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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marineland today.

Well.. today was fun. The plan was to take all three kids to Marineland, but Drew got into a pile of junk food for breakfast and ate himself too sick to go... idiot... So I ended up taking just Joey and Tisha. My friend Tina and her kids came too so it was super fun because I got to go on the rides with the older kids! I finally got to try out a few rides I haven't been on before and took Joey on a few he hasn't been on. Tisha was a bit annoyed that she had to wait for us and wasn't spending the whole day on kiddie rides... but she got to go on a few new ones as well.
We fed the fish and discovered a large snapping turtle in the pond... Joey wanted to eat it. Thanks mom.
At this point my legs are dead.. I am tired.. good night!


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