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Thursday, April 27, 2006

so.. today.. 243 days left to go... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO TAKE SOOOOO LONG????? (only 242 days left til christmas)
I don't think I've EVER been this excited about a baby.. maybe it has to do with not being totally nauseous this time around.. I can never take prenatal vitamins.. they make me puke.. so I went hunting for a vitamin that has folic acid, iron and the B vitamins. (they help get rid of morning sickness) and WOW I got one that fits the bill.. and let me tell you.. they work better than the prescription meds for getting rid of morning sickness.. I feel GREAT! except that I am totally tired.. I slept most of today.. woke up to pick up Drew from school.. went to the mall to get cat food. and now all I want to do is go back to bed.. and I have to go to work in 2 hours.. :S
So we were at Matt's uncle's for easter dinner.. and his cousin asked how many kids we're planning on having altogether.. and Matty says.. FOUR?!?!?! I was like.. uh.. hunny.. do ya think maybe you coulda mentioned this to me before telling everyone else?? So I guess I'd better get good quality stuff for this one.. seeing as it will have to last through two kids. We've decided to have the next one when this one is two. hopefully in february or march.
Joey's birthday party is this weekend.. we're doing a teddy bear picnic.. I think there's about 25 kids coming.. not sure how many adults.. on the upside.. at least 8 of them will leave after 2 hours.. so it should only minorly trash my house.. hopefully this time we don't lose any screen doors.. I took Joey out yesterday and spoiled him a bit.. we spent 3 hours at mcdonalds.. playing in the kid habitrail.. I read half a novel.. and then we went to get joey his first bank account.. he's big now!! So from now on when he gets money for christmas or birthday or whatever.. he can put it in his bank towards college or his wedding or his house when he's older. Though.. knowing 19 year olds.. he'll probably piss it away just like the rest of us did. I will be opening one for Andrew on his birthday this year too.
Our little kittens got majorly sick the other day.. they were vomiting and diarrhea all over the place for about 24 hours.. I think the momma got into something bad.. I changed her food and they all cleared up by the next day.. let me tell you this though.. kitten do NOT like pepto bismol. the one looked so upset.. like I had scarred her emotionally by giving it to her. I think she's over it now though.
Anyways.. I have some sewing I need to get done.. if you could pray for wonderful weather for joey on sunday.. I think we could use it.. that and for my house to magically clean itself...


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