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Sunday, October 05, 2008

a busy week

So it's been a busy week and a busy weekend. Drew has started gymnastics and is really happy with that. He starts archery on wednesday and is pretty excited about that too. I'm excited that he's going to learn to do backflips and front flips without killing himself at the park.
I just got to get all my plants back from the old house... kind of bittersweet that... I managed to get back most of my favorites but I'm not sure how badly I damaged them in the process and I wasn't able to find my white bleeding hearts which was one of the more important ones to me. Hopefully at least half of them make it. It was really hard digging them out as they were surrounded by weeds so bad that I had to essentially strip the roots of dirt to keep from bringing the weeds too. On a really happy note I got back Drew, Joey's and Matt's rose bushes from the front yard. That was nice since we'd had those since Joey was born. Got back my seedless white grape vine too.. hopefully that makes it.. cuz I LOVE white grapes! After spending a few hours doing garden work I have firmly established that I need to do more yardwork and cut my lawn and get rid of a LOT of outside toys... and by a lot I mean a LOT. My yard is a MESS. It's amazing what being busy will do to your yard...
Drew went to scouts camp this weekend. Poor thing nearly froze out there. On the upside he got his fire license, his cooking license and his knife license! The only one they didn't have time for was the shelter license. (I think that's what it is) I still need to pick up his scout book and sash... hopefully next saturday after I get paid again.
I'm glad it's sunday and I don't have to work again until tuesday... I am so tired after taking some extra hours this morning. Hopefully I can keep doing that here and there though and make a few extra bucks. This morning covers the cost of Drew's gymnastics though so that's good.


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