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Monday, September 26, 2005

blah I say.. blah

Well... the date was mostly good...We went for dinner at Harveys...and then we ended up playing mini gold.. which I think I beat Matt by about a million points.. and then we went to Chapters..
The mini golf was fun.. I think I've realized why Matt's putting takes so many strokes to get the ball into the hole... the more times he misses... the harder he hits the ball.. the farther away it gets.. I don't know what the REAL rules are.. but he had me playing where if my ball fell off the fairway I had to start over and take the shots taken as penalty.. but he had a MAX of 10 strokes per hole... (which he actually had to use three times... teehee) Anyways.. I seriously hope it helps his gold game that we had all that practice putting.. :)
When we got to Chapters there was a Jazz band playing 1940's classic Jazz tunes.. They were really good.. but what shocked the heck out of me.. was when I looked at them and realized that I don't think a single one of them had reached the age of 20 yet.. wow.. I wish I was that good at an instrument.. so I sat on the steps near the band and read a graphic novel.. "The Rabbi's Cat" which was about a cat that ate a parrot and learned how to talk.. and then quit being able to talk.. and his views on religion.. well .. judaism at least.. altogether a really good read.. not sure exactly what it was about..(unless it was about how pointless all the routines of standardized religion are) but a good read nonetheless.
At this point Matt started getting edgy and wanted to come home.. oh well.. I would have liked to have hung out with him more..
So yesterday I spent all day locked in my sewing room.. me safe in there.. and the rest of the world locked out... It would have been a LOT more enjoyable if my sewing machine wasn't possessed by the devil.. in 5 hours of sewing/seam ripping I got 1 dress done.. yup.. that's right... just 1... and I don't even like it all that much.. Apparently my machine forgot how to sew button holes.. so even though it would sew them fine on the little peice of fabric I was checking it on.. as soon as I put in the dress... it would just sew a big knot onto the fabric.. or worse yet.. sew half a button hole and then sew a big knot.. (half a button hole takes about an hour to rip out btw and you can TELL afterwards) luckily the dress has a nice little tie thingy around the neck.. that hides the nasty spot where the one button hole refused to be sewn.. The dress was one I had cut out of the first pattern I bought with the first fabric I bought.. so you can just imagine how badly thought out it was... there was a reason that I hadn't put it together yet.. and I didn't feel like sewing ribbon around the edges.. so I used a decorative stitch instead.. and you guessed it.. my machine is on crack.. back to the seam ripper.. All this because I meant to go up and finally make the shoulder tie dress I've been wanting to make since I won the auction on ebay for the pattern for it.. only to realize I'm missing the peice of the pattern for the sleeve.. and the collar.. and the pants.. oh well... in time.. Sue is going to mail me new pattern peices.. cause she is the best .. :) I have a couple hours to sew this morning.. and I'm debating whether to sew or go back to bed for a bit.. I'm still pretty tired.. but that could be because I stayed up until midnight cutting out patterns and fabric for 2 new outfits I wanna make.. there's a preemie outfit with a little teddy bear face on the shirt and booties.. and then a pair of overalls I want to make out of the leftover fabric from the dress we made Tina's baby.. and THOSE should be adorable.. I'm getting really stuck on the overalls pattern.. pretty soon all my CPK's will have pair.. if only I was as motivated to make them shirts.. lol I've got this pile of CPK's in nothing but overalls.. just like little kids playing in the summertime.. bare feet and overalls.. lol.. it's so cute.. (note to self.. winter is coming 'kid need shirts)
I want to find that ribbing stuff that goes around the cuffs of sweatshirts.. there's a sweatsuit I wanna make.. but I need that stuff.. and for some reason they don't sell it at wal mart... can't imagine why.. don't tons of people make themselves 1980's style sweatsuits?? lol
So last night I'm talking to Matt... (and thinking I must have lost weight from all this biking.. plus the fact that I feel smaller) so I ask him if he thinks I have lost weight.. (we don't have a scale so it's hard to really tell) and he says he can't tell.. maybe... oh well... maybe after a few more weeks it'll be more noticable.. maybe I should break out my tape measure again.. that's the only REAL way to know.. Though honestly I'm scared of just how big I've gotten.. and I'm not sure I want to know what # I am at right now..
So we've spent the last year not using the bread machine because it squeaks like crazy.. so last night I was looking for a snack.. and realized we were totally out of bread.. and of course... it's 11pm sunday night.. there's no where in walking distance to get a loaf of bread.. and besides.. the remains of hurricane rita are going through the city.. and it's pissing rain and lightening.. and I'm not going out in that... so I got Matt to bring up the bread machine and resigned myself to the fact that I'd be listening to SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK all night as it made us a loaf big enough for a couple sandwiches and toast... only to discover that it was running perfectly and didn't make a single noise.. and the bread was wonderful.. I guess it didn't like being locked in the basement under the workbench for the last year and it's decided to behave.. lol :)
Anyways.. have a great day... ttys


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