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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

fun fun fun

anyhoo.. if anyone wants to know what'd going on in my life.. me and Matty are trying for baby # 3 (4) or however you figure that one.. 3 for him 4 for me.. 3rd child.. geez.. ok hell.. just we're gonna have another kid... the ultimate goal here is to do this spending as little cash as possible on actual baby stuff.. I have come to the conclusion over 3 babies that they really don't use all that stuff very long.. and to dish out thousands of dollars on exersaucers, playpens, etc.. just doesn't make sense.. it's only used for a few months.. so where I would spend is on a stroller and a playpen. because those two actually get used... stroller constantly.. and heck.. the baby sleeps WITH me.. so a playpen for naps. everything else would have to be hand me downs.. or borrowed.. So far I seem to have a stroller... and a car seat.. and TONS of girl clothes size 6 months... (mostly from my dolls.. but a few from a baby friend)I've been developing a business idea... I've been sewing for Tina's daughter Bekka for a pageant.. making little pinafore dresses and such.. and showed off the pics at playgroup yesterday... Krista said that I should go into business making these... people will apparently pay big bucks for them... craft shows and such... so my wheels got turning.. I could go into business... dresses, panties, diaper covers, diapers, booties, headbands, bonnets, pinafores, etc... all co ordinating or matching .. mix and match style.. 30$ dress, 15$ pinafore, 5$ headband or 8$ bonnet, matching diaper covers and diapers.. etc.. could also do matching dolly outfits.. to go with the bigger child sized ones out of the left over fabric.. added appeal.. added profit. Could do pajama's and make diapers out of the left over fabric there.. So me and Tina are sewing tomorrow night.. working on skills.. developing a diaper pattern etc.. and if I throw my soft sculpture dolls into the mix.. I could sell those on the craft circuit as well.. and that would be good too.. my step sis had the nerve to ask if I've sold any of my dolls.. um.. ya.. that's why they're not in my house anymore.. the only one I have left is the one I made for joey.. and asked me what the hell I'm doing having more kids.. um well... I think that's MY decision now ain't it? not like I'm asking anyone else to pay for them.. I WORK for a living.. my kids have nice clothes and food in their tummys and all the toys they could want.. like heck.. I realize I'm broke now... but.. that is MY decision... I work less hours so I can spend more time with my kids.. if I need more money.. I have the option to up my hours at work and get it.. I just choose not to.. as my kids are more important to me than having more money to buy more crap that I don't need.I just wanna say.. I LOVE when I find chocolate on my desk.. mmmm... hershery's kisses.. mmmmmm life is gooood....ok.. back to the blog...I got a raise yesterday at work. a whopping 23 cents.. that should cover half of my lunch on saturdays.. lol

anyways.. blogspot is not letting me add pictures for some reason today.. so if you want to see what I've made this week...

here's the outfits on rebekka.

take a peek.. let me know what you think :)


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