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Thursday, April 13, 2006

ways to stretch a dollar..

someone asked this in one of my clubs.. if i knew any ways to save $$ here was my response.

Shop for kids on boxing day.. buy big sizes... this saves me a bundle on my kids winter clothes.. I get everything 75% off on boxing week.. (at zellers.. in canada)

Never be scared to check the clearance rack/section.. you never know what you're going to find..I got GAP shirts for my kids brand new for 2.99 each because they had found them in the back room.. old navy sometimes has good clearance too..

Stock up on the weekly meat special.. I get pork tenderloin for 1.99CA a pound.. and pork chops.. and steak.. and chicken breasts.. and just buy up a pile of what's on sale.. that way my freezer is always full of yummy meat.

call up your credit card company and ask them for a lower rate.. odds are.. they have one.

Always ask for a discount on big purchases like appliances.. you will probably get one.

use layaway instead of credit whenever possible.

check online for recipes for fast food.. then when you get the craving.. you can just make up a big mac at home.. (hubby does this a lot..he used to work at mcdonalds..) My kids love daddy's mcdonalds cheeseburgers! If you MUST have a teen burger. get just that.. and get your drink.. like a big gulp at 7-11 trust me.. you can share a big gulp with 4 people.. and it costs less than a small drink at A&W difference.. two kids meals two teen burgers.. 17$ two kids burgers.. two teens.. 8$ spend 1.50$ on a pop at the store.. total.. 9.50 that's worth my 8$ to stop by the store for the drink.

QUIT SMOKING! Those things are expensive.. wow..

If you're a person who likes to go out to the bar.. or the mall.. take your budgeted money with you in cash.. leave your bank card and credit card home.. trust me.. you'll be glad you did in the morning.

when gas prices go above what you like to pay for gas.. ride a bike. I do.. but then again.. I"m cheap and refuse to pay over a buck a liter for gas. Just on principal.. plus.. I've never put much stock in those gas out days where no one buys gas.. letcha know.. if you're driving that day.. you're gonna buy the gas.. but.. if you stop driving altogether.. THEN you send them the message.. plus you get exercise.. win win

don't get a rabbit.. those little suckers are EXPENSIVE to feed.. grrr.. spoiled Freddy bunny..stick with cats.. they pretty much feed themselves in least ours does.. then again.. he has about 4 neighbours conned into feeding him..

don't be scared to use second hand stuff.. you'll probably get bored of it before you use it all up anyways.. the people who had it before you did.. especially baby stuff.. seriously.. they use it for such a short period of time.. My kids used their exersaucer for about 3 months.. 100$ plus.. for 3 months.. just not worth it. I'll use a second hand.. it's probably been barely used too..

have a garden.. home grown veggies taste way better.. and save a LOT of money in the warm months.. plus.. you can make your own salsa if you get too many tomatoes.. and homemade salsa is YUMMY

buy your food local.. why pay for food that's driven across the country.? Plus .. local food tastes better and has higher vitamin content.

don't surf ebay.. ever.. it's dangerous.. and addictive.. and WAY too easy to spend money at...

remove your credit card from your paypal fact.. call the credit card company and disable that stupid card altogether.. only buy stuff if you have cash.. VISA hangover is a b*tch

If you have extra cash.. throw it towards a loan or a credit card.. you will save $$ on interest.. you will appreciate it down the road.

Feel free to pay your bills a month in advance.. you will save late fees.. and that way if you have a tight month.. you can use that as a backup..

put plastic on your windows.. and use draft stop in winter..not only will it save you money.. but your house will feel cozier too.. check to see if your landlord will reimburse you for this.. mine will...

CHANGE your furnace filter.. saves on the cost or furnace repairs.. and also lowers your heating cost by making your furnace not have to work so hard..

replace the weather stripping around your doors.

turn your thermostat down when you're out for the day. and down a bit at night too.. you'll be under blankets.. you won't notice..

only turn on the AC on REALLY hot days.. get used to the heat.. the more time you spend hot.. the less you notice it.

do surveys.. they usually get you really good coupons and samples..

Use no name detergent for your clothes unless they're really really dirty.. then use tide to get em really clean.. I would say I use name brand detergent 1/4 of the time.. just to get out the worst stains.. and no name the rest...

dont be scared to tell your kids they can't have something.. honest.. they WILL live without that barbie.. or hotwheel.In fact.. leave them AND hubby home when you shop..

make your own softies.. or toys.. or clothes..

rent movies instead of seeing them in theater.. or better yet.. borrow them from friends. Just make sure you return em.. (added bonus here.. you get to watch the special features)

NEVER buy games/ technology when it's new.. wait a few months.. I guarantee it will come down in price.. sometimes by half of the price.. same with books.. wait for it to come out in paperback..

if you rent.. check into co-op housing.. I save probably 400$ a month in rent.. just because I live in a non profit house.. rather than a regular one.. and that's not subsidized even..My house rented by a regular landlord would be priced at minimum 350$ more..

when you buy new appliances.. always check how energy efficient they are.. a little extra up front will probably pay for itself before long..

if you get a late fee on a bill.. call up and ask for a credit for it.. they probably will..

If you're strapped.. threaten to disconnect because it's too expensive.. ask for their disconnect department.. the company I work for gives 25% off for 3 months if you do that..

if you have babies.. cloth diapers.. :) breastfeed.. saves thousands$$$$ plus better for the environment..

Try eating a meat free meal at least one dinner a week. Try something vegetarian. Meat is expensive and there's so many yummy things out there you've probably never tried..

feel free to charge for your talents... My hubby now charges by the hour for fixing peoples' computers.. which he used to do free... like.. as a favor.. "sure.. I"ll give you my friends and family rate" I made 10$ hemming my neighbours pants...and bartered for fabric for doing some sewing for someone..and sell the dolls I like making.. (where was I gonna keep them all anyways?)

see if your ISP will give you a discount for signing a year contract.. I get 10$ a month off that way..

you know those people that sell star choice satellite for 34.99$ a month.. but only at the flea market...go up to them and GET IT.. there's no strings attached.. they rock.. and after working for a cable company.. I think they are the best thing since sliced bread. same as if someone offers you a deal at your door for cable.. usually wandering sales reps have much better offers than you can get calling a place..

there's my tips for the day.. enjoy :) hope you can use em.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger sherilaugh said...

another good way to save money.. chipped in by my good friend Arama.. is to do your laundry with a cold water wash.. unless it's REALLY dirty. Which for me means.. only use warm water wash in summer.. lol.. Also I vent my dryer inside during the winter.. so that all that nice moist (read no nosebleeds here please) heat stays IN my house.. instead of blowing it out and sucking in all the cold air to replace it. Likewise.. in summer it's good to hang your clothes outside if you can.


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