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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


OK.. so I'm on the web.. trying to find relief.. and I find this recipe.. and I should have known better.. absolutely no good can come of zucchini right?

"Green Soup Recipe for Relief of Gallbladder Pain
One bunch parsley
3 medium zucchini
½ lb. Green beans
5 stalks celery

Steam together for 8-10 minutes.
Or partially steam and boil in ½ cup water.
If you have a steamer, you retain more nutrients and flavor with that method.
Puré in a blender.

This soup is wonderful for relief from all sorts of gastric disturbances such as stomach pain, gas, and indigestion. I do not add any fat or salt to this recipe. It can be used anytime but is particularly useful as a three day fast with nothing else but water. It is both nourishing and easy to digest. You can alter the amounts to taste. More beans add more sweetness."

and all I can say is.. BLECH! eww.. yuck.. this is the most vile disgusting tasting nasty ass shit I have EVER eaten..

sucks ass that I'm going to be eating a LOT of it.. argh... please just kill me now.


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