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Monday, September 19, 2005

Two seater sporty model....

Well, it's been an interesting week, to say the least. Joey is now in school every day.. YAY and the co op student in his class is someone whose parents are good friends with another of my good friends... so hopefully I will have one spoiled little monkey this year.. lol.
I've started another babysitting job.. which is cool.. a few afternoons a week just during the afternoon when Joey is home alone with no one to play with.. Drew's friend Jordan's little brother Riley.. so that works out ok.
I took them swimming on wednesday last week.. and I guess this kid has never used water wings... only life jackets.. so we're on the way to the pool and he keeps asking "but how will we cloat?" the kid has a bit of a speach problem.. and I keep telling him that the water wings will make him float.. and he keeps asking "but how will we cloat?" and we get there and throw the water wings on him.. and he has no clue.. really doesn't beleive these little things will keep him up.... It took over an hour to get him to come off of the steps in the pool.. oh well. maybe next time he'll be a little more
Speaking of next time... that could be interesting too.. since my car is now officially DEAD... I've given up on the damned thing.. I finally got enough cash together to fix the radiator.... and took it in for that and they tell me that the ball joints need doing before we even worry about the rad.... @$%#$ stupid @#%@$# car... So I told them not to fix it.. and took the money.. and bought a couple bikes and a seat for Joey... Seriously.. every time I have taken this car to the mechanics lately.. within a week it has something new wrong with it.... I can't afford this much in repairs.... blah.. stupid car..
On the up side.. we got really cool bikes.. DYNO's I've wanted a DYNO since about grade 7 so this is a big deal for me.. even if it is a mountain bike and not a freestyle.. oh well.. we can't have it all.. and the best part is they were on sale for 40% off... so we got the bikes for 119$ and Joey's seat and helmet were also on clearance... 40$ for his seat and 10$ for his helmet.. which fits really good and came with a radio and watch for him.. I'm going to have to pick up another set for Andrew..
Matt had this wonderful idea to bike up to montebello park last night... I was picturing food vendors and whatnot with the grape and wine.. smelled some pretty promising curry.. but that never materialized... and everything else was wine and cheese.. (neither of which I can eat) blah.. stupid grape and wine festival.. blah I say!!!
So this morning we rode the bikes to get the kids to school... there is nothing quite as "fun" as riding a bike with a 30 pound child on the back of you.. and another child slamming her brakes on in front of you every 20 feet or so.... we're gonna have to work on
I got home from dropping the kids off.. showered without anyone barging in on me or yelling through the door (probably the first time since 1998) and went out back to get ready to go.. realized that the yard has gotten pretty high.. (the grass I mean) and got ahold of the mower... now we have one of those rotary thingies that you just push.. no motor at all... and the grass is tall... and well.. you get my point.. and if you don't... you can come over and try it and you'll understand... hell come on over anyways.. I'm bored.. lol..I could use company....
Matt started giving his nephew guitar lessons, which hopefully means he'll get some use out of his new guitar... he finally got the 12 string he's been bugging me for since 1996... so he's walking on clouds about that.. I think maybe he was a little over zealous with the lessons though... I woulda probably showed the kid 2 or 3 chords and how to read tab... and let him work on that for a while.. matt gave him a list of chords and which ones go together.. and went into strumming and etc etc etc... you could see Alex's poor head just spinning trying to keep up.... hopefully he's got some ADHD and that might help him keep up lol
anyhoo.. I'm gonna go lock myself in my sewing room for a bit..


At 7:04 AM, Blogger Arama said...

I love the way you tell a story Sheri! You're so good at it. I have a cute little town bike rusting away in the garage. Keep meaning to get it fixed up. The mother of one of my students has two child seats on her bike. Her house is 1.5 miles from mine and every week she rides to the lesson with the 3-year-old on the front and the 6-year-old on the back! I can only guess that she must be extremely fit, though she looks like an average petite little woman.


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