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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I need sleep.. oh god.. do I need sleep...

Well.. another exciting morning in the life of Sheri.. for starters.. I stayed up WAY too late last night.. Matt's buddies came over.. and I was sewing Cabbage Patch Kid clothes until about 10..(I stayed home from work cause I had a sore throat and tummy ache and headache and had intended to go to bed around 9) and then me and matt stayed up talking until about 2... which is really stupid when I've gotta be up at 7:30...... blah We wouldn't have been up so late.. in fact I WAS in bed at 10 ish.. but then Matt came up and told me that he had loaded the bread machine backwards.. and now our bread for tomorrow has a big hole in the middle of it... which is not exactly helpful for making sandwiches.. So I was determined that I would not have to get up at 7 and bike to the store to buy bread to make sandwiches... so I got up and made biscuits.. so the kids would have something resembling bread in their lunches.. Matt thought I was nuts baking at that hour.. so I told him to go ahead and go to the store.. but I didn't feel up to it.. I also told him to buy EITHER bread OR yeast to make bread with.. (we're kinda short on cash)
We've figured out one of the main differences between working at a gas station and working at a variety store... He went out with his Interac card last night... to get the bread.. and at the Avondale the chick couldn't get his card to swipe.. so he very nicely suggested getting a big of tissue and putting it on the card to clean off the contact.. so that it would swipe... also suggested a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol.. and this chick in no way in hell was going to do that and wreck the interac machine... (which is kinda retarded.. how the hell does she THINK they clean em???) so he left all the crap there.. and biked over to 7-11 and got everything there... so here's the difference.. at a gas station.. you've already put the gas into the car.. and if you don't get their interac card to work.. YOU are out the 20$ .. so you MAKE the interac machine work.. come hell or high water.. period.... and if that means using the last piece of toilet paper you had available for your 8 hour shift.. that's what you do.. there's no way in hell you're gonna just send the customer away.. ah well.. hey.. this lady is in her 40s and still working for 8$ an hour at an avondale... her life is crap anyways.. let's not pick on her anymore.. :)
So of course he comes home with a loaf of bread.. and chips and pop... and now I've got 2$ in the bank and no cat food.... and no yeast for tomorrow's bread... silly man.... oh well.. the chips were yummy... Did I ever mention that Matt and me make the worlds yummiest salsa?? Ok.. snack done.. off to bed.. it's now 2 am..
BLINK .. and the phone rings at 7 am.. even earlier wake up time.. ick and found out I had to bike the kids into school.. which is fine.. it's pretty easy biking with Andrew... the kid bikes pretty fast.. and it all would have been well.. except I hadn't planned on getting dressed this morning.. blah.. but then I realize it's library day anyway... so I woulda had to get up and bike this morning anyways.. and then.. a phone call.. hey .. can you babysit this afternoon.. ..... ... sure... .. no prob.. I was only gonna sleep anyways.... blah....
We go out to leave.. and realize that Drew is trying very hard to be helpful and bring our bikes out for us.. only problem being they're still locked.. and he doesn't have a key... doesn't stop him though... I'm down one very nice peony.. and my bike is scratched to #@$..... I am really upset about that...I've only ever had a couple brand new bikes in my life.. and I've wanted a DYNO since I was like 11... and now I finally get a brand new DYNO.. and within weeks it's scratched... bad... I'm talking like 8 inch long gash down to the metal.. oh well.. will have to kill the child another day... this year it's illegal....
We actually managed to drop the kids off on time.. which was amazing.. and what's even more amazing is they actually ate the biscuits I made (with no recipe!!) for breakfast.. (cause they were actually YUMMY) so I packed some in their lunches too.
I've remembered it's library day.. so I've gotten together all the movies I have to return.. and promised the kids more Bill Nye... (remember... science RULES!!) and so I head downtown.. to the park.. to pass the time until the library opens.. I met up with Darcy at the park.. and we wandered around looking at the devastation wreaked on the park by the stupid wine festival.. usually just the grass is killed off.. this time.. it's much worse.. basically.. there's trenches in the mud from people driving.. and in the trenches.. raw sewage.. as someone.. in a really SMART moment.. tipped over the port a potty.. ewwww. .. what a smell.. and everywhere else is basically just mud.... it's a good thing they have lots of experience reseeding that park... maybe this is why they do the festival in the fall.. so they can plant grass seed before the kids are running all over it...
So Darcy picks up this .. I dunno maybe 2 and a half foot chunk of rope.. offers it to me so I can tie the kids up and get some sleep.. which I very reluctantly declined... so we decided to take the rope apart.. and make a really long skinny rope instead.. and what to do with a really long skinny rope??? why booby traps of course.. :) So we tie this really long really skinny.. really strong piece of rope from the picnic table to the fence... high enough that it will stop someone who's not expecting it.. but not low enough to trip them.. kinda like my chest height.. almost.. and when you're sitting on the bench you really can't tell it's there unless you're looking for it... I'm kinda wondering if it will still be there next time I go.. and how many bodies will by lying underneath it lol
After 20 minutes it's time for Darcy to go to work.. and he asks if I can pick up some pepperettes for his brother from the market.. since I still have 1/2 an hour to waste.. SURE!! no prob.. I really don't have anything else to do at all.. so that works out well... something to pass the time... YAY!!! The directions I get are a bakers dozen of little sausages like pepperettes from the guy on the church street end of the market... In my head I'm picturing the guy who's normally in the middle.. and has tons of meats and such like that.. but no.. the only person in the entire market today that has pepperettes.. is the guy with the bees crawling all over his pastries.. apparently today he hasn't even made the effort to shut the bees out of the boxes and has just left the doors open... so there were about 6 bees per pastry... ewwwwww...( mental note.. never eat anything from that guy again.. ewwww...) so I ask him how much are the pepperettes (amazingly enough there were NO bees on those) and he says a dollar each.. 6 for 5$... now I had been told a bakers dozen.. and been given a price of around 5$.... hmm... this can't be right.. so I go look around the market again.. just to be sure.. yup.. this is the only guy with pepperettes... or meat for that matter... ok.. so I go over.. and tell him my situation... well.. he says.. they are a dollar each or 6 for 5$.. but I can give you 12 or 13 I really don't care.. (trust me.. he didn't sound like he didnt' care... eek.. I would hate to see this guy in a BAD mood) so well enough.. I hope I got the right sausages.. but at this point.. I'm not sticking around to find out.... onwards!!!!
Back to the library to wait for it to open.. funny.. still 1o minutes to go.. I walk in the door and head to the bathroom.. (it's morning.. I had to pee) and notice the interesting people in there today.. especially the guy sitting in the cafe area talking to himself.... Which is not that weird in itself.. but his whole demeanor was just too weird... and so I line up at the door with everyone else..I notice this one kid there... not sure what she was doing out of school.. she must have been about 12.. and I don't think this kid.. well lets just say.. I know for sure she can't be too popular.. you know the type.. overweight, greasy, and cranky.. and her mom is with her.. and they come over to the door and the kid starts knocking on the library door.. like jeez.. they're not even supposed to be open for another 5 minutes.. that isn't going to help... so dear mommy says.. honey.. come on over here.. and daughter comes over.. harrumphs and goes back over to the door.. and starts knocking again.. "sweethear.. come on over here" so the daughter heads back over to mommy.. and starts taking off her sweater... mommy"oh don't show your tummy!!" and the kid heads back over to the door and starts knocking AGAIN!! like.. I don't mean any offence here.. but GEEZ.. wouldn't the first part of discipline be TELLING the kid what she's doing wrong?? not once did the mom say "stop knocking on the door" just kept calling the kid away and hoping she'd get the clue?? I don't get it... also.. I don't get how people can dress their kids like that... like hell.. this is your child... how the hell do you let her go out dressed like that??? do you WANT her to get beat up??? is it written somewhere that just because your child is over weight you have to dress her like a bloody sausage?? What's wrong with jeans??? Did the spandex fairy come and take them all away?? and don't get me wrong here.. I'm not picking on the kid.. I just wanna smack the mom... cause I was one of those kids that got beat up... and I don't wish that on any kid.. but this kid was being set up for it.. she didn't have a chance.. anyhoo.. this is all going on parallel to my life... so I look around at people and smile.. as usual.. and this one chick.. (WEIRD CHICK) notices me smiling at her.. and assumes I must want to chat... so she heads over.. (oh DAMMIT ... I Didn't want to TALK!!!) and starts on about how she had her walkman on way too loud (well put it back on PLEASE!!) and here's me "hey look!! they're opening the door.. BYE!!"
I head in and take the kids video's out and put them on the counter.. only to realize that I've forgotten to bring my library card.. and I've promised the kids more movies.. and I have no other time I can go today... blast it.. Back home I go... so 25 minutes later ( I made pretty good time) I get back.. and head over to the Bill Nye section.. pick out three videos and think to myself.. gee it's a library.. I should get some books too... and I wanna pick out something easy enough for Drew to read... (he can't read very well at all) do you think I could find ANYTHING at his level??? nope.. no such luck.. so I picked up a few halloween story books for the kids.. it will be nice to cuddle up and read them those later on.. maybe tomorrow after I have some sleep... and then I head down to the school..
The rest of my morning so far has been pretty uneventful... Gus was actually good at school today!! and I got to help Joey make a mr grape... (will it never end???) and watch the kids play a finger game with the teacher.. it was really nice that ONE of my children can actually follow along well enough to play those things.. and my goodness was he ever getting excited..
My dear sweet neighbour drove my Joey home.. Riley got to ride on the back of my bike..
I got home.. realized my house really needs cleaning.. and I'm not sure I want dogs anymore.. I think there's only so much poopoo a person can clean up and still want pets.. and so I sat down to write in my blog.. :) but now I better get back to work.. have a great day.. !!! :)


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