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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A new springtime.. time to fight the man! LOL

Well.. let's see.. what's happened recently? Well.. to start.. we now have chickens in the yard and we're working on changing the bylaw to make them legal to keep outside. The current bylaw doesn't prohibit them unless they live outside, so legally they have to sleep in the house at night.
Right now we have four hens named Angel,
and Brownie.
Photobucket Don't ask me.. the kids named them. I wanted to call them the chickens. Primarily we have them for eggs. I have no plan to eat them at any point unless that is unavoidable.
Tisha spent a good bit of time trying to figure out if they like purple or yellow better... They liked yellow
I have been working on planting the garden and getting it all prepared for the summer. So far we have all heirloom tomatoes and heirloom peppers.. our salsa this year is going to be something else! Also planted are heirloom (purple) carrots, regular carrots, beets, radishes, onions, delicata squash (they are soooo frickin yummy!), Giant pumpkins, strawberries, 3 varieties of salad greens, sugar snap peas, and last years onions are coming up as green onions that need to be eaten before they flower. Today I spent the afternoon spreading straw around as I think this year I'm going to really go hardcore into mulch gardenning, considering how much work goes into weeding I would just rather enjoy my garden and get the best crop with the least amount of work.. so two bales of straw are working their way around my plants. Possibly I should have remembered the allergic reaction I had to straw last year... my throat is really bugging me.. but I just know this is going to be worth it.. so ONWARDS!
I've made a 4 foot cube cage for the chickens to get them to mow my lawn for me. I just move them around to wherever the grass is the longest and they get it short by the end of the day.
Today was pretty exciting because, just as I expected, seeds started sprouting! A few carrots
and my beets sprouted today!
I am hoping tomorrow brings even more baby plants!
The green onions that we lost in last year's weeds have come back.. we had a few in a salad today
The heat today also ripened a few strawberries
Which miss Tisha quite enjoyed
We made the paper today with the chickens.
We're hoping for a change in the good direction for our chickens to have a legal coop. Fingers crossed that they don't hunt me down from the info in the article and make me get rid of them!
Not much more than that for today. It was a pretty good day. Back to work tomorrow.


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