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Friday, June 01, 2007

candy floss

Well it's been a great day :) It started out with waking up bright and early at 6:30 and getting a few minutes to myself this morning before everyone else woke up... then I got to actually get a shower.. then I got dressed.. and just for a lark I tried on my pants from last time I lost weight (when Joey was 2) and OMG they did up! and they fit pretty damned good! YIPPEE! I haven't fit into them in 4 years!
Went and did some grocery shopping with Kelly at no frills.. (that store really has to do something about the baby carts.. they're just frickin gross) got a watermelon for the weekend.. and got Joey to school on time! Then went and met Jaime to go to a Doula presentation at the superstore. It was really cool. I really wanted to find out what kind of education they need to do that and it actually looks like an attainable career goal :) and to make things even better Tisha's mai tei got the one Doula's attention and she wants me to make one for her to buy to show her clients.. she wants me to make up business cards for her to give to them in case they want me to make them for them.. and she also wants to see the cloth diapers I make and showcase them for me as well! I've finally got the pattern the way I want it. here's a pic of one on Tisha.
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It's a pocket fitted.. with aplix fastening in the same style as the double snaps.. this one is stuffed with bamboo (that stuff is more absorbent than any fabric has a right to be, it's just absurd)
So after this I went to the school and picked up the kids.. we headed over to the splash pad for a bit.. I broke up a fight between a couple kids.. told them I'd call the cops and have them put in jail for fighting.. (they're young.. they don't know the cops won't do anything.. lol.. plus it worked) Ran into Rachel! I haven't seen her in months! then after that we headed over to the fun fair at the school.. I didn't feel like cooking and they had hotdogs there :) The kids went on the huge inflatable slide and Drew paid two tickets to lock Spencer in the "jail".. after that we had two tickets left.. so we got some cotton candy.. to eat on the way home..
So we're walking home.. and I hand each of us a piece.. and Drew asks how he's gonna eat that without getting his hands all sticky.. next thing I know he's choking.. and his candy floss is gone.. (I've had time for one little bite) Apparently he had shoved the whole piece in his mouth.. Matt says "shoved it all in your mouth eh? That was kinda silly.. How's that workin out for ya?" to which Drew replies.. " cough cough.. at least my hands are still clean! cough cough" kid could hardly breathe.. but could still joke.. lol


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