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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year

Well.. it's 2008.. time to start a new album in my computer I guess.. lol

Here's the last of 2007's photos.. there weren't any christmas pics cuz I was just too overwhelmed watching after the three kids on my own to take any.. but here's what we've got.
a rather cute pic of the boys playing with Tisha's dollhouse.. very good to save for their wedding slide shows I think..
caught the boys playing with Tisha's new dollhouse
Drew wanted me to show off his lego ships
Drew's lego star wars village
and the neat lego Angler fish he made
Drew and his angler fish lego
Tisha's latest hobby has been hanging out on the coffee table.. she's quite good at not falling.. puts her little feet down first all the time..
found a bow!
I wanted to show off her little people village.. we play every night after the boys go to sleep. God I love having a little girl.
our little people village
we have so much fun.. she really likes putting them in their little chairs and moving them around the buildings
playing little people
I noticed now she can just reach on top of the table.. one more area to babyproof
holy crow she can reach the table now
and she was just being all around cute that night
silly girl
cutie pie
crazy hair
and here's a pic of her birthday present jammies from me. I made a pair for her and for her friend Callie who was born on the same day.. so they could dress like twins :)
I hope I can get a pic of them together in them sometime..
here's Tisha in hers
new birthday jammies
and here's Callie in hers

anyways.. happy new year everyone! I hope this year is better than the last.. and I hope your new years resolutions make it past morning :)


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