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Thursday, December 20, 2007

an busy and eventful week

Ok.. Today was a great day for Tisha.. she said her name! and WALKED!!! 4 whole steps!! and thought it was just hilarious and giggled about it each time.
I'm so proud of my little princess!
got a little snap happy with the camera.. she's so cute

I finally finished the mess of Jammies I've been working on for the kids.. 5 pairs for Tisha and two pairs of shorts and two sleep pants for Joey.. and two pairs of sleep pants for Drew. Finished up most of my flannel stash!
Here's some pics of the kids new Jammies.. Tisha is so fond of the set she has on that I can't get it off of her to take pics in the others..
She LOVES these new jammies
I said.. it has animals on it.. she pointed at the sleeve and says.. "SEE??"
and.. the shoes.. she LOVES shoes..
Tisha's fave jammies
has to have pretty shoes on all the time..or she freaks until you give them back to her and put them on.
here's her other 4 sets of jammies..
new jammies ror Tisha

Drew was pretty happy to model his
plaid sleep pants
and showed off his penguin ones too
Penguin sleep pants
and I FINALLY finished Joey's spongebob and star wars shorts.. as well as two pairs of sleep pants for him.. he picked out the shorts fabric in the summer...
Star Wars Shorts
Spongebob shorts
Plaid Jammie pants
Dino Sleep pants
Here's a pic of Tisha with her crazy pants and her pretty red shoes... she LOVES these shoes! Her pants were made of an old sweater cut down to be Longies for over her diaper!
My cute girlie

another shot of her pretty red shoes .. and her awesome new dora backpack chair that auntie Julie got her for christmas
I finished Matt's toque! I made a toque! This is his birthday present from me.. I figure if I was charging 10$ an hour for making it.. that's a 200$ toque! lol
I made Matty a toque!
here's some pics of the kids playing in the back room earlier today.. Tisha was being a jedi.. so was Drew.. Joey was bouncing..
my weird jedi kid...
My sons have corrupted her.. she wants to be a jedi too
bounce bounce
not wanting to miss out on all the star wars fun.. I decided to make a clone army of my own
me baking gingerbread clones
my gingerbread clone army

So.. two days til Tisha and Matt's birthday! I can't wait.. I have to bake the cake and decorate it tomorrow! as well as get the house ready! should be fun.. I've got one more sewing project I'd LIKE to get done by saturday.. we'll see how that ends up.. lol Not sure it's going to happen in the time frame I want because it involves yet another trip to the fabric store.. and I'm not sure I'm up to it.. lol.. no time.


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