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Monday, February 26, 2007

it's feb 26... :(

<---- Amy

Well.. it's been 11 years today since we buried Amy... I can't believe it's been so long.. it's kinda worse this year in some ways and better in others.. having Tisha here is reminding me so much of the fun of having a little girl.. I'm really enjoying her.. but the fear of her dying whenever she's out of my sight is a little hard to take sometimes.. I let her sleep in her crib for the first time last night.. and I woke up at 430 this morning in a panic that I should go check on her and make sure she hadn't died on me in her sleep. Only the slightly irrational thought that if she had died me going in to check on her wouldn't fix anything kept me from getting up... luckily she woke up a few minutes later and put my mind at ease.. I brought her back to my bed to keep myself sane.

It's monday.. that means Mike is coming down to visit tonight.. I think we're gonna watch some monty python and hopefully I'll be awake enough to hang out with Matt and Mike in the basement tonight.. I am pretty tired though.

I had this insane idea that I would be able to get a nap in today since Joey was home sick... didn't happen though. I ended up taking Tina down to Motherease to get some more diapers for Becca.. we found some organic ones that are Tisha's size on clearance.. the problem with them was that they had been washed and returned.. well.. last time I checked that is just saving me time as they have to be washed about 5 times before I can use them anyways.. so hopefully now we have enough of the smalls.. she has really outgrown the extra small ones this week.

We finally cleaned out the workshop downstairs. Apparently we moved over two boxes of shoes that don't actually fit anyone.. and two vaccuums that don't work.. and a pile of other stuff.. could have saved us a lot of carrying boxes if we had actually sorted this stuff BEFORE we moved.. oh well..

I just realized I'm going to have 6 kids for at least half of march break.. and 5 for the other half.. should be cool.. I hope I don't have to leave the house.. lol

I just packed away the first bit of tiny baby clothes.. the smallest stuff that Tisha has outgrown.. so far there's only one outfit that I'm not sure if she's worn.. but the cool part is that I get to start pulling out my softie's clothes for her to wear! Right now she's wearing one of the outfits I bought for my softie Rena :) looks very cute on her as it matches her blue eyes very nicely. I almost think half the fun of buying her new outfits is knowing that I'll still be able to use them on my dolls when she's outgrown them :)

We let Tisha try out the exersaucer last night with a towel rolled up behind her so she doesn't flop backwards... I had to do laundry and it was down there. She really liked it.. so much that when I put her in her high chair to sit like she normally does.. she was pulling forwards trying to sit herself back up again.. so we pulled out the jumparoo for her too and now we have that set up for her in the kitchen and the exersaucer in the basement :) lots of places to stick her now :)

It occurs to me that it's Lent.. which means I should probably get my butt in gear sewing her easter present.... gonna make her another pinafore dress for summer time. I think it would be a lot easier to get it done if I could get past the idea that I have to clean the house before I can sew..

Oh! this is cool! They openned a dog park up at burgoyne woods! They have separate area's for the little dogs and the big dogs.. so I took Jack and Chelsea yesterday. I have NEVER seen Jack so happy! He was barking his head off and chasing other dogs all over the place..There were about 10 little dogs in a line chasing this beagle that was faster than all of them.. he ran until he couldn't run anymore.. and then took a break.. and then ran until he was ready to fall over :) He didn't get up again for the rest of the night.. teehee.. I think I'm going to take him there more often.. especially in summer when I can go in the afternoon for a walk with the dogs and Tisha in the buggy and not freeze my ass off.. It's funny how I won't take the kids to the park in this weather cuz it's too cold.. but the dogs I will walk there and stand out in the freezing cold for an hour watching them run :) I'm a sucker.. though I gotta say.. going there makes me want to get my dogs groomed.. they look like crap. lol


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