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Thursday, March 29, 2007

what an arrogant prick... grrr.... and god my baby is cute

Ok.. so an update on ME for once... I spent Thursday night at the emergency department of the hospital... I was having serious intestinal cramps.. felt like I had ripped inside.. thought I was going to die.. it was seriously more painful than my labor.. I was ready to pass out from the pain.. and apparently bleeding internally.. judging by the black poop.. (I know TMI) coupled with incredible pain in my back and ribs and it being painful to even breathe.. I couldn't talk.. couldn't stand.. couldn't sit.. and it occurs to me that the two times I "threw my back out" while I was pregnant felt remarkably like this only I couldn't feel my intestines at the time... I got no answer from the doctor then about what was causing it... so I figure it's either the hot chocolate I had or the bread I ate (cuz I don't normally eat bread) that caused it.. (I also had white/grey diarrhea.. odd.. but a symptom of having trouble digesting gluten so I wonder if that was the problem) so enough is enough right? I made an appointment with my doctor to see if we can look into what is actually wrong with me.. I'm not just going to accept a blanket diagnosis of ibs anymore when what I think is going on is more food intolerance and a possible intestinal blockage.. as all the problems with my intestines started 3 years ago with a 5 day bout of constipation that felt like something broke there and it all let loose and after that I couldn't drink milk anymore..I went to the doctor then and he said IBS.. so I figured it was just something I'd have to live with.. I figured out that milk really upsets my tummy.. so I avoid milk.. and use lactase.. but there was something else upsetting my tummy too that I couldn't figure out.. I'm thinking now it's wheat.. I THOUGHT I had really bad morning sickness.. as I lost 30 lbs while I was pregnant with Tisha from no appetite and nausea.. but it didn't go away when I had her.. and with the two backaches I had when I was pregnant and this latest episode last thursday I'm thinking maybe it's not JUST IBS maybe there's something really really wrong here.. I want an answer.. something solid.. so I go into dr.Taliano's office today.. wait an hour and a half to get in.. to have him say.. "I think you have IBS.." and I was like.. well I don't think we should just call it IBS we should do some tests.. and he was like "do you even know what IBS is? look it up on the internet" and I was like.. "I DID look it up on the internet.. I don't think that's what it is.. and I KNOW you're supposed to do a lot of testing to rule out other stuff before you leave it at a diagnosis of IBS" and then I mention what I think is going on.. and I tell him about the black poop.. he's like "well that's not good.. that means you're bleeding into your tummy" (ya.. dumb it down for me.. that's right.. I only got the highest marks in my highschool for biology... I don't know what intestines are.) and he wants to test my gall bladder and stuff.. and I was like.. "well they checked my gallbladder when I was there and they said it was my intestines.." and he's like.. did you take any asperine.. and I said no.. but I took some ibuprofen to see if it would help with the pain.. and he's like.. well that could have caused the bleeding. I said I didn't think the ibuprofen caused it as I was already in pretty serious pain when I took it.. It was less than an hour before I noticed the black poop.. and I took it on a full stomach and have never had issues with ibuprofen before.. I said I thought it was the gas from a food intolerance building up to much..I asked him to refer me to a dietician so I could have help figuring out what I CAN eat.. he refused.. and he gave me shit for not trusting his diagnosis and told me to find another doctor as he refuses to see me again. Said he'd give me 2 months to find someone else. I said "this is rediculous.. I trusted a doctor before when his diagnosis didn't seem right and it killed my daughter (she had cancer.. NOT colic) I will tell you if I don't think you're right because this is MY health and I have to make sure to get the RIGHT diagnosis.. I don't want to be afraid of food for the rest of my life" That pissed him off.. and he said "you know what... forget it.. you're not coming into this office again" so I tod him screw you.. and left..he said he was going to write down what I said and I told him to "go ahead I don't give a rats ass" and walked out. when I got downstairs someone came after me.. one of his other patients.. and told me he was like this a lot.. and had misdiagnosed her father and nearly killed him by prescribing the wrong I'm left with no doctor.. and something that's causing internal bleeding.. all because my doctor didn't want to listen to MY opinion on what's wrong with me..
anyways.. here's a pic of me today.. you can see I look exhausted.. but look how skinny I've gotten..
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and here's your Tisha fix..
we got playing around with my cabbage patch kids glasses
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and here's a pic of her sleeping.. isn't she cute
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