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Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy new year

Well.. Christmas was suprisingly better than expected.. and also a lot more uncomfortable.. There's nothing quite like being totally spoiled... and not being able to give much back.. I felt like an absolute idiot.. look at me.. I'm such a screwup.. I couldn't even afford more than 5$ for a gift for you.. and you got me a stereo.. dammit... oh look.. you made me a beautiful CPK outfit.. and a shelf.. and I got you a garden ornament... I suck... anyways.. .it WAS nice.. cause I managed to see everyone.. even mom and dad at the same time for 1/2 an hour.. and no one did anything remotely nasty.. or argued.. so I guess I got my christmas wish.. I just wish I could have given out better gifts.. I really felt stupid for not doing my jam this year... then again.. most people have probably had enough of my jam... it's not like anyone asked about it.. not like when I did cookies... hmmm... thoughts....

My car is getting progressively more frustrating.. the rad overheats... the balljoints are going.. and today.. it took me 5 minutes to get it started to go to work... it started up fine on the way out of work.. but then I got stuck at the gas station... I had the key stuck in the ignition.. and in the wrong way (it's a bit broken.. only works broken end up) apparently I had the WRONG broken end up... I called Matt to rescue me... only to go back out to the car and miraculously free the key from the car.. flip the key.. and start the stupid thing.. after that there was no way I was going to go to the store for cat food.. lord only knows I would have gotten stuck at the 7-11 next...

Drew ran out of Ritalin this week... and you know what... I have now been thoroughly convinced that it is definitely working... I wanted to choke him... he was so horrid off of it.. he's poked another hole in my basement wall.. (that is NEVER going to get fixed if they won't at least let me repaint it BEFORE they put another screwdriver through it..) he's been just wild.. I let him go a few days off of it because I had realized how skinny he's gotten.. in the new year I will be calling the doctor to lower his dosage... right now I have him drinking extra carnation instant breakfasts twice a day.. it's working.. he's not AS bony.... and at least the instant breakfasts are a lot cheaper than boost shakes..

I'm playing on neopets.. getting a bit frustrated because people keep running away from fights with my neopet.. it's not my fault she kicks butt... hmm I seem to have gotten a worthy opponent.. let's see how this goes... ok.. that was quick.. got my butt kicked.. lol YAY.. anyways.. you should sign up for neopets too.. if you sign up here.. you get me free stuff
and so what I want you to do.. is go to this link.. sign up.. and I don't care if you don't do anything ever again... but they do have some pretty cool free java type games.. they don't bother you in your email.. it's fun.. and completely free.. so go sign up at that link.. and check it out and I'll love you forever. :D and then you could train up your neopet.. and kick my butt too!!! won't THAT be fun??

So this week I got a pile of sewing done.. Was making CPK clothes up for my niece.. Made her a dress for her new CPK baby.. a jeans outfit.. (super cute) and will be making a shoulder tie dress as well.. it's all cut out.. I just need some time to get it done..

Just to prove to you how wierd our house is... We moved all of our dressers to the basement yesterday... it gives me something resembling a main floor laundry room this way.. no lugging clean laundry to everyones rooms to put it away.. (which no one was doing anyways).. I figure since we were going down to the basement each morning to dig through the clean pile to find clothes because neither of us likes climbing the stairs to put the laundry away (actually.. I'm the only one who will even fold it) it makes more sense to have it at least organized down there... yup.. wierd.. uniquely me :)

I'm reading a new book.. "the time travellers wife" I totally recommend it.. it's a great read. It's about this guy who spontaneously time travels.. like because of a genetic mutation.. and his wife.. so it's really cool.. much better than it sounds.. go find it and read it.. you'll thank me..

Anyways.. the countdown to midnight is on.. Matt's making nachos.. (which will most likely leave me bringing in the new year with a sick tummy) so I'm off to see if there's another episode of "the worst jobs in history" on tonight.. (watch that show.. it's cool!!)

I wish you all a happy new year.. and please.. go check out neopets.. for me.. :)

and hey.. if you wanna see my website too.. here it is HERE


At 11:20 PM, Blogger Angela said...

I just wanna say ONE THING!!!! I LOVE YOUR JAMS ESPECIALLY YOUR APPLE CIDER JELLY!!!! which I did ask for more of btw and got it THANKS SIS! LOVE YA!!!


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