go away.. grrr.. stupid cat.. snuggle back into my bed... snore.... crunch crunch.... crunch? NO JACK JACK! BAD DOG! that is NOT a chew toy! .. snuggle back into my bed.. crunch.. crunch... grr.. STUPID DOG! GIMME THAT! @#%*$#^%$ snuggle back into my bed.. click click click... jeez I really gotta cut that dogs nails or get carpet in here.. click.. and in this mornings news.. AARRGGGHHHH STUPID ALARM CLOCK!! DIE DIE!!

Anyways.. that's how my nights have been lately.. except most nights the dog is coughing too... all night.. and yes I mean ALL NIGHT.. and let me tell you.. he HATES cough syrup.. and he can clench his teeth pretty tight on your fingers when you try to hold his mouth open to put some in there... owie.. my poor finger..

So back to the topic of the baby clothes.. cause I'm having way too much fun with this.. now.. if I knew for certain WHAT I was having.. (boy or girl) I would go with normal baby clothes.. but I don't.. soooo.. of course.. I'm going weird. I made a really really really bright yellow.. (pumpkin?) bunting bag.. hat.. booties.. and bib.. really bright... I have a really cool striped fabric too.. that will make a cool sleeper... also going to make eggplant.. and really really almost fluorescent green.. and then.. I got all this white.. like.. 3 yards.. (white is boring) .. so I'm at work last night.. and I look at my shirt.. (it's kinda a blotchy pink) and I come to an epiphany.. TIE DYE!!! that's right.. I'm gonna make TIE DYE baby sleepers.. WHY? because I can.. lol... and you ask.. doesn't this crazy lady have anything better to do with her time... no not really.. my life is boring.. lol

I think I need more coffee..


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