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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Well.. finally got a diagnosis from a doctor.. I have gallstones.. clogging the common duct in my liver I guess.. so I'm going all jaundice and stuff.. fun fun.. but on the upside on tuesday I get to go back to the hospital and they can ultrasound me and then hopefully remove the stones that day..downside is that pretty much ALL of my favorite foods are off limits for something like the rest of my life :(
It's been a pretty cool easter. We spent friday night sleeping over at grandma's and got to see my cousin Jenn and meet her little one McKenna. (she was SOOOO cute!) We went out shopping with my mom last week and got the kids all new outfits and they looked so cute. The boys got matching outfits and Tisha got a really cute little smocked dress and a cute little jumper.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
That's the one she's wearing in these pics.. They had their easter egg hunt this morning.. This house has so many nice spots to hide easter eggs :) and then tonight we had Dad, Kelly, Melissa, Cameron and Alun over for dinner. Got to look through pics of Melissa's baby. 3d ultrasounds are cool!
The other day Drew saw Herbie out front.. he got a really cool pic.
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It's a really impressive copy of Herbie considering the guy did it all from photo's. I must say Drew got a really nice pic of it.
The other thing that was cool this week was getting my dolls organized.. I finally have a place for them! My mom brought down some shelves and cut them down to 7 feet long so we put three of them up on my bedroom wall and now my dollies all fit in my bedroom :)
these ones on the shelves
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and these on top of the tv stand
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and then Melissa (my sis) tells me that they have cpk babies on sale for 10$ at walmart... hmmm.... methinks I have space for a FEW more.. lol
hmmmm.. what else.. what else..
OH!!!! we got a new table set! for the first time in my adult life I will have a table and chairs that MATCH!! I'm really excited because I've always wanted to have pressback chairs! They should get delivered around the end of april because they had to order in a couple of the chairs .. they only had 4 in the store and we wanted 6. The best part is the 5 year keep it perfect guarantee.. where if my kids color on it.. or if the chairs break.. they fix it to perfect or give me a new one :)

Oh one more pic of Tisha.. she can sit on the couch now.. not very well.. but she can do it!
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She weebles a bit.. and does fall over after a few minutes.. but she's getting there!


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