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Sunday, September 11, 2005

swingset warming party

I must say... what a cool idea for a party!!! We just got back from swimming.. and before that a swingset warming party at Matt's cousins.. The fun part was the 2 hours we spent looking for Drew's ID before going over the border... didn't find it.. and ended up going over and they didn't even ask for it.. figures.. We got there and they had quite possibly the largest swingset I've ever seen... and one of those bouncy tents that they usually have at carnivals.. and a horse and donkey for the kids to ride... all this in addition to their pool!!!! So we had a great time.. Joey's best quote of the day was "I rode a pony, and a horse, and I'm going to ride the donkey, and one day I'm going to ride a PIG!!" He ended up riding the donkey twice!! no pigs though...
Honestly you can't take me anywhere... It took me less than 5 minutes to spill pizza sauce on my shirt... (I really shouldn't have been eating pizza in the first place.. so I guess it serves me right) I wonder if Matt's cousins wife thought I came wearing a dirty shirt... I don't think she saw me before I wrecked it..
Their little baby is getting so big!!! He's got some serious chunk going on... I think he weighs about the same as Joey.. not that that takes much.. Joey's only about 28 pounds....
I ate enough food for a week... Really.. I'm still full and burping.. I've really got to learn some self control.. I'm going to beat myself up all night about that.. We went to the hotel to go swimming for a bit to burn some of it off.. but I still feel incredibly bloated..
Joey's first meeting with his teacher is tomorrow... I guess it's technically his first day of school then.. I never knew that they didn't have junior and senior kindergarten everywhere... but i guess the cousins kids are all going to preschool... and Joey is starting school... God Bless Ontario... :) an extra year of watching your kids for you... AND a year off paid when you have em :) what more could you ask for??
I think probably Drew's ID was stolen... My car was open the other morning.. someone had gone through it.. and it makes me wonder if maybe someone has been through our house too.. or maybe I put everything somewhere "safe".... I dunno.. but I've looked for it for a total of 5 hours now, and nothing yet... I can't find Drew's birth certificate, neither of their SIN cards, and neither of their health cards... not good.. not good at all.... Ah @^@% never mind.. I just found it.. it was in my OTHER purse... Dammit I'm stupid some times... 5 hours of looking.. and it was in my freaking purse..... @#%$!#^%#@@%#
Screw this.. I'm going to bed.


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