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Sunday, March 26, 2006

the puke monster has come to visit.. grrrrrr..

Well.. another day.. another boring boring day.

We have these old dressers... looking kinda bad.. well.. not kinda.. they look REALLY bad.. and so the guy in the mall who does the furniture refinishing.. sent out an estimator to see what it would cost to refinish them.. make em pretty again.. well.. I had no inkling of just how expensive it is to refinish dressers.... they wanted.. 600$ per dresser.. geez.. nope.. not gonna happen.. no way.. no how.. I will take up furniture refinishing as a hobby myself before I pay that kinda money.. jeepers creepers.. on the upside.. I am reaffirmed that they are worth fixing up.. also.. she mentioned in passing that my piano stool is probably worth about 2000$ .. rough estimate.. on the low side.. she says.. still not parting with it.. that piano stool is probably the coolest peice of furniture in this entire house.. it's got little claw feet.. with like.. crystal balls on the bottom.. and apparently it's mahogany.. and wouldn't have originally come with the piano.. but a much nicer baby grand type..

I've been working on a new pattern for cloth diapers.. so far so good.. I have another idea I want to try out tonight.. double walls on the inside of the legs.. to keep poop in.. if I'm gonna do cloth diapers... dammit I'm gonna do it right. I DO NOT want to deal with poo explosions all over the place.I have a brilliant idea though.. gonna try it out.. see how it goes.. maybe mail a couple to my sis to have her try them out with a breastfed baby.. I want the pattern perfected by the time I have to use them myself. (well.. not me.. the baby that I'm planning)... not preggo yet... still working on it..

So.. the furniture lady was a bit of a let down.. I was seriously thinking less than 200 a dresser... THAT woulda been doable.

We were supposed to all go to Matt's aunt's for dinner tonight... unfortunately.. just as we were getting ready to go.. Drew Puked... ick.. and now he has a fever.. so.. I got to stay home and keep an eye on him.. and Matt and Joey went to his aunts. and I get to sit here.. watch drew.. and drool thinking about her pork chops.. he had better bring me back a nice big plate.

I am seriously thinking this day is an entire write off.. motivationally speaking.. I am so bored sitting here at the computer.. but still not motivated enough to get off of the damned thing... probably a direct result of staying up until 4 am drinking with matt and his friends. I got home from work last night.. and craving pizza.. let me tell you.. little caesars is going to be the death of me.. there's very little more convenient than walking in with 15$ and walking out with 2 eight slice pizza's and a crazy bread order 2 minutes later.. I love the walk in with money walk out with a hot pizza thing.. that's marketing genius! I wanted a pizza.. matty was too drunk to drive.. I guess him and Steve finished off a 40 ounce bottle of rye last night.. with very little help from me.. stupid drunks.. lol. you'd think they'd stop at feeling good and save themselves the hangover.. but no.. not my matty.. he's gonna get drunk.. and he's gonna take me along with him.. so once I got back with the pizza's... they put a nice big rye and ginger in front of me... (which is odd.. since a few months ago I couldn't drink anything without feeling totally sick and in pain) and I drank it... (we're talking big frosty mug here).. Me and Alun were sitting up here in the puta room eating our pizza and a complete stranger walks into my computer room and asks if I know where the phone is... (huh?) apparently this was one of steve's friends who no one bothered to introduce me to.. or mention that he was in my house..I was like.. it's right here.. who the hell are you??? btw.. I'm sheri.. I live here... then Steve challenges me to do shots with him.... now.. I don't usually do shots.. at all.. but I'm also full of pride.. and.. well.. a sucker for peer pressure... so by the time I did a shot with the guys.. my stomache has had it.. and that was it for me.. all done. but pleasantly happy none the less.. lol. around 4 am I realize that I'm all alone in the basement.. (I had tried to go to bed at 2... and went to play my ps2 in my bed.. only to realize it was in the basement.. tried to get matt to bring it up.. he said no so I went back down) I looked around the house.. they were all gone.. so I went to bed... I have no idea when matt got home... I THINK he walked Alun home.. which is funny.. since Alun seemed to be the only sober person here.. I think matty wanted to poach a smoke off alun.. stupid matty has been smoking again lately.... after quitting for months.. I'm pretty disappointed about that.. maybe if I move him to a city far far away.... ya right.. like that'll happen.

Dunno if I mentioned.. I got a raise.. 23 cents.. whoopdefreakindoo.. anyways.. I"m getting hungry.. gonna go find some triscuits or something to tide me over til my pork chops get here... mmmm pork... man I am ever glad I'm not jewish... droooool... mmmm.. pork.... ttyl


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