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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tisha's and Matt's birthday yesterday!

We'll start with the day before... the 21st.. we were all feeling a little tired.. all our fault.. honest.. we stayed up WAY too late the night before hanging out.. just a little excited that we'll have some vacation time to see each around noon Matty made me and him these really cool omelettes.. there's two layers of omelette.. sandwiching and topped with salsa and cheese.. surrounded by nachos! mmmmm... really really yummy!
Tisha was feeling ok..
and I got the cakes made and decorated! Thank god I didn't leave that until the morning before the party!
So.. it WOULD Have been awesome.. except one little tiny thing.. Tisha woke up with the flu! Poor thing had the heaves from about 3 am until about.. oh.. noon.. solid... didn't puke again until after dinner.. but that's another story altogether.. we'll get to that one later.

We still had the parties.. of course.. just warned people at the door.. "enter at your own risk" kind of thing..
Tisha slept through most of it and only threw up once with her friends over.. which was enough to scare off some..
She managed to find her appetite around cake time! and I was really happy she got to eat a slice of her cake.. I wasn't even going to offer her any but she threw a fit wanting some of mine.. so I figure it's her birthday... she can puke if she wants to.
but she managed to hold it down and slept for a few hours afterwards.

She barely made it through one present at a time with little snoozes in between...
Tina gave her a really cool cup and a pound puppy! Which she LOVES
She wanted the cup right away and threw a bit of a fit waiting for the guys to fill it up for her.. and in the process of waiting for a full cup.. passed out with the pound puppy.
once she woke up we gave her the cuppy and finished opening her presents...
Here she is with the little stable that Rachel got her
Which is nice.. cuz it came with THREE horses! and Tisha LOVES PONIES!! Also nice my uncle brought her two little ponies with combs.. it was so cute.. she was brushing their hair.. "Di-EEEE" (pretty)
She did not let go of that cup for the rest of the night.. until about 9 pm
even when she was opening presents and reading her cards
My grandma got her an adorable little red and white outfit! Perfect for christmas.. gonna take pics of her in that on boxing day.. so we'll have pics of her in it then.

So.. on to the last puke.. this was actually really funny.. cuz she had been drinking her juice.. and Matt's brother Danny was wanting to pick her up.. he jostled her a bit.. I said "Dan.. don't jostle her.. she just had a drink and she's not feeling well.. she'll puke on you" and he said "Oh she's fine.. I'm not jostling her much" and he jostled her a bit more.. and BLECH.. she puked all over him! It was classic! lol

God I hope christmas goes better.. The last thing I want is another christmas with vomit like last year...


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