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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ok.. so here's an update for you.. I'm sorry it's been so long.. I'm back at work now so I haven't had much time to devote to my blog. I will work on getting more posts up in a couple of weeks when I'm working 25 hours a week again.

Ok.. so before I went back to work we found all these apples and pears for 49 cents a pound.. so of course we went overboard.. bought lots.. and made tons of apple sauce and pear sauce
here's some pics.. The big pot is my turkey roasting pan.. the other pot I usually use for boiling jars in.
here's the apples
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got those melted down and then cut up the pears
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and got those all mushed down...
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and this is the end result.. not NEARLY what we got done.. but it wouldn't all fit on my counter
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bear in mind that my kitchen table AND my floor were also covered in jars. .lol
I got a cute picture of Kelly and Tisha while we were canning and since it's the ONLY pic I've taken of Tisha this month (OMG what the hell is wrong with me???) it's going up (sorry kelly...)
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This is a pic of Drew with some of his lego creations.. this kid really impresses me with the stuff he puts together. Seriously this kid should work for lego making up new sets.. These are his star wars ships.
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Ok.. so what else is new.. not sure if we told you but we did get a new car last week.. a 2007 Chevy Optra station wagon.. in denim blue.. look it up if you wanna see what it looks like... it still looks that way.. it's new.. we haven't scratched it up yet... lol

I'm back to work.. being trained again.. it's driving me nuts to be stuck in training when I know I could just go back on the phones and do my job. oh well. Two more weeks of training and then little Tisha can get back home with me and out of daycare. She's been staying with my friend Rachel who is running a home daycare now. So at least she's with a good friend who I trust, but I still miss her and it's very weird taking my whole lunch break to pump my breasts.. awkward.. and weird. It's giving me a pretty cool way to reconnect with her during the work day though because I really get my thoughts back to her while I'm pumping. Got into a cool conversation about cloth diapers with my training class today.. glad to see I'm now the only one who thinks they're way cooler than disposables.. (cool prints, tie dye, colors, pictures)

OH!! and I FINALLY figured out how to knit.. like.. I always knew how to do scarves.. but I got it! I can increase my stitches now! I can knit a casing for an elastic! I can knit in the round! I feel absolutely genius! on the downside.. my sewing machine is pooched.. so it's good I am knitting or I'd be right depressed.. (IF ANYONE HAS A SPARE SEWING MACHINE I AM IN DESPERATE NEED I'M SERIOUSLY ON THE EDGE OF TEARS MISSING IT)

Not much else new.. the dog still has fleas.. the kids are still insane for star wars.. Tisha learned to say "empty" and "milky" and Matt is still nutso. but hey.. he bought me a car.. so I guess that's ok.. lol


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