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Saturday, September 23, 2006

OMG we bought a HOUSE!

well.. I think we're officially grown ups now! Finally bought our own house! Though keeping to Sheri tradition.. not moving far.. just across the street :)
This picture is our new house.. taken from the living room of our old house :) It's kinda awsome cuz we don't have to uproot ourselves or the kids.. we can stay in our happy little neighbourhood.. the kids get to keep their friends.. and I get a house with a nice kitchen, central air, and central vac! Every time we go over we discover another awsome thing about the house.. so it's really really cool that we spontaneously decided that now was a good time to buy.

I think this pregnancy is killing me.. well. maybe not killing me.. but it's been rough. I'm still throwing up.. I'm down 17 lbs now.. still losing weight.. that works out to 12% of my body weight so far.. gone. I know that's not healthy.. but I'm at a loss what to do.. I'm doing everything that I can think of to gain weight.. eating nacho's at midnight.. and everything.. and nada.. still losing. My blood pressure is down at 95/60 (used to be 120/80 like clockwork) and my energy is gone.. I'm drinking ginger tea (which tastes like SHIT) and doing hemp seed shakes.. (which also taste like shit) to keep my blood sugar up so I don't pass out. I've been missing a lot of work.. going home early.. dizzy.. feeling pretty useless lately. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the work that's going to have to go into packing and unpacking with me feeling this way.. even though I have almost 3 months to do it.. I have no idea how I'm going to get it all done. I think this time when I go to the midwives I will take them up on the offer of diclectin and drug myself to sweet sleep.. as long as I can eat. I give up. I can't take this anymore. It's getting weird.. my face doesn't look like me.. my arms look like someone else's arms.. I'm six months pregnant and my prepregnancy jeans are being held up with string because they're too big. I was walking to the corner store today.. my neighbour commented how I'm barely showing at all.. how she expected me to have really popped out by now.. how I don't look like I only have 3 months left.. I wanted to slug her.

On to other worries.. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to get the small and newborn size fitted cloth diapers.. now that we're buying a house the money I had budgeted for the diapers and christmas and baby stuff has to go into savings so we can afford the closing costs on the house.. hopefully I can get the kids some christmas presents.. but i think most everyone else will be getting cookies.. Thank god I should have a new stove by then.. another christmas season with this peice of garbage and I think I'll go insane. There's nothing like loving to bake and having a stove that doesn't heat up right.. and having everything you cook come out burnt or undercooked. So.. if you get cookies from me for christmas.. be happy.. I thought of you :) beleive me.. I'm tired.. so making cookies is gonna be some effort. Especially considering I have to unpack my entire house and birth a baby in december.

I was thinking that if baby isn't born by christmas We'll throw a little meet the baby party mid january.. so everyone can meet her before NEXT christmas :) If she's born by christmas.. I might take it easy over christmas anyways.. and still need to have a meet her party. I have a few things I still need to get for her.. the swing, her bedding, sweaters, blankets.. and those pesky diapers. God what I would give for a money tree!

I do want to say my grandma and my mom ROCK and without them us buying a house would have been impossible! So a big thank you to them. My grandma did up the offer for us and she's giving us her commision for selling the house to us towards the closing costs.. and my mom loaned us the money up front so we can actually PAY the lawyer and so we had money to put a down payment on the house in the first place. They rock! So my big christmas presents for me and matty this year.. a new house.. and a baby! Not a bad haul at all :) (If anyone wants to get me some nice bubblebath.. I wouldn't turn it down though)

Work has been neat.. I've been doing a lot of floor support lately.. kinda cool.. they've finally figured out I know what I'm doing.. almost makes me regret taking maternity leave because when I get back the managers who have let me do this probably won't be working there anymore. I've been floor walking, answering questions, and taking supervisor calls.. teehee.. that means when someone asks for the supervisor.. they get me... lol.. makes me laugh though that they actually take me so seriously when I SAY I'm a supervisor.. but the same things I say if I'm a rep.. and they want MY supervisor.. lol. (Here's a little tip.. pay your bill.. and the cable stays on.. it's really not that hard people)

that's about all for today I guess..I should go to bed soon.. I'm pretty tired.


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