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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

feb 13

well.. another day.. hmm.. what to update with today.. no pictures because my camera was frozen in the car.. I finally remembered to bring it in and it's all foggy... so gotta let it warm up a bit and recharge the batteries.. but I took a few pics of me and Tisha playing in the snow.. in the kitchen.. will post those later :) even if they're foggy it's cute.

We've taken up mallwalking in the mornings. Tisha really enjoys it for about an hour.. but any longer is pushing it. She's discovered that Zehrs has free cookies.. and knows just where to get them. She knows where the shoe store is.. Where the racks of pretty dresses in Winners is.. I am so lucky to have such a girlie girl.. I was so worried about getting a tomboy after all this time.. but when given the choice she will wear a pretty dress any day.. and if given the choice it would be a fancy one.. oh.. and pretty shoes.. gotta have pretty shoes. This child LOVES shoes. She will actually pitch a fit if we leave the shoe store without getting her a new pair. We try not to go in there too often.. they don't have enough stuff on clearance that we don't already have.. lol My friend Carrie and her daughter Callie usually meet us there. It's really cool because Callie and Tisha are only 3 hours apart in age.. they were born the same day :) It's so neat to see the little things they learn from each other. Callie has learned that "pretty" is COOL.. and Tisha has learned how to blow kisses and hold hands :)

Thursdays we go to a women's group at Westview church on Queenston st.. seriously.. if you have time you should go! 10-1 on thursdays.. Free food, Free clothes, Free haircuts.. AND they're talking about adding in a music program for the toddlers for the morning too! I've gotten so much cool clothes there lately.. and the best part is since it's free I don't have to try it on before taking it home.. I can try it on here and if I don't like it, take it back the next week :)

Matt and I made an agreement on housework that is finally allowing me a little downtime. We just split the house in half.. I take the living room side.. including laundry, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, living room and dining room.. He gets the kitchen, dishes and boy's room. A pretty even division of work.. which I think is fair since we both have about the same amount of spare hours in a day to do it in. I actually managed to get everything spotless except for part of my bedroom (needs decluttering.. cabbage patch kids have taken over) and have had time to sit and work on a puzzle for the first time in oh.. 4 years.. since I worked at Gales.. So now maybe I can finish the boxes of puzzles I bought with the delusion that I would have time on my hands during my maternity leave.. (HAH THAT never happenned... WAY too busy!)

Ok.. I'm addicted to if you like cindy lauper.. and matchbox 20.. you have to check out this video

if you're reading this post on facebook.. go to my blog and see it there.. for some reason it doesn't let me send video's when it imports from here.

On the topic of youtube.. Tisha LOVES the muppets! so do the boys! so do I! so if anyone is thinking.. oh gee.. I wonder what to get Sheri for her birthday in July.. well.. you have lots of time to find a muppets box set for me ;) lol

ok.. just got lost in a link Matt sent me... I just found out where I want to spent my next spare 350$
god would I ever love to have a full size memorial doll made of Amy.. anyways.. I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out looking through her site.. Maybe I'll get her to make me a mini Amy for now.. she does it for the price of materials for parents that have lost a baby.......


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