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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

a new fish for Tisha

Last night I went out and took the kids to the pet store to buy a fish for our rain barrel. (It’s really a Rubbermaid bin, but don’t tell it, you might hurt it’s feelings). I had noticed mosquito larvae swimming around in my neighbours and figured that it wouldn’t be long until we had a swarm of mosquitoes to rival any swampside campground.
After a long walk we finally arrived at the pet store. We picked out two white and orange goldfish which I insisted we were not going to name as they would likely end up dead in a matter of weeks due to living in a rain barrel. Tisha promptly named them Mickey and Mickle.
Mickey and Mickle looked horror stricken when they were placed into the bag at the store. I felt really bad for them as their eyes screamed, “Oh GOD!! This tank is SMALLER than the LAST ONE!!!.”
You can imagine their further horror at being sloshed around in the bag on the long walk home, while they sat on Tisha’s lap in the stroller. We insisted that Tisha not shake them, but that did not help when Drew took over pushing and swerved her around like a race car.
Once we got home we let the little fishies out into the rain barrel. I have never seen two more thrilled fishies in my life! They excitedly dashed to and fro in the bin. Suddenly they discovered that the little swimming things in the bin were edible! Oh heavenly delight! Within half an hour they had tasted almost everything in the bin and were now resting on the bottom of the tank, bloated and looking very full.
At this point it occurred to me that if the goldfish liked the food so well, odds are that my Betta would as well. Jackie Chan (don’t look at me… I didn’t name him) enjoyed his first outing in the backyard. That’s a pretty wild experience for a siamese fighting fish who usually spends his life on my bathroom counter. I threw in a few mosquito larvae for him to eat, which he ignored. Obviously he had never had live food before, poor thing. After a few minutes, instinct kicked in and he tasted one. Then he tasted another, and another, and another. Within half an hour he had eaten at least 10! I’ve never seen him eat so much! I could read the gratitude in his expression as he swum up to the glass excitedly. I’m looking forward to taking him for another outing to the backyard today!


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