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Sunday, December 18, 2005

"no thanks.. I've already got one!!!"

Well.. another two weeks older... and nothing to show for it.. :)

It's been an interesting few weeks.. last week I decided.. on wednesday.. to throw a kids cookie making party.. on friday.. So I invited over about 10 kids to bake gingerbread cookies with us.. what fun!! we had 3 different kinds of icing and 5 or 6 different types of sprinkles to decorate them with.
I got a look at Drew on thursday while he was getting dressed and Oh my.. that child has lost too much weight.. I think his dose is too high... so I'm taking him off on the weekends and holidays.. and feeding him extra carnation breakfasts with every meal.. try to get some weight on him.. must call doctor soon.... I tried that day.. but no answer..
My dad's family christmas party was yesterday. I spent the past month kinda depressed because I couldn't get the day off.. last week I called in sick on saturday.. (I really was sick.. icky migraine nastiness) and figured there was no way I'd get away with calling in sick this saturday too.. so didn't even try.. well.. I went in on monday and was told that they had been offering all day VDT the day I called in sick anyways.. so if I had gone in.. I probably coulda got sent home anyways without getting in trouble for it.... oh well.. but this gave me an idea... since we're so overstaffed... maybe I could get out of working this saturday as well... so at 1 pm saturday of the party.. I call in.. hey.. is there anyway I can stay home? NOPE NO WAY NOT GONNA HAPPEN.... oh well.. so I go in .. and as I'm walking up the hall.. my manager is walking towards me.. not looking too impressed... and says.. "Sheri.. you can have all day VDT.. go home.. sorry for making you come in" My god.. I coulda kissed her..
So we got picked up by my sis..(my car is still not so great) and went to my dad's. I FINALLY got to play with my baby nephew a bit!! he's such a cutie.. he was giggling at me in the car cause I was playing peek with him.. from behind my new CPK.
this pic.. well.. I resized it so it would load up.. but.. well.. the quality is not the best anymore. but that's her.. Rena Clarissa.. I adored her the first time I saw her.. and HAD to have her.. so Matt let me buy her for my christmas present!! and when I got her.. we found out she was born the same year as my daughter.. and has the same birthday as matt's uncle.. (both of whom have passed away) so that makes her even more special..
I got to play with the rest of my family too.. my nephew Logan was soo funny... he was giggling at me all night and kept coming over for a tickle.. Kiera (my neice) said she was keeping her claws out just in case.. and everyone went running.. cause she wasn't scared to use em.. lol. I think sometimes at those parties you NEED claws if you're the smallest girl.. lol.. A few of us went down to the basement to get away from the noise.. (my dad's house is not huge.. and they had.. well.. I dunno.. 50 or so people in it..) and after a few minutes.. the kids followed us down... then my cousins figured they'd start playing with the kids... next thing you know there's a pile of kids 5 deep.. and they throw the heaviest one on top!!! I was so amazed there were no broken ribs on the bottom... My cousin TJ was there..(kinda freaks me out how much he looks like my daughters dad now) and he brought gingerbread men for the kids.. and I wanted one.. but he said no.. cause they were just for the kids.. so I said.. "I'm a kid.. I'm just as much a kid as anyone else in this room" (they're all MY cousins..) and my cousin Adam said.. "ya.. she's got a doll on her lap.. what more do you want?" lol I did too.. so since Adam is short... (taller than me.. but most of my cousins are like 10 feet tall) TJ put the last cookie up on the shelf.. and said.. "I'll just put it up here where it's safe cause you can't reach it." and then turned around to beat up the little kids a bit.. at which point Adam stood on the chair and grabbed the cookie and tossed it to me.. I shoved it under Rena to hide it.. so after TJ was done beating on my cousin Aaron he noticed that he had cracked Aaron's cookie.. so he said I could have THAT one.. I replied "no thanks.. I've already got one!!" lol
Then later we came upstairs.. and Adam was at the top of the stairs on the other side of the baby gate.. and someone asked what he had done wrong that he was locked in the basement.. and someone else piped up that he "didn't meet the height requirements of this room" and everyone started laughing.. (I think Adam is kinda normal height.. but his brothers are all super tall...they make my 6'2" hubby look short)
Then we had dinner.. Turkey AND ham!!! YAY yummy yummy!! If I had known I was able to go though I woulda brought pies or something for dessert.. Joey was totally into the turkey though.. he came back for fourths..
Then PRESENTS!!! I got a mug with 2$ tim hortons cash in it.. and a blanket and a nail kit.. which is cool.. cause I've always wanted one of those toe nail seperator thingies.. and some soap and candles.. Joey got a stuffed dino and Drew got a kit to make a photo frame.. which is really cool.. but he wasn't sure about it when he didn't know what it was.. once I explained what it was he was excited about it though.. Seems I wasn't the only one to get people mugs though.. so by the time I gave my uncle tom his gift.. well. he was like "Oh great.. another mug" lol oh well.. I got talking to him and I don't think he remembers Amy... his memory loss thingy really sucks.. She used to be at his house almost every day for a few months.. and my favorite pics I have of her are ones he took..
So I'm sitting there and Adam says.. I had a cabbage patch kids just like that one when I was a kid.. (?) same outfit and everything (?) and I was playing catch her with Josh from the top of the garage.. and he missed catching her.. and she smashed on the pavement.. (ACK) (Rena is a softie... and was wearing my daughters old dress.. lol.. glad Adam's memory is so clear!!)
So Joey brought Michael J too.. (his CPK) and now my nephew Cameron wants one too!!! Which works out good.. since I have one just like Michael J that I can give Cam for christmas!! I just have to figure out what he wants to wear and off he goes!! YAY another kid converted!! lol
I spent the past few months trying to think what to do for my dad for christmas.. but.. didn't come up with anything really good until a few days ago.. now I have something I KNOW he'll like.. but I'm not telling YOU.. cause you might tell HIM and what would be the fun in that??
I'm still feeling a bit stressed about christmas and my kids.. there's really not much for under the tree this year... I actually don't have a big present from Santa for Joey.. cause the one thing I did get him was from Drew... and Drew knows about it.. so I can't put it from santa.. so I'm a little bugged about that... maybe I'll hit toys r us today.. I'm a bit worried though cause I've been off the past two saturdays.. and I know my pay before christmas is going to be .. tiny... so I don't know if I should buy any more gifts.. cause I have to eat too... maybe I should hit community care next week or something before I shop.. I always feel bad doing that though.. cause we make ok money.. it's just that we've gotten ourselves into such a bind.. financially. I feel like I did this to myself so I should just live with the consequences.. oh well... we'll see what happens.. OH and on the upside.. Matty got a promotion this week!! so this will mean a raise and better hours.. which takes effect on the pay AFTER christmas.. of course.. blah.. but.. this will hopefully mean that I'll be able to go back to 5 days a week at work.. (still part time.. but more hours than I work now) and this little poverty feeling will finally be able to go away.. On the downside.. this also means I have to find a sitter who can stay until 1130 pm on monday and tuesday this week while he's in training... blah.. My dad says he'll do it if my regular sitter can't.. (she's only a teen.. subject to mom and dad's rules) but still.. stress.. I hate these decisions to train people at night.. last time his training went til 1 am.. at least when this training is done his hours will make more sense..
So Matt is walking around right now with my cat on his shoulder.. Puss has decided that her favorite perch is on top of people.. so anyone who leans down low enough ends up with a cat on their neck.. (not always a good thing.. she holds on with her claws) once she's on there though.. as long as you don't move too quickly, she's actually kinda warm... I had read a book when I was a kid about a girl with a cat who liked to ride around on her shoulders... and always wanted a cat that would do that... Now that I have one.. I keep remembering that book.. it's kinda a warm fuzzy feeling for me.. I love my kitty.. :)
Anyways.. I have to go.. I need to hit the stores and also have to call my sitter... have a good christmas if I'm not back here til after then :)


At 1:16 AM, Blogger Arama said...

I really laughed reading about Christmas at your dad's house. I always wanted cousins to carry on with -- I have tons of cousins but they were all older and lived far away! I do remember one X-mas visiting my family in NS...I must have been around four, and the boys decided to lock me in the basement. Can't remember how long it was before somebody found me! :p


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