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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

marineland, strawberry jam and crisps oh my!

Well.. I must say I'm pretty impressed with how my strawberry crop is doing this year. In the past week I have harvested enough to make a really delicious strawberry/rhubarb crisp
Rhubarb/strawberry crisp from our garden
and a few jars of strawberry/rhubarb jam
making jam
@ 50 cents a jar.. tasty!
So that is much better than the two handfuls we got last year :)

We also got our Marineland season passes in the past week. I went with Joey and Tisha a few days back but the camera died before I got any pics of them... and I went another day with just Tisha as she was quite upset about the day with the older kids as she didn't get to go on many rides.
Tisha waiting for the rollercoaster at marineland
Tisha on the ferris wheel at marineland
We managed to make a few new friends.. This is Cleo and Zena.
new friends
and our old friend Eve from last year.
our old friend Eve
She seems to remember me because every time I talked her melon would point in my direction like she was trying to listen harder. She also kept coming up to the top to see us :)


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