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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

omg. cool. this is the most awsome playhouse ever!

Check this out! The kids and I went to toys r us today (looking at baby stuff) and decided to check out the play houses.. this thing is freaking cool.. I want it.. a lot.. but.. how do you justify 350$ for something like this??? anyhoo.. check it out.. there's a gas pump, bank machine, market, sports, garage, school house.. inside there's a chalkboard and a SAFE! you put the money in the safe.. it comes out the bank machine! this is so cool!!! and inside is.. one wall school.. one wall mechanics shop.. one wall store and safe.. it's like.. wow.. the first playhouse I've ever seen designed just for boys... Where was this 5 years ago when my kids were small enough for it??? Seriously.. the roof is the same height as Drew's head.. lol.would still fit Joey though..

I was checking out different idea's for the kids room.. I wanna redecorate the bedrooms.. paint.. decorate.. etc..saw these shelves/bins.. thought.. now THOSE would be cool! Don't ya think?? One bin for trains.. one for track.. one for duplos.. one for cars.. crayons.. etc.. that may just end up on my list of things to get...

I asked Joey what he wants for his birthday.. this kid is not much help.. I'd like to get him a nice big gift.. what he asked for.. "Trevors dad.. only in wood."Which means.. Fergus.. only.. in wood.. like.. how do I justify this?? the kid already has the cast one.. grrr.. Why couldn't he ask for the fire engines??

So a while back I posted to freecycle to see what baby stuff I could get.. a penny saved is a penny earned and all.. and the only person to reply in all of st.catharines.. just happenned to be my friend from work's girlfried.. she didn't realize it was my until days later when her boyfriend pointed out "HEY that's SHERI!" so I went to pick up some stuff from them.. and WOW.. what a lot of nice stuff.. I no longer need bottles, girl clothes under size 6 months.. or an infant car seat.. got my first pair of baby socks too.. I forgot just how cute those are.. lol.

So I went to TRU today to look at baby stuff.. and realize that there probably isn't all that much that I'm going to have to buy.. Matty has agreed that I can splurge on a stroller.. so I'm getting a used perego.. one of the ones with a basinette and all.. I found one for 180$ at the second hand store in minty condition.. so that's what I want.. hopefully they'll have one when I have cash.. this month is tight with joey's birthday and easter.. and My new hours at work won't show up on my pay until the end of the month.. I could probably get my buggy then or with baby bonus though.. hmm I wonder if they take layaway??.. hmm.. I should check.. He's also given me free reign with the playpen.. though i might go with a crib instead.. and just use the playpen that I've been offered..

I've got all these idea's for the baby's room.. I was looking around chapters yesterday and saw these.. I was thinking of getting these cards.. and painting the walls green like the grass on the bottom half.. and yellow like the ground on the top half.. sponged.. for texture.. and then putting the animal cards all over the room for pictures.. and then making bedding in the green..with a bedskirt in the yellow.. and yellow curtains too.. That's this weeks idea.. we'll see where it goes.. I get lots of ideas.. it's the time and energy to carry through with them that gets to me..

Oh.. thought I'd tell you about Joey's littlest pet... Worman.. we were out digging in the garden the other day.. and he found a worm.. he played with it for about an hour... until I made him let it go.. named it Worman.. it's his favorite pet.. so the next day.. in the garden.. we found another worm.. that looks exactly the same.. so I said.. OH LOOK I found Worman!! and he played with him "again" lol.. so this afternoon we're inside watching cartoons because of the rain.. and he's telling me how he thinks he saw one of Worman's brothers outside today.. lol.. anyways.. will keep you posted on Worman.

Got a sad letter when I picked up Drew.. apparently one of the little girls who was in his class last year died in a car accident.. very sad.. not sure anything other than that.. but still makes me remember how lucky I am to have these two healthy happy little boys.. so.. remember to hug your kids.. you never know if they'll still be there tomorrow.. heck.. never mind just your kids.. hug your family and friends too.. and let the last thing you said be I LOVE YOU.. I think we, as a society, put too much faith in people being there tomorrow, next year, forever...


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