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Monday, November 24, 2008

Just popping in to say hi. I haven't taken many pictures lately as my camera's batteries have been dead and I'm just too lazy to charge them.. Just sitting down to some homemade pizza for dinner. I admit it's a bit overcooked.. so crispy.. but not burnt!

I've been spending a lot of my spare time trying to get the house more organized. Right down to inventorying my cupboards and making up menu plans for two weeks at a time. I expect this will save us a LOT on our grocery bill as there should end up being a LOT less waste. Plus it's making it so much less stressful knowing what is for dinner every night and what time I should start cooking at to make sure it's done before the kids activities start.

The kids boy scout spaghetti dinner was a blast and we ended up with a door prize even though we didn't win it we were lucky enough to have it given to us. So now I have christmas decorations for the christmas dinner I don't think I'll have to make this year since we've been lucky enough to have other people invite us almost every night that I would have done it. I'm thinking the only night I'll be making a big dinner this year is on matt and tisha's birthday party.

The other cool thing about scouts lately is Drew went for a 4 hour hike up by queenston heights to niagara falls on sunday. The cool part is that he got to show the scouts and the scout leader to our caves! It was cool because most of them thought he was making it up and he got to prove them all wrong and also they found some new entrances and ways to go through the cave. So I can't wait til next summer when he can show me.

I"m running a play group on thursday mornings now at women 4 women. That's pretty exciting. Doing a story, some songs, and a craft with the kids is really fun. This week we're making jingly bell bracelets and last week we made shakers.

Right at this instant Joey is in the background singing happy birthday to jesus... it's going to be a nice christmas.


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