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Sunday, November 13, 2005

well.. yet again.. nothing exciting going on..

It's time for another update on my life.. There's not a whole lot going on.. I've pretty much avoided JK this week.. only went in for one day.. I got to do patterns with the kids which translated means I got to play with halves of apples and get covered in paint... YIPPEE!!!
I finally finished my outfit for this months theme.. 2 days left to go til a new theme.. I've already got the next two months themes figured out.. and I already have TONS of fabric for next months seeing as I went on a bit of a bender on boxing week last year.. :)
I made Matching pants for Joey and Michael J.. though there was only enough fabric left for Michael j to have a jacket too.. Joey doesn't seem to mind.. though Drew was asking... interrogating more like.. why Joey didn't have a jacket too.. blast.. kids..
I've almost gotten through all the fabric that was left for me to put together by a friend of mine.. I've got ideas for some of it.. not sure what the heck I'm gonna do with the rest.. it's kinda tense cause it feels like a deadline.. and I HATE deadlines.. though I think the grey t shirt will make really cute footed pajamas.. really really cute..
I got to go to a get together at Leah's last weekend.. that was the most fun I've had in a while.. It was really awsome to hang out with Xanthe for the day.. we hit the flea market and square one.. and then Leah's party.. I ended up coming home with a couple new CPK's (twins!! of my favorite kid!!!) and they are sitting upstairs looking pretty as anything in their little rosebud dresses.. now if I could just find the yellow rosebud dress to go on the third girlie .. they could be triplets.. I have all these ideas of matching outfits for those two.. matching but opposite colors.. so one red and blue.. the other blue and red.. type stuff.. should be really fun.. I also brought home a new outfit for Abby.. and a few other outfits for my softies.. I gotta get more fabric to make more so I have enough kids for all the awsome outfits I have here...
I have another softie on layaway.. I KNOW I said just one.. and I KNOW they said the kids were like Lays.. you can't just have one.. and I KNOW I said it wouldn't be that way for me.. but.. well.. she's one of my dream kids.. and Matty owes me a really cool christmas present.. since he got his guitar.. so my blondie will be coming home to me.. hopefully by christmas.. though I don't know if I can pay off the rest of her by then.. she's a third paid for now.. and I've sworn off ebay until she is totally paid for..
It's funny how I get so stressed out about things.. for instance.. last week I was panicking about christmas.. and I wasn't sure how we were going to get anything for anyone.. but pay came in.. and so did the bills.. and I got to see that I accidentally overpaid the gas bill last month.. so it was only 16$ and the grocery store had a really great sale on.. so most everything I bought was 99c and all the meat was 2.99 a lb.. so that worked out well too... it's pretty cool when you get sirloin for almost the same price as ground beef.... so groceries was 60$ less than normal too.. so I ended up having about 100$ to christmas shop with.. so I made a decision.. I'm gonna get my kids what they asked for.. and everyone else is getting something small.. that's it.. period.. I'm not gonna stress myself out to buy gifts I can't afford for everyone.. and I'm not spending over 100$ on my kids.. so basically all I have left to do for christmas is a big trip to dollarama and a small trip to ikea for an apron I saw there that I KNOW joey would like.. (he loves to cook with me) I'll do stocking stuffers at the dollar store..
I picked up Drew a pyrate ship by mega blocks.. it was pretty much the only thing he asked for.. so I couldnt get something cheaper.. 50$ ouch.. and joey is getting duplo toby from thomas the tank engine and a 10$ playdough kit.. and that leaves me about 20$ for stocking stuffers.. I wish I could get them each a new outfit too.. but that's life.. I don't really expect anything more than my doll from matt.. and I'm sewing some stuff up for matt and the boys.. and on the bright side.. we don't have a car this year.. so that should cut down on the people we have to buy for since we wont' be seeing them anyways.. I'm gonna focus on the positive here.. and be thankful that we're going to have a low stress christmas without all of the usual running around.. just me and matt and the kids.. and hopefully my dad will come by and my mom and sis.. and grandma.. and matt's family.. cause I would miss them..
I've been trying to find the right material for a certain thing I want to make for a friend.. but for some reason that fabric is hard to find.. can't imagine why fabricland doesn't have it.. maybe I can figure out how to do it with something different..
I've been researching my dolly..
and thinking she might be an Angel Face doll by arranbee dolls.. they sold for 7.98 in 1962 in grocery stores. I also ended up finding another doll yesterday at value village.. she's a darling debbie doll .. I got her in a really ugly homemade dress for 2$.. so I consider her quite a find.. I'm gonna make her a new dress.. and clean her up a bit.. and she can be a big sister to my angel face baby.. for now.. Matt suggests I sell her and make some $$ though.. I wanna keep her at least for a little while.. she's not my usual style of doll.. and doesn't have any nostalgic value for me.. she's well before my time.. but she's nice to have just the same.. I freaked a few people out at work out a bit.. bringing her on the floor.. people our age just don't seem to expect a big 3 foot doll to be at work.. lol.. oh well. let them suffer in their adulthood.. me.. I insist.. I am 6.. and staying that way.. I also found the pics of me with my CPK from when I was 7..
and realized that despite having 50 cabbage patch kids in my upstairs room.. I don't have HER.. or her dress.. lol.. oh well.. give me time.. I''ll find her.. and on that topic.. I'm off to go play with my dolls some more..


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