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Friday, January 25, 2008

Andrew's speech

(thought I'd share Drew's speech with you. .it's pretty funny and almost mostly true.. except the parts about him falling on his head, the skunks)

I want to tell you about a dog named Jack Jack that we once had!

I'm going to tell you some of the things he liked to do. My mom certainly didn't like the things he did. Especially when she had to clean up the mess.

We started off with a calm, extremely lazy Bichon Frise named Chelsea, and she gave birth to a puppy named Jack Jack. It stated off fine, he was a cute cuddly puppy. Then there was the accident. He fell off the couch onto his head, he was hurt. We took him to the vets. They said he had a concussion, and would be fine in a couple of weeks. But we realized he wasn't fine. We started noticing he was acting insane. He started taking my sister's diapers out of the garbage, and ripping them up on our white carpet. We would let him outside to do his business, but we found presents in the basement, nice mess. My mom was getting tired of cleaning up the mess.

I remember another day he ended up landing on his head. He would always bang at the glass at the back door to let us know when he wanted in. The one day I had already opened the door, he thought it was closed and went to bang his paws on the door, but he tumbled head first onto the floor.

My dog Jack Jack has unusual friends, they are the neighbourhood skunks, and he is good friends with our cat. My dog Jack Jack was a really good friend. I was was a good friend because my mom had had enough of this crazy dog. She got rid of him. I miss him, but she doesn't.


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