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Saturday, September 10, 2005

mmm cream of wheat....

Well.. it's saturday.. almost 2 pm.. I've given up the search for yummy food... I've settled for cream of wheat... at least it's not stale...

Took Joey out swimming last night.. Drew had said he didn't want to go.. and Joey discovered how much fun it is to run and jump into the pool.. It was kind of funny though, cause he'd climb out of the pool.. wander over to the edge like he's going to jump.. and then remember that he likes to run and jump.. and he'd turn around and run over to the wall and then run back to the side of the pool STOP and then jump in.. lol.. it was hilarious.. He lasted an amazing 20 minutes in the pool last night... then he was all about the hot tub.. I told him it was ok for him to sit on the edge and just put his feet in.. So I swam around the pool a bit longer, but when the other people who were in the hot tub got out I went over there to keep an eye on him.. I went in for as long as I could stand.. started getting dizzy.. figured it was time to cool off.. so I grabbed Joey and brought him back to the big pool.. and threw him in.. he lasted about 3 minutes and his teeth started chattering... so I sent him back to the hot tub for a couple minute to warm up... poor kid needs some body fat.. We had a bit of fun with another family that was swimming there, who were also from st.catharines. I find it a little strange that I go swim at a hotel in vineland.. and mostly see other people from st.catharines.. doesn't this hotel have any guests???

I finally got around to trying on some of the clothes that Andrea brought over... Holy crap... I think that her sis in law knows how to dress for my body type or something... I try something on and don't wanna take it off... I'm actually wearing pants right now that aren't so worn out you can see through them!!! These pants are actually acceptable for work!!!! I don't have to wear only skirts all winter!!!!! YAY!!!

The ebay auctions are going as expected.. one item has 2 bids... and there's 2 others with a single bid.. I am really hoping that people are planning on sniping...

I don't get Matt sometimes... His friends were over last night.. A couple people I know and love.. and a couple people I've never seen before.. The girl that was here said she has 5 CPK's I can have cause she doesn't want them anymore.. which is awsome!!!! and I think the other guy was Pat... cause everyone kept saying "thanks pat" to the weirdest things... Anyways.. when they were about to go out.. I let Matt know I'd be interested in a little couple time when he got home if he got home by 2:30 am.. no later.. well of course he doesn't get home until closet to 3:30 am.. and is feeling amorous... and I'm asleep.... so I told him to leave me alone and talk to me in the morning... of course.. I should probably have remembered that when Matt comes home feeling that amorous.. he's normally not gonna get up in the morning except to worship at the porcelain sucker.. not my fault he over drank himself.. I hope he's got a really killer headache since I waited up until 2:30 am for him and I've got a killer headache because of it.... What I do know is that he was spending some quality time with the toilet earlier... and he reaks... the guy smells soooo bad.... I honestly don't know why anyone would want to drink so much that they smell like that..... ick... I know there's a moral to this story.. but I'm not going to get into it... BLAH!!!

I just want to remind myself that cream of wheat is a safe food.. only about 100 calories per serving.. so I can eat myself silly and still not go over what I should eat calorie wise... mmmm.. safe food... yummy..

Anyways.. I gotta get ready for work.. gotta leave in 45 minutes... maybe I'll ride my bike :) that will be fun!!!!


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