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Saturday, November 29, 2008

So today has been a pretty awesome day. This morning Alun called and told me he was on the way over with my (new to me) old sewing machine :) It's an old 1930's Singer Treddle machine.. something that's been on my wishlist for a long time... as well as a folding cutting table and also brought some really cool fabric that I may just make a slip cover for my couch with :)

After I got up and dressed and all and felt pretty happy already about the sewing machine we went to Thanksgiving dinner at Matt's uncle's house in the states. While there I got into a conversation about the canning we do.. also baking, sewing, knitting etc.. and I was asked if I use a strainer or if I do all that canning of tomatoes by hand.. (50 or 60 jars per year of tomato sauce) and I said that as much as I had wanted one of those really nice strainers they were out of my range so I'd have to stick with doing it by hand. Well as I was getting ready to leave I was presented with an old Squeezo Strainer! I have wanted one of these since the first year I started canning... could be over 15 years ago now... really.. that long.. still in the original box with the original instructions.. and still works.. yes I just HAD to try it out tonight and make Tisha some fresh pear sauce :) I am so excited to try this next august when the tomatoes get ripe.. I just KNOW it's going to make my life so much easier! Also Matt's uncle also gave me a few boxfulls of quart jars that he had in the basement! Anyone who knows me and Matt well knows that we ALWAYS need more of these and smaller as they are the ones we are always giving away and this tends to be a big expense for us in the summer.. replacing all those jars.. (one box.. 7$... 12 jars.. times about 8) So any time I am given that size is a happy time for me. Especially when I ran out so early this year.. I couldn't believe how few I had left.

Anyways.. just had to share what an awesome day I've had.. and as a post script.. if you're looking for someone to donate your quart/half liter or smaller jars to... I'm your girl.. just give me a call.


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