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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11

Well.. Hi there. It's been a while. So .. I'm back to school, that's good.. Still waiting for Matt to get hired on at his work instead of being just contract work... Worrying about christmas, groceries, and bills.. but what's new.. Every time I think things are bad they just get worse.. so I guess at some point they will HAVE to get better.

Tisha has two weeks left of Dance lessons.. which means the boys probably have 2 weeks left of programs too.. Sad for them.. nice for me.. I can't wait to have my monday and tuesday nights back to quiet, other than swimming lessons of course..

I'm spending a lot of time rethinking exactly what I want to go to college for when I'm done these courses... Nursing sounds cool and I'd make mad cash... BUT.. I'm not sure it's ME.... chef sounds like hellava good time.. but I'm not sure about the pay side of it... and the other really interesting option is horticulture.. BUT.. the horticulture teacher seems like a bit of an asshole.. so I'm not sure I'd want to take that course there...

I have this crazy dream of opening my own small restaurant/store/greenhouse Where I grow my own heirloom veggies and have maybe offsite... my own livestock being raised.. all organic and where you can go and see how everything is grown if you want to before you eat. Possibly a restaurant with a 100 km diet/organic/heirloom thing.. With a little store on the side for selling my canned goods/honey etc.. paid tours of the farm... Not sure how feasible that is but it sure does sound like a hell of a fun idea.. Just something organic and down to earth and that would encompass all my interests.. So maybe I should take Chef AND Horticulture.. and then just pursue that dream.. Who knows.. even if I never get there, at least I'd learn a LOT of interesting things along the way.. right?


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